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When you want to get noticed by potential employers, your first step is building a powerful resume that details your relevant experience, skills, and professional accomplishments. Learn how to create an attention-grabbing ERP consultant resume, like the one shown, with our easy-to-follow ERP consultant resume template for Word. This understandable yet comprehensive guide will teach you how to write key sections of your own document, including the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Nellie Olson

E: P: 555-000-5555

Professional Summary

Experienced environmental restoration planner adept at synthesizing complex scientific data into practical solutions for successful restoration, monitoring, and management. Perceptive and keen observer willing and unafraid to act on behalf of the environment and natural world. Expertise in successfully mingling human lifestyles with the requirements of the environment and all within it, including animals, plants, and trees.

    • Practiced at gathering and analyzing information
    • Expert in creating workable plans from complex data
    • Empathetic and active listener
    • Strong verbal and written communicator
    • Experienced in providing efficient site assessments
    • Skilled presenter
    • Proficient in relevant multiple software programs
Work Experience
Environmental Restoration Planner
2013 – Present

City of Burlington

    • Lead a team of five who gather and evaluate information to determine environmental conditions and restoration needs.
    • Plan environmental restoration projects using planning software, biological databases, and environmental strategies.
    • Explain and present results and findings of environmental studies and proposals for environmental management and remediation to diverse parties.
    • Carry out site assessments to certify habitats and determine environmental damage and restoration needs.
    • Named Vermont Environmental Restoration Planner of the Year, 2016, by the National Environmental Planners Association.

Environmental Restoration Planner
2009 – 2013

City of Houston

    • Prepared and gave presentations on plant and animal biology and the complex ways they intermingle with the environment.
    • Appointed to advise city officials on environmental repair and recovery after extreme weather events, including floods and hurricanes.
    • Gathered and analyzed information concerning pollution and contamination risks to the environment and made presentations.
    • Worked with a team of restoration professionals to develop workable plans that protected the environment while meeting urban needs.
    • Synthesized data concerning environmental conditions and restoration into understandable reports and clear suggestions, including one award-winning report published by Environmental Monthly.

Environmental Restoration Planner
2007 – 2009

Rice University

    • Collaborated with other restoration professionals to gather and synthesize data on the impacts
    of the university and the city of Houston on the environment.
    • Prepared and presented reports concerning environmental restoration and recovery.
    • Consulted with and advised students in the university’s environmental studies programs.
    • Researched coastal plant and animal biology and studied the impacts of modern urban lifestyles on animals, plants, and trees.
    • Won “Idea of the Month” award in June 2008 for developing strategies for protecting waterfowl.

Master of Science

University of Houston
Bachelor of Science

University of Texas
Cum Laude

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15 Tips to Write Your ERP Consultant Resume

Summary Statement

1. Your summary statement must be to the point. Do not write more than three sentences or three bullet points.
2. Avoid grossly overused empty words and vague terms such as team player, hard worker, or detail oriented.
3. Don’t try to put everything into the three sentences of the summary. Think of your resume as a marketing document, not as a comprehensive career story.
4. Objective statements are only helpful if you are making a huge career change and must explain right away why your experience does not match the job for which you are applying.

Skills Section

5. Show your skills rather than telling them. Instead of using the tired phrase “strong leader,” include a concise phrase about how you guided a team to accomplish goals.
6. Mix up your word use, as does the applicant in our ERP consultant resume template for Word. Avoid starting every bullet point with the phrase “responsible for.”
7. Put keywords from the job description directly into your resume, exactly as they appear in the description.

Work Experience Section

8. Do not include industry jargon in an attempt to sound knowledgeable. Instead, use crisp, clear wording that anyone will understand.
9. Use specific numbers whenever possible to demonstrate your professional accomplishments, as does the applicant in the ERP consultant resume template for Word. For example, include the number of employees, either full-time or temporary, you managed. If you saved your employer money, include the amount.
10. You want to present concise information, so keep your resume to one page. Only take it to two pages if you have enough relevant and important details.
11. Only include the most recent 10 to 15 years of relevant career history.
12. Begin each listing with action. For example, rather than saying “was tasked with,” use specific verbs about your duties such as “advised,” “managed,” “led.”

Education Section

13. Only include schooling pertinent to the job application. If a university or college degree is required, do not include your high school.
14. Feel free to include continuing or online education and professional development courses.
15. If you graduate from a university or college with honors, list them, as does the applicant in our ERP consultant resume template for Word.


Now that you have a good idea of what to include in your resume and the best ways to present it, creating your own professional and eye-catching document will be easier. Do not feel intimidated. A resume is your chance to proudly present your professional skills and accomplishments. Nobody else has the specific talents and experience that you have. Feel free to reference our ERP consultant resume template for Word as you draft your own. When finished, your new resume can open the door to your next job and a good future.


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