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It can be difficult to be confident when applying for a new job. Because of how many candidates will be competing for the position, it is vital that you stand out from the crowd and put together an application that catches the attention of employers. One of the best ways to do this is to create an excellent resume. The following HR resume template for Word provides you with everything you need to know to write stronger experience, skills, and education sections along with your summary.
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Julia Christen

Reno, Nevada 11111

E: P: 555-458-7753

Professional Summary

Highly organized and professional HR expert with extensive experience working in and managing the human resources field. Excellent communication abilities, as well as critical thinking and analysis skills for evaluating situations and making the best decision possible. Strong leadership and management capabilities and fully confident instructing others and fulfilling administrative responsibilities.

    • Training and development
    • Organized and capable multitasker
    • Leadership and management
    • Employee relations
    • Hiring and conducting interviews
    • Records updating and maintenance
    • Excellent communication
    • Analytically minded
Work Experience
Human Resources Manager
2015 to present

Howard Sales Corp.

    • Oversee all operations and ensure all employees are effectively working together on a daily basis.
    • Relay information and inquiries between management and employees, serving as a link between the two.
    • Interview potential hires and gain valuable information about their skills, providing insight into who would be the best candidate to recruit.
    • Resolve conflicts between employees effectively, respectfully, and quickly to maximize production.
    • Create the schedule and manage labor numbers to ensure proper staffing at all times without wasting excessive money on labor.
    • Improve office efficiency by nearly 10 percent over two years.

Payroll Specialist
2011 to 2015

Howard Sales Corp.

    • Managed all payroll records and billing information.
    • Ensured all employees receive their monthly paychecks through the payment method of their preference.
    • Collected and organized time cards and kept careful records of salaries to make accurate payments.
    • Monitored all overtime instances to ensure proper compensation is received.
    • Created payroll reports including details of all payment, salaries, and budget for executive review.

Human Resources Generalist
2005 to 2011

Howard Sales Corp.

    • Answered employee inquiries quickly and respectfully.
    • Updated employee records on a daily basis in response to daily activities.
    • Ensured newly recruited employees completed their training and were equipped to tackle their daily responsibilities.
    • Gathered information from new recruits to create their personnel file and record all their personal and professional information accurately.
    • Reduced employee conflicts by 25 percent.

Education and Training
Master of Science in Human Resources Management Candidate

University of Reno
Bachelor of Science in Human Resources

University of Reno

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15 Tips to Write Your HR Resume

Summary Statement

1. Remember that your summary is meant to be brief. If it is any longer than about three lines, employers may not bother reading it.
2. Include information from throughout your resume in this section. This will make it enticing and encourage employers to read the rest of your resume.
3. It is acceptable to include sentence fragments in the summary. Check this HR resume template for Word to see what this might look like.
4. Write your summary in first person, but do not include pronouns of any kind.

Skills Section

5. Each bullet point in this section should be in the form of a single word or short phrase. Do not use periods.
6. An optimal skills section will include between four and eight bullet points. It is fine for this section to be quite short.
7. Only skills that are directly relevant to the position should be included. Think about what you will be doing if hired.

Work Experience Section

8. This HR resume template for Word shows that the experience section should be the longest. This is because employers are most interested in your working history.
9. Begin every bullet point in this section with a strong action verb that captures what you did when working each position.
10. Write this section entirely in the past tense. You should only use present tense when describing jobs that you are currently in.
11. Each position you list should include between five and eight points. More or fewer is acceptable for more or less important positions.
12. It is helpful to include metrics whenever you can to showcase the kinds of results you have produced in past positions.

Education Section

13. As you see in this HR resume template for Word, the only information required in your education section is the relevant school, field of study, and date of graduation.
14. Do not include information about your high school or GPA unless it is requested. You should list internships and certifications here.
15. The education section is typically the shortest section in any resume.


By taking the time to create a stronger resume, you are improving your chances of being chosen to come in for an interview. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. The best resumes require multiple drafts to be written and extensive polishing to figure out exactly what works. Continue to use this HR resume template for Word to strengthen your resume and your application for new human resource positions.


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