Supply Chain Analyst Resume Template for Word

When you apply for a job, you need a strong and thorough resume to impress the hiring manager and land a personal interview. If you aren’t sure how to craft a document that shows off your best qualifications and skills, take a look at our supply chain analyst resume template for Word. You can find inspiration for your own summary statement and learn how to create concise and engaging skills, education, and work experience sections. We’ve included useful writing tips to help you finesse your final copy.
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Jenny Pruett

Boulder, CO 11111

E: jennifer.pruett@anymail T: 555-342-8734

Professional Summary

Expert supply chain analyst with a thorough understanding of manufacturing, global logistics, raw material sourcing, and finished product distribution. Excellent analytical skills and critical thinking to quickly pinpoint issues and develop cost-effective and feasible solutions. Proficient with several logistics and enterprise resource planning software programs with experience participating in supplier contract negotiations.

    ? Thorough understanding of supply chain optimization techniques
    ? Excellent analytical skills to identify problem areas
    ? Creative problem-solving to develop effective solutions
    ? Strong communication and teamwork skills
    ? Proficient with SAP, Oracle Inventory, and Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management
    ? In-depth knowledge of production processes, raw material sourcing, and quality control methods
Work Experience
Supply Chain Analyst

Mountain Valley Supplier Network

    ? Collect relevant supply chain data and utilize manual and digital methods to analyze overall efficiency, accuracy, cost, and risk information.
    ? Develop customized solutions to address inefficiencies and issues in the supply chain.
    ? Prepare informative presentations for senior management to explain factors affecting supply chains and recommend effective changes.
    ? Perform annual review of global logistics to determine areas of risk and modify parameters for improvement.
    ? Optimize existing supply chain by negotiating with suppliers and modifying warehouse procedures to improve overall efficiency by 25 percent.

Assistant Supply Chain Manager

Don’s Manufacturing

    ? Assisted supply chain manager in all duties, including verifying quantity and quality of incoming shipments.
    ? Analyzed supply chain logistics during quarterly reviews to identify areas of inefficiency and make effective recommendations for improvement.
    ? Researched potential suppliers during annual review and recommended top candidates to senior executives.
    ? Participated in contract negotiations with suppliers to ensure company requirements were met.
    ? Developed new tracking system for incoming shipments, increasing inventory accuracy and reducing receiving and stocking time by 20 percent.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Global Distributors Inc.

    ? Prepared outgoing shipments by packing boxes according to order forms, attaching shipping labels, and prioritizing shipments for efficiency.
    ? Received incoming shipments of raw materials and sorted packages for processing,
    ? Verified incoming shipments according to purchase order details and quality control standards.
    ? Contacted suppliers and customers as necessary to resolve shipping and receiving problems quickly.

Master of Business in Supply Chain Management

Colorado State University
Bachelor of Science in Business

University of Colorado

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15 Tips to Write Your Supply Chain Analyst Resume

Summary Statement

1. Think of your summary statement as the pitch to make the recruiter want to keep reading. Include your most relevant and impressive professional accomplishments along with a few important soft skills.
2. Keep your writing concise; use three sentences or bullet points. You can use sentence fragments, as in the supply chain analyst resume template for Word.
3. Don’t start with an objective statement unless you are switching to supply chain analysis from another career field.
4. Use the correct terminology when discussing your work history: “years of experience” or “years’ experience.”

Skills Section

5. Use the language in the job description to figure out which keywords and phrases to include in your skills section, and use the same language to describe your qualifications.
6. As shown in the supply chain analyst resume template for Word, utilize short phrases in a bullet-point format to help your writing make an impact.
7. Make sure to include a balance of technical skills, such as cost analysis and efficiency optimization, with necessary soft skills, including negotiation abilities.

Work Experience Section

8. Start each bullet with a strong, descriptive verb. Good word choices for supply chain analysis include researched, managed, analyzed, optimized, and modified.
9. Use reverse chronological order starting with your current position. You generally don’t need to include more than 15 years of work experience.
10. Highlight the meaningful contributions in your work history by using metrics to quantify the positive changes you enacted.
11. Use specific details to discuss your supply chain analysis experience, but don’t use so much industry terminology that your writing is unintelligible to a non-technical reader.
12. Write in past tense when discussing all previous positions and use present tense for your current job.

Education Section

13. As shown in the supply chain analyst resume template for Word, include education that’s relevant to the job. If you have a college degree, you don’t need to mention high school.
14. Don’t forget to include credentials outside a traditional degree program, such as professional certifications, continuing education classes, and professional development courses.
15. Mention academic honors such as summa cum laude, but leave out your GPA.


Your resume is often the first chance you have to tell a hiring manager your professional story and showcase the reasons you would be an excellent fit for the open position. It’s important to use your summary statement to highlight your most relevant and impressive qualifications and achievements, as shown in the supply chain analyst resume example. Keep your work experience, skills, and education sections concise and centered on the keywords from the job description. A well-written resume gets you one step closer to landing your dream job.


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