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The best way to boost your chances of landing a job interview is to ensure you have an attention-grabbing resume. we’ll help you craft a focused resume that appeals to hiring managers and recruiters with our technical business analyst resume template for Word, included below. Along with this valuable document, we’ve included several additional writing and formatting tips that you can use to develop critical resume sections, such as your summary statement, work experience, skills, and education.
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Juanita Peron

Phoenix, AZ 11111

E: T: 555-555-1234

Professional Summary

Skilled business analyst with experience developing computer system designs, testing procedures, and quality standards. Expertise in reviewing computer information and printouts to locate coding problems and modifying code to resolve errors. Responsive to needs of clients/employees by quickly solving computer-related problems, such as machine malfunctions and software issues.

    • Systems analysis to determine performance standards
    • Modifying computer systems to add functions and improve workflow
    • Analysis of computer data and printouts to locate code problems
    • Adjusting software programs to boost performance
    • Database management software MySQL and Apache Hive
    • Program testing software Python and C++
Work Experience
Business Systems Analyst
2012 – Present


    • Analyze business processing procedures to identify workflow problems; improve computer systems or implement new solutions.
    • Research user needs and work practices, review computer capabilities to meet those needs, and make improvements to the system.
    • Review computer information and printouts to pinpoint coding problems, and modify code to correct errors.
    • Troubleshoot computer problems for individual clients/employees. Responded to 187 work orders in 2015, closing 134 orders in two or fewer days, record numbers for our company.
    • Test and monitor software programs and computer systems; install programs and new equipment, and train users in use of programs.
    • Employ critical thinking to weigh benefits and drawbacks of different approaches to problems.

Applications Analyst
2008 – 2012

Desert Dynamics

    • Developed and recorded system design and testing procedures as well as quality standards.
    • Applied knowledge of a variety of computer components, such as circuit boards, processors, and chips, in programming and working with software and hardware.
    • Delivered excellent customer service to colleagues by responding quickly to correct computer malfunctions, aid in data recovery, and install new equipment and software.
    • Wrote and altered software programs to add business functions and process data.
    • Trained users in specific system functions needed for different departments; recognized as Business Analyst of the Year by the Phoenix Area Chamber of Commerce.

Business Analyst
2006 – 2008


    • Installed computer systems, as well as workstations and software programs.
    • Documented system and program operating procedures for companywide use.
    • Monitored computer operations, developed testing schedule to maintain computer accessibility.
    • Employed active listening skills with colleagues to fully understand computer issues.
    • Communicated regularly with colleagues and supervisors about progress on individual projects.

Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude

Arizona State University
Phoenix AZ

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15 Tips to Write Your Technical Business Analyst Resume

Summary Statement

1. Include a summary in place of an objective statement to begin your resume. An objective statement doesn’t make sense unless you are changing your field of work.
2. Keep the summary no more than three sentences or bullet points long; remember, it’s an overview, not a list of accomplishments. For an example, refer to the technical business analyst resume template for Word above.
3. Include essential soft skills, such as communication or active listening, in your summary to show you have excellent abilities.
4. Write in the first person only and leave out the pronouns. Sentence fragments are acceptable in a resume.

Skills Section

5. Here’s your chance to use those keywords that every industry has. Look at the job description and employ the exact phrasing used there.
6. Keep to about six to eight relevant abilities and aptitudes.
7. Don’t list skills that aren’t relevant to the position or career field for which you are applying.

Work Experience Section

8. For jobs that didn’t last more than a few months, consider omitting them from your resume. But be honest about them if asked in an interview.
9. For gaps in employment, you can skip the start and end months of all past positions and just list the years, as we’ve done in the technical business analyst resume template for Word.
10. Include metrics like numbers and results to call attention to how successful your projects are.
11. Nontraditional work history counts. Don’t be shy about including volunteer work, freelance positions, or other experiences if they are relevant.
12. Every bullet point should begin with a powerful action verb; “troubleshoot” is better than “able to solve problems.”

Education Section

13. Managers look for experience first, so lead with that and place education beneath your job history. Don’t include graduation dates.
14. Include only relevant information, so your high school can be left off.
15. If you graduated with honors, such as cum laude, list it as part of your degree, as the applicant has done in our technical business analyst resume template for Word above.


A well-written resume presented in an attractive format is your first and best chance to grab the hiring manager’s attention and spark an interest in speaking with you. Ensure that your resume is one that showcases your ability to succeed in this new role by following the best practices we’ve built into our technical business analyst resume template for Word and formatting and writing tips. With a strong, polished resume, you are closer to getting a job interview for a new career position.


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