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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Resume Template for Word

If you are committed to seeing projects through and making sure things happen according to plan, a monitoring and evaluation officer position could be the right career for you. To move forward with your own plan for getting a job in this field, you will need an effective resume to draw the attention of hiring managers. Our monitoring and evaluation officer resume template for Word demonstrates how to write a summary statement and describe your skills, work experience, and education so that you can present yourself as a competitive candidate for this type of position.
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Marianne Martinez

New York, NY 11111

E: P: (555) 555-5678

Professional Summary

Skilled monitoring and evaluation officer with seven years of experience in the field. Extensive work developing a range of monitoring and evaluation tools. Created implementation plans for programs worldwide.

  • • Monitoring and evaluating nonprofit program operations
    • Supervise regular collection of data and maintain quality
    • Gathering, interpreting, and processing data
    • Developing detailed reports on program operations
    • Systematizing project collaboration
    • Project planning and budgeting
    • Nonprofit financial management
    • Evidence-based decision-making
    • Analytical approach to problem-solving
Work Experience
Senior Project Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
September 2014 – Present


    • Maintain project operations by ensuring that procedures and guidelines are being followed.
    • Worked with project leaders to reduce overhead costs by 6%.
    • Approve data collection tools and make recommendations for improvement.
    • Lead team of 10 monitoring and evaluation assistants.
    • Communicated requirements with 30 program coordinators around the world.
    • Oversee development and implementation of project initiatives.
    • Conduct studies on the efficacy of the program in achieving set goals.
    • Supervise volunteer and staff recruitment programs.
    • Conduct performance reviews with program staff.

Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
May 2012 – September 2014


    • Assisted senior project monitoring and evaluation officer with ensuring that procedures and guidelines are being followed.
    • Achieved a 25% increase in operational efficiency for 5 projects.
    • Collaborated on the development of work plans and budgets for core projects.
    • Updated reporting and data collection tools to raise the quality of available information.
    • Organized and carried out two major studies on the program’s reach and effectiveness.
    • Analyzed and interpreted data in regular reports on project progress.
    • Facilitated communication between senior project monitoring and evaluation officer and program coordinators.

Monitoring and Evaluation Intern
May 2011 – May 2012

Oxfam International

    • Trained in organizational evaluation and nonprofit monitoring.
    • Supported staff on four projects in developing and maintaining program systems and baseline tools.
    • Contributed data analysis and management for four core projects.
    • Wrote two reports assessing progress on program initiatives.
    • Updated implementation timelines.
    • Assisted with administrative duties.

Master of International Affairs (MIA)

Columbia University
New York NY
Bachelor of Science in Political Science

University of Texas
Austin TX

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15 Tips to Write Your Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Approach the summary statement as a 30-second elevator pitch rather than a standalone objective statement.
2. Keep the summary statement to three statements or bullet points at most. Refer to our monitoring and evaluation officer resume template for Word for an example.
3. Emphasize the most essential points about your experience and skills in your summary statement.
4. You may use sentence fragments in the summary, but avoid using the third-person perspective in any section of your resume.

Skills Section

5. Format the skills section as bullet points followed by short phrases without periods at the end, as shown on the monitoring and evaluation officer resume template for Word.
6. Find ways to describe your skills using keywords from the job description.
7. Tailor your list of skills to the position that you are seeking. Both hard and soft skills can suit you for a monitoring and evaluation officer position.

Work Experience Section

8. Begin the work experience section by listing your current position and go backward in time.
9. Provide dates for your current and past employment. It is up to you whether to include months and years or just years. Either way, aim to be consistent.
10. Use bullet points rather than writing paragraphs. Combine descriptions of your contributions and duties with your accomplishments.
11. Strong action verbs can emphasize your agency in your present and past positions. Switch the tense from present to past as you move from your current to past employment.
12. Quantify your experience using metrics or data. As one of the basic requirements of a monitoring and evaluation officer position is the ability to manage and analyze data, you might approach the work experience section of your resume as an opportunity to flaunt your skills.

Education Section

13. Start with your highest level of education or most recent degree and proceed backward, as shown on the monitoring and evaluation officer resume template for Word.
14. Tailor your educational information to the monitoring and evaluation officer position. If the position requires a college degree, you do not need to include your high school diploma.
15. The education section can be the perfect place to include relevant certifications, executive or professional training courses, and other types of specialized training.


Based on these tips and our monitoring and evaluation officer resume template for Word, you should be able to get a sense of the basic requirements of a resume for this unique field. Make sure that your resume is precisely worded, can easily be skimmed, and includes the most relevant details about your experience and education. Making your specific accomplishments in past jobs clear could set you apart from the competition and demonstrate why you are the best candidate for this position.