ABAP Developer Resume Template for Word

In your search for a new job, a well-written resume is crucial. The main purpose of this document is to attract the attention of hiring personnel so that you can get an interview. The most effective resumes are filled with measurable facts and actionable language and are marked by professionalism. Writing an outstanding resume can be tricky. Use our ABAP developer resume template for Word as a guide while creating your own document. Read further to find helpful writing tips about your summary statement and your skills, work history, and education sections.
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Casey Rodriquez

Holly Springs, North Carolina 11111

E: caseyr@anymail.com T: 555-987-0654

Professional Summary

Certified programmer and developer with experience in user interface design and assessment. Hard-working professional with strong mathematical and technical abilities, as well as strong organizational skills, able to update and provide fixes for existing program codes. Researched the benefits of a dunning letter SAP Script for employer and then implemented it throughout the agency.

Skills Section
  • • Proficiency with ABAP language and SAP transaction codes
    • Experienced in the use of many software systems for SAP upgrades and testing
    • Skilled at object-oriented programming and general programming for business operational systems for accounting
    • Good communication and written skills
    • Motivation for individual work and with teams
    • Able to code and test changes e to SAP modules
    • Debugging and testing, compliance assessment
Work Experience
SAP Development Lead
May 2008 – Current

Strategic Solutions Inc.

    • Develop SAP scripts for printing production labels and order templates and lists.
    • Personalize purchase order forms and other business documents to reflect the business and its objectives.
    • Expand a Smartform for pertinent invoices, making clarifications and reducing invoice completion time by 5 percent.
    • Mentor two junior ABAP developers, meeting with them weekly to review projects and offering ongoing support on a daily basis.
    • Design and build inbound and outbound interface programs with object-oriented features.
    • Develop custom function model utilities, including one utility to update table used for accounting period determinations.
    • Coordinate with project managers to ensure top-quality coding.
    • Teach portions of SAP ABAP Competent class at partner school.

Junior SAP ABAP Developer
2004 – 2008

IT Solutions Portal

    • Developed and configured software for a variety of ABAP coding.
    • Created prototypes to study technical functionalities and information process flow.
    • Identified and resolved system issues, ensuring adherence to implementation guidelines.
    • Met with technical leads to understand system goals and to assist with conceptualization and validation of business solutions.
    • Participated in 24/7 rotation, offering technical support to clients and Portal employees.
    • Ran performance tuning on newly developed ABAP programs to increase efficiency.
    • Completed simultaneous projects on time with at least 99.9 percent accuracy.

BS in Software Development

Western Governors University online
Current SAP Certifications:

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15 Tips to Write Your ABAP Developer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Ultimately, your resume should be limited to one page. Keep your summary statement to about three lines, making a quick pitch about how you can be an asset to the potential employer.
2. Use a mix of your experience, measurable skills, and personality traits that qualify you for the position you want.
3. Don’t fall into third person during the summary statement. Instead, using a strong and active first person narrative and then remove all of the pronouns.
4. Avoid referring to anything that could be construed as political, religious, or controversial.

Skills Section

5. List your measurable skills, but limit them to those that are most pertinent. Refer to the skills listed in our ABAP developer resume template for Word for some good examples.
6. Use short, descriptive phrases without periods.
7. Include between three and eight skills.

Work Experience Section

8. Begin with your most recent job experience and work back through the past 10 to 15 years. Unless you’ve been with only one company, you Don’t need to go further than that.
9. Include the location and dates or each place of employment, but Don’t include hours per week, salary, or the name and address of your supervisor. Refer to the ABAP developer resume template for Word as an example.
10. Draw attention to any instances of increased responsibility within any employment situation. Where possible, use numbers to highlight your abilities.
11. Avoid using abbreviations that aren’t commonly recognized in your industry. If you aren’t sure, write them out the first time and then use the abbreviation throughout the rest of the document.
12. List your experience and responsibilities in bullet points, rather than writing out paragraphs, and use five to eight points for each position. Remember to begin each point with an impactful verb.

Education Section

13. Unless it’s your only education, you Don’t need to list your high school experience. Your college degree or progress toward a degree are more appropriate.
14. You should include internships, certifications and licensing, and continuing education work. This may include online professional development, trainings, and seminars. You can see some examples in the ABAP developer resume template for Word.
15. If you began your work at one school and then completed it at another, list the second school and your date of graduation (if it is a recent date).


The time you spend on creating a strong resume will be repaid in your presentation of accurate, high-quality information. By dividing your resume into sections, you’ll be able to focus on and perfect each area. With our example and professional writing tips, you’ll be prepared to create a great resume. It may take a little longer to write an effective and outstanding document, but once completed it will take you closer to successfully landing that desirable job position.