Android Developer Resume Template for Word

A great resume is where you should begin when searching for a new job. When your resume is personal, professional, and well-written, you increase your chances of being called for an interview. To start, here is an Android developer resume template for Word to get you started. There are also 15 tips to help you fin- tune each section. The most important parts to format correctly are the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Joshua Jay Jones

San Antonio, TX 12345

E: jj.jones@email P: 555-123-1234

Professional Summary

Dedicated software engineer with experience in multiple mobile platforms. Capable of linking Android systems with web applications and cloud storage spaces. Committed to bringing any company up to date with current technology and maintaining that company as a technological leader in the field.

  • • Knowledgeable of programming languages including C++ and C#
    • Attention to detail
    • Capable of exactly following industry best practices
    • Expert in business software packages
    • Skilled oral and written communicator
    • Team player with experience as a leader
    • Organized and punctual
Work Experience
Web Developer
July 2014 – Present

PryoCor Advantage

    • Pursue complete overhaul of company webpage to best utilize current technological and software advances.
    • Maintain database communication between company mobile app and website.
    • Attend quarterly meetings about globalization and expanding the company market share through technology.
    • Write monthly reports on increase or decrease in click-throughs and other internet-based metrics that track customer engagement.
    • Train new employees to use in-house software and good troubleshooting practices.

Software Developer
January 2011 – July 2014

Dynamics for Life

    • Wrote code to work across multiple platforms simultaneously.
    • Maintained database and implemented practices to send data requests 15 percent faster.
    • Attended daily meetings to discuss the plans of the day and touch base about yesterday’s issues.
    • Created written guides for troubleshooting and best practices relating to new code.
    • Took requests from coworkers and updated software according to their needs

IT Specialist
May 2009 – January 2011

Networks Online

    • Handled an average of 10 IT requests per day across multiple departments and three office buildings.
    • Worked with teammates to handle large requests that required communication and coordination across distances.
    • Created program to sort IT requests by need and estimated time to completion.
    • Made time to check back with customers to ensure their solution was still working and their IT experience had been pleasant.
    • Kept detailed reports on how to improve overall IT experiences of customers.

Master in Database Architecture

Dissertation: Adding Speed With Joint Cloud and In-House Storage
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth

Bachelor in Computer Science – 2011
University of Texas, Austin

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15 Tips to Write Your Android Developer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Your resume should be entirely in first person with the personal pronouns removed, as in the Android developer resume template for Word.
2. To write about multiple years of experience, do not use “years experience.” Instead, use “years of experience” or “years’ experience.”
3. Your summary statement needs to be short and to the point. Limit yourself to three bullet points or sentences.
4. Do not make your summary statement into an objective statement unless you are applying for an entry-level position or changing careers.

Skills Section

5. Look for key phrases in the job description. In the Android developer resume template for Word, any computer term is a possible keyword.
6. Only include relevant skills. If you are a champion marathon runner, this doesn’t matter for a job in software design.
7. Use short descriptions of your skills and leave out periods to make keywords easier to find.

Work Experience Section

8. Only military and federal resumes require the inclusion of salary, hours per week, and supervisor contact information. For all other resumes, leave this info off.
9. Whether you list exact dates or just the years you were employed, be consistent across all jobs, as in the Android developer resume template for Word.
10. Start each bullet point with an action verb instead of a passive one. For example, say “participated in” instead of “was part of.”
11. Try to include at least five to eight bullet points under each job to give a thorough representation of your job activities.
12. When possible, include metrics. Think of these as using numbers to describe what you did and how.

Education Section

13. Only include relevant education. If the job you want requires a college diploma, there is no reason to mention your high school.
14. However, do list your high school diploma or GED if this is the highest level of education you have.
15. Do include any relevant internships, certifications and licenses. These go after your degrees, even if that changes the chronological order.


Making the best possible resume takes time and effort. The extra work you put into your resume to make it professional and easy to read becomes worth it when you are called for an interview. The tips and Android developer resume template for Word offered here can help you do just that. With a polished resume that stands out among other applicants, you improve your job outlook and increase your chances that you will get the job.