Computer Science Resume Template for Word

When it comes to applying for job openings, the resume is often the most important aspect. Hiring managers often heavily rely on these documents to make their decision of who to hire. By implementing the tips found in this computer science resume template for Word, you can improve your chances of making a strong impression and being called back for an interview. Your document should include a summary statement, experience section, skills section, and information about your education.
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Richard Song

Fort Smith, Arkansas 11111

E: P: 555-506-8988

Professional Summary

Talented and professional computer science expert with experience in information technology and programming. Fully capable of managing and maintaining database and communications systems, networks, servers, and other computer technologies in a corporate environment. Excellent interpersonal and professional communication abilities, as well as critical thinking, evaluation, and organization capabilities.

  • • Extensive computer science understanding
    • Strong communication and active listening
    • Information technology expertise
    • Critical thinking and analytical mind
    • Hardware repair and maintenance
    • Organized
    • Confident fulfilling administrative responsibilities
    • Strong attention to small details
Work Experience
2015 to present

Arkansas Software Development

    • Develop new software alongside the entire programming staff, keeping client specifications in mind to meet client expectations.
    • Review software for operational bugs and glitches, fixing them on the spot when possible, and making note of large bugs and potential ways to solve them.
    • Collaborate with programmers on projects, working together to develop new software.
    • Write code to create operational applications for clients.
    • Relay information between clients, other programmers, and management staff to facilitate more effective operations.
    • Improved client satisfaction rating by 10 percent over two years.

IT Specialist
2010 to 2015

Johnson and Johnson Corp.

    • Oversaw the database system, scheduling maintenance and making note of unusual behavior.
    • Performed updates to keep the database operating as efficiently as possible at all times.
    • Compiled information and calculations created by the information systems and delivered the reports to the proper professionals.
    • Completed initial setup of new networks and computer systems, ensuring the entire IT staff understood new operational techniques.
    • Reduced technology malfunction occurrences by 15 percent.

IT Support Technician
2007 to 2010

Johnson and Johnson Corp.

    • Interacted with employees from all departments, answering inquiries and providing support for technology operations.
    • Examined computers and other technology to identify hardware issues, taking steps to relieve them.
    • Relayed information between IT professionals and members of other departments.
    • Organized technological issues and scheduled repairs according to importance to best serve the rest of the company’s staff.

Education and Training
Master of Science in Computer Science

University of Arkansas
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Arkansas

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15 Tips to Write Your Computer Science Resume

Summary Statement

1. Keep your summary statement brief. It is only supposed to be a hook, so it should be about three lines long.
2. As this computer science resume template for Word demonstrates, the accepted way to write your summary is in first person, but without any pronouns. Sentence fragments are acceptable.
3. Include information from the rest of your resume in your summary. Hook the reader by mentioning how long you have been working in the field.
4. Do not include your objective in your summary. This was once expected, but now it is assumed that your goal is to be hired.

Skills Section

5. It is best to include between four and eight skill bullet points. Your skills section does not need to be very long.
6. Only include skills and keywords directly relatable to the responsibilities you will have in the position you are applying for.
7. You can use short phrases in this section, but do not use periods. The computer science resume template for Word shows what this looks like.

Work Experience Section

8. Each position should include about five to eight bullet points that describe your responsibilities. Use more to describe the jobs that are more important to establishing your qualifications.
9. Employers expect for each bullet point in this section to begin with a strong action verb. This can strengthen your resume.
10. The computer science resume template for Word shows the standard way to order your jobs. It should be in reverse chronological order beginning with the most recent.
11. Only currently held jobs should be in present tense. Write all others in past tense.
12. If possible, include any leadership or management experience you have, as well as other specific metrics you can.

Education Section

13. Your education section is going to be the shortest part of your resume. It only needs to include the school, date of graduation, and the field of study.
14. It is also okay to mention any internships or certifications you have had in this section.
15. Employers Don’t usually expect high school information or your GPA. Do not include this information unless it is requested.


It takes a lot of time and effort to create a resume that will impress employers and make you stand out from all the competing candidates. Employers have very specific expectations for the resumes they read. By following this computer science resume template for Word, you are taking the steps necessary to improve your job application. Catch the attention of the hiring manager the next time you apply for an appealing new computer science job opening.