Data Analyst Resume Template for Word

Your resume is often your first chance to make an impression on a recruiter and show off your most impressive and relevant professional skills. You want to make sure your resume is engaging and attractive so you have a better chance of earning a personal interview. If you need some guidance to create your own resume, look through the data analyst resume template for Word and writing tips below. You’ll find ideas for crafting thorough skills, work experience, and education sections along with an impressive summary statement.
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Matthew Davidson

Boulder, CO 11111

E: matt_davidson@anymail T: 555-345-9687

Professional Summary

Expert data analyst with years of experience working with a variety of data sources, targets, and project objectives and a thorough understanding of analytical best practices and common software programs. Proven ability to discover relevant trends and correlations to answer client requests and create accurate projections and models. Excellent communication skills to explain technical analysis conclusions to clients in meaningful ways.

  • ? Proficient with MATLAB, Mathcad, SQL, and proprietary data analysis programs
    ? Excellent understanding of data modeling to recognize trends and patterns
    ? Strong written and verbal communication skills
    ? Effective data collection and analysis abilities
    ? Presentation skills to share analysis results with diverse audiences
    ? Excellent time management and multitasking
Work Experience
Senior Data Analyst

Data Solutions

    ? Analyze data from numerous sources to meet client requests for information and provide accurate details about data trends and correlation of targets.
    ? Train junior analysts to model data correctly, make accurate correlations and predictions, and use software programs.
    ? Find trends and patterns in data and draw conclusions to increase knowledge of specific targets.
    ? Prepare reports and presentations for clients.
    ? Create an internal database of common data sources and targets to increase analysts’ knowledge base and improve the efficiency of research procedures.

Open Source Data Analyst

Department of Defense

    ? Researched and collected data from unclassified sources to support analysis project requirements.
    ? Determined reliability and relevance of data in relation to requested analysis parameters and objectives.
    ? Analyzed sources and data separately and together to form comprehensive summaries and answer specific requests for information.
    ? Authored technical reports and multimedia presentations to share analysis findings with clients.
    ? Recommended changes to list of authorized data sources and provided verified reasons for sources to be added or removed.

Analysis Intern

AllSource Data Inc.

    ? Collected, organized, and charted data according to project specifications.
    ? Participated in a mentorship program with senior analysts to learn analysis methodologies and become familiar with various data sets.
    ? Prepared detailed presentations to summarize analysis results.
    ? Received outstanding scores on the written exam and comprehensive final project for the internship program.

Master of Science in Data Analysis
estimated graduation 2018

Project Management Institute
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

University of Colorado

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15 Tips to Write Your Data Analyst Resume

Summary Statement

1. Use the summary statement to highlight a few key skills and accomplishments to set the stage for the rest of the document.
2. This section should be three bullet points or sentences, and you can use sentence fragments if you want.
3. As you can see in the data analyst resume template for Word, include your soft skills as well as technical abilities.
4. If you’re discussing your years of experience in a field, use the correct phrasing: “years of experience” or “years’ experience.”

Skills Section

5. Only include skills that are relevant to the job for which you are applying, and describe them using phrasing and keywords from the job listing.
6. As in the data analyst resume template for Word, use bullet points with short phrases rather than full sentences.
7. List proficiency with specific programs and equipment related to your industry, but leave out expected skills such as knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Work Experience Section

8. Don’t go overboard with the bullet points by listing every single detail of previous jobs. Instead, choose the most relevant facts and use five to eight points for each position.
9. Include non-traditional work experience, such as volunteering, especially if you don’t have a lot of related work history. Be sure to highlight transferrable skills and showcase exceptional performance.
10. Use reverse chronological order, starting with your current or most recent job, and start each line with a strong verb.
11. Write in present tense when describing your current position and use past tense for all previous jobs.
12. Use metrics whenever possible to help the hiring manager understand the positive impact you could have on the company.

Education Section

13. As shown in the data analyst resume template for Word, use reverse chronological order for your education section.
14. Unless you are a current student or very recent graduate, leave out your GPA, and don’t mention high school if you have a college degree.
15. Include relevant education outside of a formal degree program, such as certification courses and professional development classes.


A successful job search starts with an attractive resume that can stand apart from other candidates and encourage the hiring manager to call you for an interview. As you can see in the data analyst resume template for Word, a strong document highlights your most relevant work experience and showcases your professional achievements. Use your summary statement to market yourself, and keep the work experience, skills, and education sections concise. Crafting a strong resume gets you one step closer to landing the job you want.