Database Developer Resume Template for Word

A resume does not have to include every single detail from your work history. However, it should include just enough information to where someone reading it becomes intrigued at the prospect of hiring you and wants to meet with you for an interview. This database developer resume template for Word shows what you need for both content and formatting. Follow the template and the writing tips to know exactly what needs to go into great work experience, education, summary, and skills sections.
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Melanie Harris

Honolulu, HI 11111

E: T: 555-555-3223

Professional Summary

Experienced database developer with extensive knowledge on creating website databases and complex support systems. Dedicated to resolving issues with a system before a database goes online. Effective leadership skills and a proven history of leading teams to complete projects before deadlines.

  • * Knowledge of database management software, including Apache Systems
    * Experienced with repairing hard disk drives and mainframe computers
    * Expertise with telecommunication systems
    * Background in various mathematical principles, including calculus
    * Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
    * Excellent judgment and decision-making skills
    * Familiarity with UNIX/LINUX
    * Exceptional programming skills
Work Experience
Database Developer
2013 – Present

Honolulu Community College & Technical School

    * Test programs before a database goes live and correct any errors before they get out of hand.
    * Modify existing databases on a routine basis to locate any areas that could be improved upon.
    * Code new database descriptions and teach a team of over 20 individuals the basics of coding to make them more efficient in database management.
    * Specify which users have access to a database to ensure security; never had a breach in years of working here.
    * Implement new security measures on a routine basis, hiring outside firms to test database security to see what needs to be protected.
    * Coordinate with a team to determine what databases need to be created in the future and led a project that oversaw a new, more efficient database for the college that would make it easier for students to communicate with professors.
    * Identify new trends within the database industry to see what would be most beneficial for the college to implement.

System Administrator
2010 – 2013

SMJ Industries

    * Established new parameters for databases, using manuals to ascertain what the company has used in the past and what has been most successful.
    * Developed models of potential new databases to see what would be most effective before actually coding anything.
    * Created user manuals to teach new hires the basics of database development.
    * Reviewed workflow charts with teams to determine how well new systems would function.
    * Troubleshot performance issues as they came up and determined what source of problem was to ensure it did not happen again.

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

Hawaii Pacific University

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15 Tips to Write Your Database Developer Resume

Summary Statement

1. The best summary is a short summary. Do not use any more than three sentences or bullet points.
2. Sentence fragments are acceptable to use, which can be observed in this database developer resume template for Word.
3. An effective summary statement includes a combination of real world accomplishments, soft skills, and personality traits to offer a small glimpse of your overall being.
4. First person pronouns do not have to be used.

Skills Section

5. The best way to present your skillset is with a bulleted list where each point includes exact terminology from the job description. The database developer resume template for Word also does not use more than a few words for each point.
6. Technical skills should be emphasized for a career in computer science. You can do a lot more good by mentioning the exact software you are familiar with.
7. Avoid anything that could be seen as controversial. This includes associations with political or religious organizations.

Work Experience Section

8. Go in reverse chronological order. Start with the job you have now and work backward from there.
9. Do not include your supervisor’s contact information. That can be provided separately in a references page.
10. As you can see in this database developer resume template for Word, your current job can be talked about in the present tense while previous positions should be discussed in the past tense.
11. Do not turn your work experience section into a job description. Get into specific information and quantifiable metrics.
12. Give each bullet point a strong verb at the beginning. Do not use the same verb multiple times.

Education Section

13. The date of your graduation and GPA can be excluded from your resume. The exception would be if you graduated within the last year.
14. The education section is where you can talk about any internships or campus organizations you belonged to that are relevant to the position.
15. Your high school diploma or GED does not have to be mentioned if you are currently in or have already graduated from college.


Devote a significant amount of time to revising your resume so you are utterly confident when you send it to hiring managers. Give each section the attention it deserves, and make sure everything is customized for the job you are hoping to gain. Now that you have read this database developer resume template for Word and resume writing tips, you are much closer to getting a job you are sure to love. Start rewriting your resume today.