Desktop Support Engineer Resume Template for Word

If you have not been getting any invitations to interview for the jobs you have applied for, it may simply be that you did not earn the attention of the hiring managers. A strong resume can help call attention to your skill set in a way that will assuredly make your application memorable. Included here is a desktop support engineer resume template for Word showing you how to group your information in sections dedicated to your skills, work experience, and education, along with a summary statement providing an overview of your professional profile.
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Nancy Nelson

Cleveland, OH 11111

E: T: 555-555-5555

Professional Summary

Seasoned IT support technician interested in a system administrator position. Have worked in information technology for 12 years, helping to develop business network infrastructure and support end-users. Possess excellent analytical skills that makes troubleshooting equipment and application performance problems easy.

  • • Certified knowledge of business network management and administration principles
    • Expert-level understanding of hardware design and setup, as well as Ethernet cable connections
    • Adept at diagnosing network connectivity issues, whether they be due to equipment failures, server issues, or high traffic volumes
    • Excellent at communicating complex technical issues to frontline users in language that is easy to understand
    • Outstanding analytical skills that assist in diagnosing equipment issues quickly under often tense circumstances
    • Meticulous attention to detail that helps to avoid errors in initial hardware component setup
Work Experience
Desktop Support Engineer
2010 – Present

Freedom Financial Services

    • Assist in maintaining IT operations and network connectivity for inbound call center.
    • Perform daily assessments and checks of system hardware to spot potential functionality issues before they escalate into equipment failures.
    • Respond to service calls initiated by frontline users regarding hardware; diagnose and correct issues at the site or collect equipment if extensive repair is needed.
    • Manage the installation of new desktops, keyboards, computer towers, docking stations, and telephones, and assist in connecting such devices to internal network.
    • Coordinate with software vendors and in-house developers to roll out application updates and security patches.
    • Serve as a member of IT support team recognized for maintaining consistent 98 percent network reliability rate.

IT Technician
2005 – 2010

Wholesale IT Services

    • Fielded service calls through network support hotline from client users experiencing hardware and software issues.
    • Conducted remote diagnostic checks by phone in an attempt to diagnose problems, and escalated issues to support tickets if on-site technician visits were needed.
    • Prepared all maintenance equipment for field visits based off of information gathered in service call.
    • Performed extensive tests on equipment during on-site visits and prepared assessment reports to be shared with clients to help in deciding whether to repair hardware or replace it.
    • Completed over 335 service visits during tenure.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider

Cisco Learning Center
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Akron
Akron OH

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15 Tips for Writing Your Desktop Support Engineer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Think about what information a hiring manager wants to see in a summary statement, and be succinct with three sentences or bullet points.
2. If the objective of your job search is to move into a management or administrative role, state it in your summary (as has been done in the desktop support engineer resume template for Word).
3. Do not include details as to why you may be leaving a current position as this is information that can be shared during an interview.
4. Frame the skills and experience that you choose to highlight here as solutions to common issues plaguing your industry.

Skills Section

5. Include keywords pulled from the job description and use them exactly the same way in your skills section.
6. Follow the example shown in the desktop support engineer resume template for Word in tying your general skills to issues you may encounter in the job you are applying for.
7. Rank your skills based on their value to a prospective employer rather than which you view to be your personal strengths.

Work Experience Section

8. Only include previous work experience from the past 15-20 years unless you have spent an equal or greater amount of time than that with a single employer.
9. Do not list all of your previous work experience if doing so would cause your resume to exceed roughly the same amount of space used for this section in the desktop support engineer resume template for Word.
10. Begin each line of this section with a strong action verb, such as directed, troubleshot, or responded.
11. List your prior work experience chronologically.
12. Whenever possible, be sure to include detailed metrics of your accomplishments, such as how much money you saved the company or percentage of reductions in computer malfunctions.

Education Section

13. When listing your education history, place the highest degree you have achieved first (unless you are in process of completing a degree program).
14. If a job listing does not specifically list having a high school diploma as a requirement, do not include any of your high school information.
15. List professional certifications before the details regarding your education. Only include items relevant to the position for which you are applying.


Remember that anyone reviewing your resume will usually only have a brief amount of time to do so. Hence the format of the desktop support engineer resume template for Word. This format allows a reader to skim through your information while still pulling out all of the data needed to make a well-informed decision regarding your candidacy. Do not worry about not listing personal details, such as your likes and dislikes or your hobbies and interests, as such information is better shared in an interview.