DevOps Engineer Resume Template for Word

If you want to impress a hiring manager and have the chance for a personal interview, you need a comprehensive and professional resume that showcases the benefits you can bring to the company. Your document needs to discuss your career highlights and showcase your qualifications in a way that speaks directly to the job description. Read through the DevOps engineer resume template for Word and writing tips below to learn how to craft an excellent summary statement along with strong skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Taylor Jones

Boulder, CO 11111

E: taylor.jones@anymail T: 555-453-9085

Professional Summary

Expert DevOps engineer with extensive knowledge of programming, software development, project management, and strategic planning. Proficient with APEX, Java, and numerous open-source technologies as well as the development lifecycle and engineering best practices. Excellent communication to facilitate collaboration between engineers and clients and merge development and operational areas for extremely efficient and effective workflow conditions.

  • ? Proficient with APEX, Java, and numerous open-source programs and tools
    ? Accurate and efficient programmer
    ? Thorough understanding of IT systems
    ? Excellent data management and prioritization skills
    ? Expert-level knowledge of software development cycle
    ? Strong critical thinking and results-oriented planning
Work Experience
DevOps Engineer

Digital Future Computing

    ? Oversee strategic planning, engineering, and formal development of customized software programs.
    ? Collaborate with clients, developers, computer engineers, and end users to improve the software development process and ensure stable operation.
    ? Employ computer science, engineering, and optimization methodologies to ensure efficient development, testing, and deployment.
    ? Manage testing and deployment of software programs and modify code immediately, reducing project lifecycle by over 40 percent on average.
    ? Analyze clients’ needs to develop strategic software solutions to meet objectives while maximizing efficiency of internal resources.

Assistant Software Developer


    ? Helped develop software programs for clients according to objectives, system requirements, and stated timelines.
    ? Examined existing code for accuracy and recommended changes to increase performance and reduce resource requirements.
    ? Performed error testing and resolved issues quickly.
    ? Communicated with clients to discuss progress, provide deliverables, answer questions, and accept change requests.
    ? Completed post-implementation study of deployed software programs detailing performance parameters, IT requirements, and user feedback.

Programming Intern

Computer Solutions

    ? Assisted software developers in testing and correcting computer code.
    ? Reviewed code for errors and created detailed bug reports.
    ? Developed coding solutions to increase efficiency of existing programs by an average of 20 percent.
    ? Helped author software documentation and technical manuals prior to software delivery to clients.
    ? Worked with senior programmers and developers to complete internship requirements for on-the-job training, and completed detailed overview of all portions of software development life cycle.

Oracle APEX Developer Certified Expert

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Colorado

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15 Tips to Write Your DevOps Engineer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Think of this section as a pitch to sell your qualifications to the recruiter, and highlight the most impressive and relevant parts of your career.
2. As shown in the DevOps engineer resume template for Word, this section should be three sentences or bullet points long.
3. Be sure to include technical skills, such as programming, and transferable soft skills, such as organizational abilities.
4. Use sentence fragments if necessary to keep this section between four and six lines long.

Skills Section

5. Include exact keywords and industry phrasing from the job listing in your set of skills.
6. Focus on your most relevant and impressive abilities. For example, include programming languages with which you are proficient, but leave out ordinary capabilities such as knowledge of email and Microsoft Office.
7. As shown in the DevOps engineer resume template for Word, format this section using bullet points with short phrases.

Work Experience Section

8. Don’t feel like you need to list all the details of every previous position. Focus on the most relevant and transferable parts of your work history and keep each section limited to between five and eight bullet points.
9. Avoid weak phrases such as “responsible for” or “was involved in,” and start each statement with a strong, descriptive verb instead.
10. Use reverse chronological order starting with your current job or the most recent position you’ve held.
11. Show the recruiter the level of performance you can bring to the company by using metrics to describe your contributions to previous employers.
12. Make sure to include the name of the company and the dates of your employment for each entry in your work experience section.

Education Section

13. Generally, employers only care about the most relevant educational details, so you can leave out high school if you have a college degree, as indicated in the DevOps engineer resume template for Word.
14. Don’t be afraid to include legitimate academic achievements, such as graduating summa cum laude.
15. Include all education, not just formal degrees. You can list certification courses or professional development programs.


Your resume is your first chance to impress a hiring manager and show him or her concrete reasons to consider you for the open position. An attractive summary statement and excellent work experience, skills, and education sections, like those in the DevOps engineer resume example, can help the recruiter understand the benefits and level of work performance you would bring to the company. With a strong and thorough resume in hand, you are one step closer to landing the job you want.