Drupal Developer Resume Template for Word

You can be a truly outstanding professional in your field, but employers may never find out if you do not give them a resume that conveys this message. While the rules and conventions of resume composition may sometimes seem arcane, our Drupal developer resume template for Word offers a practical example of proper formatting and organization. Read on and check out our resume writing tips to learn some effective techniques to compose a knock-out summary statement and effective sections covering your skills, experience, and education.
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Brian Jackson

E: brian.jackson@anymail.com T: 555-344-8786

Professional Summary

Extremely proficient Drupal developer with an outstanding ability to find and implement innovative, effective solutions in a variety of contexts, including web stores, databases, inventory tracking systems, and other custom applications. Combination of technical know-how with creativity and drive enables consistent delivery of top results. Organized, motivated multitasker with highly developed awareness of organizational context and goals for each project. Effective communicator, adept at working as part of a cross-functional team and understanding user requirements.

  • • High-level Drupal development
    • Versioning management systems
    • Web development
    • Time and task management
    • Oral and written communication
    • Innovative thinking
    • Effective problem solving
    • Management of multiple projects
Work Experience
Drupal Developer
2013 – present

Daisywheel Tech Corp.

    • Design, code, and test Drupal-based web applications.
    • Work on cross-functional team that includes professionals in Java development, QA, management, and marketing.
    • Build and maintain customized modules and processes.
    • Supervise HTML/CSS production staff.
    • Develop entirely new architecture for website and content
    • Migrate data as necessary.
    • Implement end-to-end Drupal 7 solutions.
    • Design and build integration modules.
    • Troubleshoot errors and inefficiencies in current modules and processes.

Drupal Developer
2010 – 2013

Polaris Industries

    • Designed and built Drupal custom search function module.
    • Increased company productivity by upgrading user interfaces and incorporating more intuitive functions.
    • Monitored, diagnosed, and fixed problems with modules.
    • Reduced load times for store pages by over 2,000 percent.
    • Maintained and upgraded Drupal modules.
    • Worked on architectures for themes, processes, and modules.
    • Collaborated with other developers to integrate systems.
    • Modified database search functions to increase speed and relevance of returns.

Drupal Developer
2007 – 2010

GenSys Corp.

    • Collaborated with graphic designers to create web and database user interfaces.
    • Identified and rectified excessive memory usage problem for company site.
    • Participated in company-wide migration to new hosting service.
    • Designed, coded, and tested modules and processes.
    • Performed system-wide upgrades to increase processing and loading speeds.
    • Worked with managers, users, and web designers to identify areas of improvement in terms of user-friendliness of interfaces.

Certificate in Web Design

State University
Master of Science in Computer Science

State University, State

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15 Tips to Write Your Drupal Developer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Ditch the objective. Employers no longer expect to see it on resumes. Especially for developers, it is important not to appear out-of-touch.
2. Either three bullet points or sentences are acceptable formats for your summary statement. Pay attention to the example in our Drupal developer resume template for Word, which uses first-person sentence fragments without pronouns.
3. Your summary should function as a blurb, giving employers the highlights of your qualifications and enticing them to keep reading.
4. You need to emphasize your strengths, so avoid using qualifiers or other signs of low confidence.

Skills Section

5. This section should showcase your most relevant skills. Keep it to approximately six bullet points and avoid unimportant or routine skills. For example, as a Drupal developer, you should not include your proficiency with using office software or your typing speed.
6. Take care to pull some core terms from the job posting’s list of required and preferred abilities and include them in your list.
7. Following the Drupal developer resume template for Word, do not place periods at the end of the lines in this section.

Work Experience Section

8. Avoid passive constructions. Instead of saying you were involved in a project, use specific action verbs to describe your role.
9. Like the fictional applicant in our Drupal developer resume template for Word, use metrics to quantify the ways in which your work advanced the company’s goals.
10. When listing job duties, use about six to eight bullet points to give a good overview of your regular duties and outstanding achievements.
11. Vary the terms you use throughout this section to describe your job duties.
12. Use present tense to delineate current job duties and past tense when writing about previous positions. Check to ensure consistent tense use.

Education Section

13. Some developers have relevant higher education, while others learn on the job. Do include degrees in other fields, especially if employers require college education.
14. The more work experience you have, the less detail you should provide concerning college activities and organizations.
15. Do not include your high school information unless that is your highest level of education.


While beginning to compose a resume may be difficult and confusing, the right resources can help you along the way. Our Drupal developer resume template for Word shows you how to present your qualifications in a clear, easy-to-read way. Be sure to keep our writing guidelines in mind, as they explain some of the reasons behind resume conventions and offer tips to make your own document more convincing. With an effective resume in hand, you have a better chance of moving your career in the direction you want.