Game Programmer Resume Template for Word

You live and die by the joystick. You take pride in every sprite and every pixel. You eat, breathe, and sleep polygons, texture maps, rendering engines, and collision triggers. But while your game programming capabilities might boast mad skills, your resume is one wipe away from Leroy Jenkins-ing right into the trash. So how do you level up your game and power up your resume? With a game programmer resume template for Word that shows you just where to allocate your talent tree points for the most effective summary statement, skills section, work experience section, and education section.
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Lana Whiteford

E: loktarogrrl@emailserver T: 555-555-2309

Professional Summary

Gamer girl turned game dev with a passion for MMORPGs and an arsenal of programming skills, ranging from C# to ASP.NET, JavaScript, C++, Objective C, and ActionScript. Experience working across multiple platforms for mobile and desktop client development, with several successful gaming apps published to iTunes and Google Play. Proven history of building innovatively realistic character interaction triggers using the UnREAL engine, including proprietary patent-pending code that won awards at international game developer conferences.

  • • Massively Multiplayer Game development
    • Mobile app design and programming
    • Agile & RUP development methodologies
    • Web APIs
    • Play testing and debugging
    • Unity Engine
    • Torque
    • OpenGL
Work Experience
Game Developer

Snowstorm Games

    • Key member of the development team for multibillion-dollar franchise Global Orccraft.
    • Continuously innovate new back-end code to improve game performance and speed.
    • Propose new ideas for content and user experience enhancement.
    • Mentor junior coders on Snowstorm frameworks and tools.
    • Improved player satisfaction 19% by resolving a game-crashing bug causing lost progress.
    • Prevented a potentially catastrophic delay in launch of the latest Global Orccraft expansion pack by leading a crisis team in recovering game servers from a last-minute DDOS attack and restoring deployed code from the latest version.
    • Pioneered a tie-in project to the main franchise that used the UnREAL engine and a proprietary, award-winning code framework to link a single-player side game with main MMORPG progress; this tie-in project quickly reached #1 out of Snowstorm game downloads, with 22 million downloads in a week.

Junior Programmer


    • Collaborated with the programming team to develop new DLC for UbiRough’s bestselling Assassin’s Seed games.
    • Reviewed requirements for new features and content to determine programming specifications.
    • Developed new functions and modules governing terrain, object, and character sprite behavior.
    • Partnered with 3D designers and texture artists to seamlessly integrate code with 3D modeled content.
    • Conducted extensive play-through tests to identify, document, and report bugs.
    • Debugged code and recompiled for additional testing.
    • Reduced load time 29% and system resource utilization 12% for Assassin’s Seed IV by uncovering a problem with the rendering engine causing data leakage.
    • Designed a revolutionary new method for user-controlled interaction in multiplayer mode.

Unity Certified

C++ Certification
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The University of San Francisco

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15 Tips to Write Your Game Programmer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Engage with the reader quickly with a strong presentation of technical knowledge, industry savvy, and innovative performance on a development team with a brief summary, no more than three sentences.
2. Provide a short list of your strongest technical skills in your summary, like in the game programmer resume template for Word. Don’t overwhelm, but if you know which code base a potential employer uses most, highlight your expertise in that language.
3. Don’t be afraid to get a little informal with gamer lingo, but remember to stay on the right side of professionalism and focus more on your abilities, less on trendy slang.
4. Make sure to include any industry accolades in your summary.

Skills Section

5. Game development companies are generally highly specific in the skills they seek. Find those key phrases in the job advertisement and reflect them word for word in your skill summary.
6. Use the skills section to further expand on key technical skills you didn’t list in the summary.
7. Don’t neglect your soft skills. Employers need to know that not only can you code, but you can work in a team.

Work Experience Section

8. Pack a punch with action verbs at the beginning of each sentence. You didn’t just create a bestselling gaming app; you pioneered it.
9. Programming is about using language to make numbers work for you, so make numbers work for you in your resume with metrics such as number of bugs fixed, app sales/downloads, or performance improvements.
10. Remember to document your involvement in all stages of a game project’s lifecycle.
11. Make note of particular projects you’ve worked on, particularly any innovative contributions to games that gained industry recognition. See examples in the game programmer resume template for Word.
12. But be tactful, and be sure not to disclose any proprietary secrets from another game developer.

Education Section

13. Trim anything unnecessary to only show education relevant to the job you’re seeking.
14. Be sure to show continuing education if applicable to demonstrate that you’re current with ever-changing technology trends, such as the Unity Certification in the game programmer resume template for Word.
15. Avoid taking up space with scholarships or academic honors unless you’re a recent graduate.


Consider this game programmer resume template for Word the DLC power pack you need to get the drop on competitors and keep your edge against the other players in the job market. Armed with an upgraded resume and a few bonus add-ons that proudly flaunt your achievements as an elite developer, you’ll be able to shoot to the top of the rankings and claim not just the title you want, but the job you deserve.