Help Desk Resume Template for Word

Did you know that most recruiters only take an average of six seconds to read a resume? That six-second period is a crucial window, so you’ve got to make a good first impression and put your qualifications front and center. A dynamic, professionally-crafted resume can do that for you and more, and our help desk resume template for Word is here to help. Learn some essentials to writing compelling content as well as how to structure your summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Ianto Scott Ryder

E: T: 614-555-6789

Professional Summary

Seasoned help desk technician with 10 years of experience providing dedicated, customer-focused technical support in e-commerce, insurance, and media production environments. Skilled professional blending effective time management and strong communication skills to deliver high levels of service to clients. Devoted to removing productivity hurdles and ensuring the consistent functioning of mission-critical equipment and software.

  • •Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/XP/7/8/10, MacOS X, UNIX
    •Production Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, Adobe AfterEffects
    •Audio Editing Software: Cakewalk, Sound Forge
    •Remote Desktop Software: LogMeIn, Bomgar
    •Productivity Software: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, IBM Notes
    •Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, SeaMonkey Navigator
Work Experience
Help Desk Technician

Pavus Imports,

    •Respond to hardware, software, network and device installation and repair requests from employees in the company’s central Ohio distribution center.
    •Configure and deploy new desktops, laptops, fulfillment area workstations, scanning, and other digital warehouse equipment.
    •Troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve technical problems for shipping operations, office, and maintenance staff.
    •Increased personal customer satisfaction ratings to 92 percent between 2015 and 2017.
    •Improved mean time to resolution rate from five hours to three hours between 2016 and 2017.

Desktop Support Technician

Rainier Consulting

    •Answered break/fix and service inquiries received by level one technical support from employees at a large insurance company headquartered in central Ohio.
    •Set up and delivered new computers, printers, scanners, and other devices in staff offices, training rooms, conference spaces, and other facilities.
    •Performed problem diagnosis and resolution for hardware, software, and network issues on individual workstations.
    •Contributed to team customer satisfaction rates of 90 percent between 2014 and 2017.
    •Achieved individual customer satisfaction ratings of 92 percent consistently over three years.

Help Desk Team Lead

Dread Wolf Media Solutions

    •Trained, coached, and provided direction for a group of six help desk analysts in a small IT department at a media production studio in northeast Georgia.
    •Administered incoming support requests and individually assigned each ticket to help desk staff.
    •Procured and implemented trouble ticketing software for production and office employees.
    •Wrote and revised knowledge base entries for the IT department.
    •Conducted performance evaluations of help desk associates.

CompTIA Network+ Certified

New Horizons Learning Center
Westerville Ohio
CompTIA A+ Certified

ONLC Training Centers
Atlanta Georgia

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15 Tips to Write Your Help Desk Resume

Summary Statement

1. Ditch the traditional resume objective and opt for a summary statement instead. it’s a short yet effective way to market your most attractive and valuable qualifications to a potential employer.
2. As the jobseeker has done in this help desk resume template for Word, keep your summary statement to three sentences, using first-person verbs with no pronouns.
3. If you opt to refer to your length of time in the industry, write it as “years of experience” or “years’ experience.” Do not use “years experience.”
4. When crafting your summary statement, it may be helpful to think of it as a quick “elevator pitch” to hiring managers. Select your strongest, most industry-appropriate skills for this section.

Skills Section

5. Your skills statements should be listed in short phrases with bullets, and without periods at the ends.
6. Be sure to only mention qualifications relevant to your industry-pull keywords and phrases directly from the job description.
7. Try to include at least six bulleted statements in this section.

Work Experience Section

8. Include your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position.
9. Be consistent with your method of listing dates and locations.
10. Be sure to include between five and eight bullet points for each position.
11. Don’t limit your work history to the responsibilities you performed at each job. Try to include significant accomplishments and quantifiable metrics whenever possible, as demonstrated in our help desk resume template for Word.
12. Varying your word choice is an excellent way to keep your document from sounding repetitive and boring. Use strong action verbs to start each bullet point, and turn to your thesaurus for help with synonym suggestions.

Education Section

13. Just as you’ve done in your work experience section, be sure to list your educational experience in reverse chronological order.
14. Professional certifications can also be mentioned in this section, as the jobseeker in this help desk resume for Word has done.
15. Unless your high school diploma is your only educational experience, it’s not necessary to include it in your history.


Congratulations! By downloading and reviewing this help desk resume template for Word, you’re taking the first of many steps to get you closer to a satisfying and lucrative career opportunity. Use the helpful advice and tips in the template for guidelines and inspiration as you write, revise, and polish your summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections. Once you are finished, you’ll have a professional, dynamic resume that tells the right kind of career story and gets a hiring manager’s attention beyond the cursory six-second review.