Information Security Manager Resume Template for Word

As you hunt for a new job, one of the best ways to get noticed by employers and potentially land an interview is to submit a killer resume along with your application. Our information security manager Resume template for Word is designed to help you know what to include and how to format this important document. It also includes tips about what kind of information to incorporate in your summary statement, skills section, work experience section, and education section.
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Alex Johnson

Phoenix, AZ 11111

E: T: 555-444-9988

Professional Summary

Detail-oriented, technically advanced information security manager with successful experience in data communications and software administration. Knowledgeable regarding a wide range of software applications used in commercial settings and how to maintain their security to protect sensitive client information at all times. Strong leadership skills and the ability to lead teams to ensure projects stay on track and cost efficient.

  • • Adept at project management and managing teams
    • Excellent problem-solving skills
    • Highly knowledgeable regarding information security
    • Exceptional collaborative skills
    • Skilled at program implementation
    • Knowledgeable regarding risk mitigation for businesses
    • Facility at implementing process improvements
    • Excellent communication skills with the ability to implement initiatives
Work Experience
Information Security Manager
2014 – Present

Top Tech Solutions

    • Analyze current security policies for software systems and implement new policies where they are needed.
    • Improve the reliability of software programs after collecting feedback from others and analyzing systems.
    • Uncover critical loopholes threatening the network and employ solutions designed to eradicate them.
    • Monitor various standards for graphics development and interface page design.
    • Design and conduct programs aimed at educating others about security protocols and protecting client data.
    • Oversee a small team of five other employees tasked with managing the day-to-day security of system operations.
    • Answer questions regarding security protocols when presented and create reports to present to upper management.

Information Security Manager
2010 – 2014

Enterprise Tech Co.

    • Discovered weaknesses in existing network by running and designing various tests.
    • Made sure all users were complying with testing procedures by monitoring the network on a regular basis.
    • Oversaw continuous improvement initiatives by gathering feedback and altering system as needed.
    • Created budgets for department and ensured all practices implemented matched budgeting and forecasting initiatives.
    • Researched new security options and implemented them when network security could use improvements.
    • Worked directly with security department head to determine where weaknesses in the system were present and how to fix them.
    • Applied knowledge of C++ and other programming languages to institute improvements and enhance security.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Boise State University
Computer Information Security Certificate

Data Analyst Specialists

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15 Tips to Write Your Information Security Manager Resume

Summary Statement

1. As you can see in the information security manager resume template for Word, this section should be succinct. Use it as an opportunity to highlight your best achievements, but keep it to no more than three sentences or bullet points.
2. Only include skills and achievements in this section that is relevant to the job you are applying for.
3. Make sure you Don’t accidentally turn this section into an objective statement. The employer already understands you are applying for the job, so use the summary as an opportunity to sell yourself.
4. Using sentence fragments is acceptable, but remember to keep it in first person.

Skills Section

5. When deciding which skills to use in this section, incorporate skills that are listed as keywords in the job posting.
6. Analyze the job posting to determine which skills are most important to the employer. Then include your most relevant skills and experiences.
7. Just like in the information security manager resume template for Word, vary your wording. Using the same words and phrases over and over again makes this document boring and difficult to read.

Work Experience Section

8. Start with your most recent and relevant job experience. Then go in reverse chronological order from there.
9. Instead of using full sentences to describe your work experiences, use bullet points to list your responsibilities at each job.
10. List dates of employment consistently throughout your resume. For instance, if you use the month and year for one job, use the month and year for the rest.
11. Use quantifiable metrics and specifics to ensure employers understand exactly how successful you were at each job.
12. At the beginning of each bullet point, use a strong action verb. For instance, instead of saying “was part of a team,” use “worked with” or “collaborated.”

Education Section

13. Just like in the information security manager resume template for Word, list your educational experiences in reverse chronological order.
14. If you do not have recent job experiences, include certificates or other achievements in this section.
15. Only include education relevant to the job. For instance, Don’t include high school information if you have a college degree.


Including all relevant professional experience in one document and making it concise, clear, and interesting to a potential employer can be an intimidating project, especially at the start of the job search. Our information security manager resume template for Word can help you make sure your resume includes all necessary and relevant information. After you’re done crafting this document, you’ll be that much closer to getting the job you want by impressing future employers and hiring managers.