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When it comes to finding employment, nothing is more important than standing out from all the other candidates who will also be competing for the position. Your resume is your best tool for making a strong impression. Using an example is a great way to ensure your resume meets the high expectations employers have. Take a look at our IT resume template for Word and implement these effective tips. Be sure to include a summary and experience, skills, and education sections.
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Jesse Hammond

Grand Canyon Village, Arizona 111111

E: P: 555-308-7643

Professional Summary

Dedicated and knowledgeable information technology expert with more than a decade of experience working across all areas of the field of IT. Strong technological skills and expertise, computer native, and fully capable of providing technical support to others. Excellent communication and analytical skills for evaluating situations, developing solutions, and identifying areas in need of improvement.

  • • Extensive technological understanding
    • Active listening
    • Communication skills, both written and oral
    • Familiarity with databases and networks
    • Electrical maintenance
    • Organization
    • Analytically minded
    • Administrative responsibilities
Work Experience
IT Database Supervisor
2014 to present

Grand Canyon Village Technologies

    • Oversee all database and network operations, guiding all IT staff in proper techniques and strategies.
    • Monitor computer systems and ensure they continue to function as they are intended to as efficiently as possible.
    • Create efficiency reports that include information about network output on a weekly basis.
    • Present information to executives and make recommendations for ways to improve efficiency and which areas are in need of changes.
    • Perform weekly maintenance on the computer systems to ensure they function correctly.
    • Upgrade existing hardware and software to keep the databases and servers up to date.
    • Improve efficiency rating, raising it by more than 10 percent.

IT Technician
2010 to 2014

Grand Canyon Village Technologies

    • Completed initial setup of new computer systems and networks.
    • Identified technological errors and problems and developed solutions to resolve them.
    • Relayed information between members of the information technology team and other departments.
    • Assisted the database supervisor with all aspects of network maintenance.
    • Maintained position in the top five percent of information technology professionals in terms of efficiency.

IT Support Technician
2005 to 2010

Grand Canyon Village Technologies

    • Interacted with employees and answered their technology inquiries.
    • Provided information about the proper usage of electrical equipment.
    • Troubleshot technological issues, quickly and efficiently identifying the cause and employing a solution.
    • Investigated employee computers to tackle more advanced issues or hardware problems.
    • Reduced technological delays by 15 percent.

Education and Training
Master of Science in Information Technology

University of Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of Arizona

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15 Tips to Write Your IT Resume

Summary Statement

1. Your summary statement serves as the hook of your resume. Its one purpose is to catch the attention of readers and encourage them to continue reading.
2. Do not write your objectives in your summary. It is now assumed that your goal is to be hired. This was once an expectation, but this is no longer the case.
3. Your summary statement should be in first person, but not include any pronouns. It is acceptable for you to use sentence fragments in this section.
4. In total, this section should only be three lines.

Skills Section

5. Only include skills that will be directly related to the responsibilities you will have in the position you are applying for. Look in the job description for important terms to include.
6. As this IT resume template for Word demonstrates, your skill section should be between four and eight bullet points.
7. Your skills should be listed as a short phrase or a single word without a period.

Work Experience Section

8. Your work experience section is the most important. This means it should include the strongest information possible, including metrics.
9. List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent and going backwards.
10. Only currently held positions should be described in present tense. All others should be in past tense. This IT resume template for Word shows you an example of this.
11. Each job should have about five to eight bullet points to describe it. It is okay to use more or fewer depending on how important the job is.
12. Begin every bullet point with a strong verb that conveys action. This is expected by employers.

Education Section

13. It is a good idea to include any information about relevant internships or certification in this section.
14. This IT resume template for Word demonstrates that the education section should not be long. You only have to include information about the school, field of study, and graduation date.
15. It is not necessary to mention your high school education or GPA. Some employers may request this information.


If you are on the hunt for a new job, make sure you focus on making your resume as strong as possible. Polishing it until it stands out from the crowd is a long process that requires a lot of work, but putting in the effort significantly improves your chances of being called back for an interview. Review our IT resume template for Word closely and put all the tips to good use in your resume.