IT Trainer Resume Template for Word

When hiring managers begin to review applicants for a job opening, they read many resumes back to back. If you want to have a chance of being hired, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. This IT trainer resume template for Word and the accompanying writing guide will help you improve your resume as much as possible. Learn how to write an effective and comprehensive summary, skills section, education section, and experience section.
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Julia Hensforth

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Professional Summary

Talented and professional information technology professional with twelve years of experience in the IT field, as well as nearly a decade working in positions of leadership, supervision, and guidance. Extensively familiar with daily IT operations, capable of relaying information quickly and clearly to delegate tasks, manage cooperation, and train new recruits. Excellent management, leadership, communication, perception, and analysis abilities.

  • •Training and development
    •Information technology
    •Management and delegation abilities
    •Critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation
    •Time management
    •Technology, database, and server expertise
    •Written, oral, interpersonal, and professional communication
    •Highly organized and capable multitasking
Work Experience
IT Trainer
2013 – Present

Johnson Tech

    •Work with new recruits to develop the skills they need to succeed in the field of information technology.
    •Relay information about the databases, servers, computer networks, and other equipment, as well as standard practices.
    •Oversee IT operations, providing insight and assistance where necessary.
    •Maintain intimate working knowledge of all IT equipment and computer systems.
    •Interview candidates to identify which would be the best fit with the current information technology team.
    •Plan, organize, and lead training workshops to introduce new technology and practices to the entire IT staff.
    •Reduced the time for new recruits to finish training by 10 percent.

IT Supervisor
2009 – 2013

Johnson Tech

    •Oversaw IT operations, giving guidance and instructions to improve efficiency and success.
    •Inspected computer systems and networks to ensure they were working as intended at all times.
    •Delegated tasks to entire information technology staff based on individual talents and capabilities.
    •Relayed information clearly and quickly to IT technicians regarding required tasks.
    •Improved IT efficiency by nearly 20 percent.

IT Technician
2005 – 2009

Johnson Tech

    •Performed initial setup of new networks and systems.
    •Completed weekly maintenance to ensure the servers and databases are working as intended at all times.
    •Installed updates and improvements as necessary to keep efficiency and productivity high.
    •Answered technology questions from workers elsewhere in the business, providing support as required.

Education and Training
Master of Science in Information Technology

University of San Francisco
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of San Francisco, California

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15 Tips to Write Your IT Trainer Resume

Summary Statement

1.As you see in this IT trainer resume template for Word, the summary section should be brief. To be most effective, make your summary three sentences or bullet points long, no longer.
2.Because your summary acts as a hook, it should primarily encourage employers to continue reading. Incorporate aspects from the rest of your resume in this section.
3.Your summary should be written in first person. Do not use any pronouns in this section.
4.Do not describe your objectives in your summary statement. This was once expected, but now it is assumed your goal is to be hired.

Skills Section

5.Your skills section should be four to eight bullet points that each describes a skill.
6.Go through the job description looking for key phrases to use in this section. If any of your skills are not directly related to the job you are applying for, do not include it.
7.As this IT trainer resume template for Word demonstrates, each bullet point should be a short phrase or a single word. Do not use periods in this section.

Work Experience Section

8.Because employers are most interested in your past working experiences, this section should be the longest and include the strongest information. Use metrics as much as possible to emphasize your accomplishments.
9.Only currently held positions should be written in present tense. All others should be in past tense.
10.List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order. List the most recent first and go backwards from there.
11.Include about five to eight bullet points for each job. More important positions can have more and less important positions can have fewer.
12.Always use a strong action verb to begin every bullet point. The IT trainer resume template for Word demonstrates many strong verbs choices.

Education Section

13.The only information that is required in this section is the name of your school, the date of graduation, and the field of study.
14.Keep to relevant information; do not include your high school or GPA unless it is requested specifically.
15.It is wise to describe any internships you have had or important certificates you have earned.


A strong resume can make the difference between being called back for an interview and the hiring manager never considering you for the position. Because the standards are very high for resumes, you should put in the time and effort to polish your document as much as possible. Do not neglect to proofread your resume several times once you have finished writing. If you commit to improving your application package, you will be much more successful when applying.