Mobile Application Developer Resume Template for Word

Every mobile application developer knows that building a good mobile app is about the user experience. So is building a good resume — and with your resume, a good user experience makes the difference between getting that interview call or a place in the trash bin. Design your user experience with a mobile application developer resume template for Word, and craft a summary, skills listing, work history, and education listing that will give readers a positive experience, and a positive perception of your expertise.
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Jared T. Sooner

E: jtsooner@yourmail T: 555-555-9823

Professional Summary

Innovative mobile application developer combining technical expertise with creative design to drive next-generation app development for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Proven ability to work with team members to shape groundbreaking apps that transform the mobile space with new developments in usability and user experience design. Possess expertise in full-stack development, building both attractive, dynamic front ends and highly flexible, scalable back ends.

  • •Mobile application development
    •Android SDK
    •Apple iOS
    •Amazon AWS
    •User interface design
    •User experience design
    •Framework development
    •Application testing
    •Integration and deployment
    •Software development lifecycle
    •Agile, RUP, and Waterfall development methodologies
    •Team collaboration
    •Testing and debugging
Work Experience
iOS & Android App Developer

Kumquat Mobile Development

    •Leverage consumer insight to identify mobile app needs and propose new mobile software projects based on usability and user experience gaps.
    •Define concrete application requirements and technical specifications.
    •Communicate with team members to transmit key information on programming requirements.
    •Partner with iOS and Android teams to create cross-platform, integrated applications based in Java and PHP.
    •Research emerging technologies to further enhance app functionality and performance.
    •Perform final app testing and debugging against project requirements.
    •Coordinate deployment to Google Play and iTunes stores.
    •Ensure effective support for user-reported issues.
    •Improved the development lifecycle by integrating Agile methodologies into team processes.
    •Delivered a total of 12 new apps for Android and iOS, with more than 19 million combined downloads.
    •Designed a haptics-centric game that won a 2017 award for innovation in user interactivity.

Mobile App Developer

Vindroid Mobile

    •Took an instrumental role in cloud-based mobile app development for deployment to Amazon AWS.
    •Liaised with team members to design new features and shape overall application requirements.
    •Programmed core modules for integration into the overall framework.
    •Designed attractive, user-friendly graphical interfaces integrated with code functionality.
    •Drove error-free deployment by developing test cases and conducting overall testing and debugging.
    •Optimized the user experience by using AJAX and JavaScript to create more dynamic, responsive menus with shorter load times.
    •Created a groundbreaking new app capable of linking local apps with cloud services to provide real-time data updates.
    •Minimized app runtime errors by restructuring and recompiling the base code to eliminate flaws in the framework code.

Mobile App Development Certified

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Portland

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15 Tips to Write Your Mobile Application Developer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Condense your opening summary to three lines, with only relevant information encompassing the breadth of your career experience.
2. Showcase technical skills most relevant to your current career path, particularly emerging technologies that are in high demand.
3. Emphasize flexibility, versatility, and an ability to fit anywhere in a team environment.
4. If you have cross-platform experience, make specific mention in your summary, as shown in the mobile application developer resume template for Word.

Skills Section

5. Pick key phrases from target job descriptions and integrate them word for word in your skills section.
6. Use this space as a place to include more of your technical skills. Include a selected mix of those that would be best applicable in your target job.
7. Fill in the rest with your team collaboration skills; highlight soft skills involving fellow developers and customers.

Work Experience Section

8. Start all points with action verbs to create a strong positive impression. For example, instead of saying you fixed navigation problems, say you optimized the user experience.
9. As shown in the mobile application developer resume template for Word, be sure to include a strong mix of independent and team activities.
10. Catch the reader’s eye with metrics. You can demonstrate numbers such as efficiency improvements after debugging or number of app store downloads.
11. Make brief mention of technologies used on projects, particularly notable technologies requested in your target jobs.
12. Don’t hesitate to delete older experience that may label you as obsolete or age you in a young, fast-paced market.

Education Section

13. Cut any education that isn’t relevant for the job, such as prior training from earlier roles in a different field. List degrees and certifications that match your job goals.
14. List your education in reverse chronological order, as shown in the mobile application developer resume template for Word.
15. This can be a good place to mention technical skills that wouldn’t fit in your skills section, by listing the training to acquire those skills.


Maximize your resume’s usability with a complete overhaul, and streamline it for a better reader experience. Instead of integrating new technologies, integrate new skillsets for an upgrade that will boost your performance on the job market miles ahead of the competition. Apply your technical know-how and organizational skills to improve the overall flow and functionality by using our mobile application developer resume template for Word as your key resource for how to create the best resume possible to get the job — and get the job done.