Performance Testing Resume Template for Word

When it comes to getting a leading edge on the competition in a tough job market, crafting a compelling application is crucial. Review our performance testing resume template for Word and accompanying tips to get started. To make the process easier, we have broken up our tips into the following sections: summary, abilities and skills, job experience, and education. The performance testing resume template should help you to conceptualize how an effective documents looks and reads.
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Erica Jepson

E: ejepson@yourmail T: 555-555-8321

Professional Summary

Highly qualified performance tester with over 10 years of experience with Pacific Northwest nonprofit teams. Mastery of XML and web service technologies such as WSDL, SharePoint, REST, SOAP, and JAXB. Recently completed a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems and an extremely competent oral and written communicator.

  • •Mastery of Silk Performer, JMeter, LoadRunner and similar load generation software apps
    •Ability to quickly analyze and diagnose tech-based issues in order to improve business outlooks
    •Experienced with extensive documentation and report-writing projects
    •Adept at working with fellow team members to develop effective technology tools
    •Focused on immediate results, but also capable of detailed multitasking projects
    •Demonstrated ability to train new team members and create effective training materials
Work Experience
Performance Tester — The Green Sphere
2006 – Present


    •Meet with business analysts on a bimonthly basis to discuss upgrades and other improvements to existing technological infrastructure.
    •Conduct enterprise-level testing application suites in order to assess current business and team needs.
    •Develop comprehensive plans for tests that increased bug detection by 23 percent.
    •Maintain in-house developed troubleshooting documents designed to help call center customer service agents to address client concerns quickly and effectively.
    •Provide extra technical support when needed to client company groups and special projects.
    •Document and report on ongoing tech-based issues and potential solutions.

Technical Writer
2001 – 2006

Blue Bulb Enterprises

    •Co-led regular meetings designed to discuss website interface language and design.
    •Collaborated with several separate teams to diagnose and address software defects and deficiencies.
    •Communicated with information technology employees to implement effective results.
    •Gathered, documented, and reviewed test input data in order to develop effective training materials.
    •Created compelling, easily accessed PDF documents for a team of over 100 individuals in order to make processing and customer service actions more helpful to clients.
    •Assisted in reaching out to customers with a distinctly human touch, including frequent customer outreach and support.

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

Lewis and Clark University
Portland Oregon
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Portland State University
Portland Oregon

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15 Tips to Write Your Performance Testing Resume

Summary Statement

1. In the past jobseekers often included an objective statement in this section, but that is no longer the case.
2. Your summary statement should be succinct and direct. Given the job description, highlight your professional experience and specific skills in roughly three sentences or bulleted points.
3. Keep in mind that a fellow expert in your field may not be the first person to review your resume. Avoid industry jargon, and try to make the document as approachable (yet descriptive) as possible.
4. It is accepted practice to use sentence fragments in the summary section. Also note how our example performance testing resume template for Word writes in the first person.

Skills Section

5. Only include skills that are directly relevant to the job listing at hand.
6. When they align with your experience or abilities, make sure to include keywords from the job listing exactly as they appear.
7. As shown in our performance testing resume template for Word, bulleted points make your document easier to read and parse.

Work Experience Section

8. Wherever possible include facts, figures, and percentages that can help to convey the scope of your specific workplace experience.
9. Most employers want to see an overview of the last 10 to 15 years of your relevant work experience.
10. Throughout this section, be specific about emphasizing your impact in various roles that you have taken on.
11. If you do not have the immediate work experience that the hiring team expects, feel free to emphasize volunteer, academic, or other skills that could easily be transferred to the job.
12. Begin each line of this section with a strong action verb, but make sure to keep your word choice varied. Note this in our performance testing resume template for Word.

Education Section

13. Unless you are a very recent graduate, your education notes should be secondary to your work experience and skills sections.
14. Stick to listing education that is immediately relevant. In cases where a college degree is required, you do not need to include your high school information.
15. Instead of listing a GPA figure, include examples of academic honors.


Now that you have reviewed our tips and performance testing resume template, you are one big step toward crafting an effective application. When writing your own position-specific document, make sure to keep your descriptions succinct, mix up your choice of words, examine the job listing for key words or phrases, and include fact and figures whenever you can. Congratulations on your preparations toward landing the job that you want and a position you will thrive in.