PHP Programmer Resume Template for Word

When you focus on careful word selection and attention to correct grammar principles, your resume can open doors that might otherwise be difficult to reach. Hiring professionals have a short amount of time to scan through many documents, so working to ensure that yours stands out is crucial. Use the PHP programmer resume template for Word to gain insights into the proper structure and content that goes into a great representative document. Look through some of the best tips regarding your summary statement, work history, skills, and education sections.
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Morgan Perez

E: mjperez@anymail T: 555-435-5687

Professional Summary

Talented PHP programmer with seven years of professional experience. Familiar with open-source materials, network procedures, and hardware operating systems used in web development. Skilled at collaborating with programmers, designers, and database administrators for the completion of software architecture projects.

  • •In-depth familiarity with content management database systems, web development, and web services
    •Comfortable with multiple programming languages and formats, including CSS, HTML, Linux, and Apache
    •Proficient in use of a variety of designing tools, including Apache Frontend Server, Microsoft Project, dBug, GeSHi, Phing, PEAR, and Solar
    •Superior use of networking protocols and hardware operating systems
    •Skilled with many third-party APIs
    •Able to learn and adapt quickly to new concepts
    •Career-oriented, hard-working, great organizational skills
Work History
PHP Programmer
July 2013 – Present

Condor Solutions Inc.

    •Construct websites for corporate and commercial clients from the ground up.
    •Build email distribution systems, weekly newsletter templates, online stores with carts, and database applications for professionals, including teachers and shopkeepers.
    •Write JavaScript and Linux functions to complete form validation and similar processes.
    •Establish and maintain web servers and related software.
    •Advise clients on use of proper hardware for a variety of networking methods, such as ethernet and wireless networking.
    •Monitor website visits and update websites with fresh content displays.

PHP Programmer
February 2010 – July 2013

Portcorp Software Solutions

    •Reduced data entry redundancy from previous website by 60 percent.
    •Extended and modified open source applications, including Joomla, Magento, and CMS Made Simple.
    •Implemented and hosted systems on dedicated and open web servers.
    •Collaborated with team members to update existing database structure, improving operating speed by 14 percent.
    •Ran tests and analysis on completed projects, reporting results to programming manager.
    •Conducted backend development for database website.

PHP Programmer
November 2008 – February 2010


    •Programmed, analyzed, debugged, and maintained system requirements for projects undergoing development.
    •Troubleshot existing problems with PHP and other relevant technologies.
    •Communicated with clients by phone and in person to record requirements and follow up after delivery of products.
    •Performed other responsibilities as directed by lead programmer.

Certification in PHP Programming

University of Michigan
BS in Computer Engineering

University of Michigan

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15 Tips to Write Your PHP Programmer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Keep this section short and sweet, limiting it to three bullet points or sentences. Remember that it should be a quick summary of your qualifications, as in the PHP programmer resume template for Word.
2. Be sure that you’ve included the most relevant skills only. Potential employers aren’t likely to be swayed by your hobby-related skills.
3. Avoid presenting this section as an objective statement; the employer already knows that you want to get the job.
4. When writing about your experience, put “years’ experience” or “years of experience,” not “years experience.”

Skills Section

5. As shown in the PHP programmer resume template for Word, use words and phrases that come directly from the job description.
6. You might pay attention to those skills and qualifications that seem most pertinent to the employer to guide the order of skills in this section.
7. Use a variety of words to keep your lists interesting. If you need to, turn to the thesaurus for help. Just be sure that you are very familiar with the words you choose.

Work Experience Section

8. Be sure that each line begins with a strong action word. Rather than using phrases such as “helped develop,” use “collaborated.” Replace “responsible for” with a stronger word such as “established” or “programmed.”
9. Format this section with bullet points rather than paragraphs. It will be easier to read.
10. Use metrics to describe your accomplishments. In the PHP programmer resume template for Word, the applicant referred to a 60-percent improvement.
11. Unless you’re completing a federal or military resume, you Don’t need to include the name of your supervisor or salary.
12. A good range of bullet points is between five and eight. If you need to include more than this, consider adding a separate accomplishments section.

Education Section

13. Begin this section with your most current degree and then work backwards.
14. If you have a college degree to list, you Don’t need to include your high school graduation information.
15. You can list any volunteer work, additional training, or certifications if they are pertinent to the job you hope to obtain.


As you carefully choose the qualifications and specific phrases to use, you’ll find that the resume template is a helpful guide. By separating your work into individual sections, you may have an easier time perfecting your writing. Formatting the document to be scanned easily and choosing strong action words are good ways to attract the attention of hiring professionals. Once you’ve created a dynamic resume, you’ll be on your way to successfully finding a new job.