PL SQL Developer Resume Template for Word

Ready to find a new position in the IT industry? A great resume is a must for getting noticed and making it to the interview round. When you are preparing to write your resume, take a look at this PL SQL developer resume template for Word and the associated writing tips. They will give you an example of how to format your resume and what professional content to include. Clearly expressing your relevant skills and experience on your resume is a good step toward landing the new job you want.
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Andi Flannagan

Boston, MA 11111

E: aflannagan@anymail P: 555-555-3709

Professional Summary

Driven professional developer with excellent planning, organization, and project execution skills. Excellent verbal and written communication and able to practice active listening in teamwork situations. Superior and proven Oracle PL SQL skills and support experience, with expertise in planning and building backend data systems.

  • • Strong Oracle 12c and PL/SQL backend development skills
    • Creative and detail-oriented with tables, packages, functions, and procedures
    • Knowledgeable regarding Unix shell scripts and Java
    • Clear oral communication skills and proven presentation ability
    • Able to lead teams with various backgrounds to complete projects together
    • Skilled at managing several projects at once
Work Experience
PL SQL Developer
2013 – Present

Smith Pharmaceutical Corporation

    • Oversee the development life cycle of PL SQL projects that support medical research databases in order to achieve a more robust system that can handle vast amounts of data.
    • Work with end users and company stakeholders to determine requirements for database configuration and software that increase efficiency and functionality.
    • Design and create new and modify existing DB object applications, functions, and packages to further the company’s research and development endeavors.
    • Lead meetings with developer staff, assigning tasks and following up on associates’ progress.
    • Supervise support staff who remediate escalated incidents and assure proper identification of root causes and resolution of system outages.

Production Support PL SQL
2010 – 2013

Reliant Health

    • Monitored system for incidents and outages, and tracked each issue’s status from discovery to resolution to facilitate system repairs.
    • Initiated the incident resolution sequence and prioritized remediation efforts in consultation with the support manager so that crucial business functions were addressed first.
    • Used Oracle PL SQL and Unix to write software patches and system updates to keep the system current and resistant to outages.
    • Performed query tuning and optimization per end user specifications using Oracle Performance Tuning to optimize application processes.
    • Worked together with teams of support staff to orchestrate resolution of extensive production issues to get business processes back up to date.

Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional Certification

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge Massachusetts

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15 Tips to Write Your PL SQL Developer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Keep this statement to a concise three sentences or bullet points.
2. Give your summary statement some extra impact by prioritizing your most distinctive skills and experience first, like the PL SQL developer resume template for Word.
3. Write your statement in the first person, but leave out the personal pronouns.
4. You do not need to include an objective statement as part of your summary section. Use the space to market your skills and abilities.

Skills Section

5. Go through the job description and extract keywords and phrases to use in this section.
6. Put your most notable skills at the top of your bullet-pointed list, and be sure to include both technical and soft skills.
7. If you have knowledge of several computer languages that are relevant to the position you are applying for, put them in a separate skill section of their own so that they are highly readable.

Work Experience Section

8. List your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your present position, as the PL SQL developer resume template for Word does.
9. Take a cue from the job description and tailor your resume to emphasize the experiences you have that are most applicable to the position that you are applying for.
10. Start each bullet point in your work experience section with a strong action verb, and end each point with a period.
11. Use metrics such as number of people managed or projects completed to back up your accomplishments.
12. Technical jargon can be used on a resume to show that you are conversant in industry acronyms, but go easy on its use.

Education Section

13. The education section can also include certifications and relevant continuing education like the PL SQL developer resume template for Word does.
14. Leave out any education that is unrelated to the position that you are applying for, such as a theatre arts degree when you are applying for a job in information technology.
15. Do not list your grade point average for your degrees, unless you are a very recent graduate.


Preparing to apply for a new job can be a time-consuming process, but the care you take in accurately and clearly presenting yourself will help you to write a strong, effective resume. In order to land an interview, you need to ace your resume first. By studying the PL SQL developer resume template for Word and related writing tips, you can put together a job application that increases your chances of getting the position you want.