Programmer Resume Template for Word

A strong resume will get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. If you want to increase your chances of getting an interview, it’s important to mention your accomplishments, skills, and experience. Use our programmer resume template for Word to write a successful programmer resume like the one shown here. Learn how to write the most important sections of your programmer resume by reading and understanding how to write the summary statement, work experience, skills, and education sections.
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Guadalupe Rodriguez

E: T: 555-555-2222

Professional Summary

Talented programmer with seven years of professional experience in web application development and software design and extensive knowledge in several programming languages. Problem-solver with excellent critical thinking and analytical skills and proven track record of improving system and solution scalability, availability, and accuracy while lowering costs and contributing to revenue generation. Team player with leadership capabilities, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to collaborate with others.

  • • Programming experience in AJAZ, Drupal, LAMP stack, C, C++, Python, MySQL, Apache Hadoop, MongoDB, and Microsoft Visual Basic
    • Solid knowledge of computers, electronics, and mathematics
    • Strong critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills
    • Solid understanding business and management principles
    • Interpersonal and customer service skills
    • Good oral and written communication abilities
    • Leadership and management capabilities
Work Experience
Lead Programmer
2014 – Present

101010 Solutions

    • Increase system accuracy, improving it from less than 90 percent to 98 percent.
    • Assist pre-sales team in closing large contracts, averaging $3M annually.
    • Develop communications and information systems models.
    • Document development and design procedures.
    • Manage information technology projects and system activities.
    • Supervise information technology staff and assign duties and work schedules.
    • Train and mentor junior programmers in computer software and interface use.

2012 – 2014

ABCD Group

    • Coded new solutions to increase scalability by 65 percent and availability by 35 percent while lowering costs.
    • Wrote, updated, and maintained software programs to store and retrieve data.
    • Tested programs and applications to ensure results and correct instructions.
    • Corrected program errors by making changes and reviewed programs to ensure proper function.
    • Consulted with management, engineering, and technical teams to identify problems and offer suggestions for change.
    • Analyzed and reviewed programs, revising or expanding them to improve efficiency or meet new requirements.
    • Performed systems analysis and programming tasks to maintain systems software.

Junior Programmer
2010 – 2012

ThatCo Group

    • Wrote computer code for software programs.
    • Tested software programs and modified for improved performance.
    • Resolved software problems by correcting errors.
    • Collaborated with others to resolve technology issues.
    • Developed flow charts and diagrams of systems operation.
    • Updated system interface to enable automated report generation.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

XYZ University
Santa Clara California

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15 Tips to Write Your Teacher Resume

Summary Statement

1. Objective statements are not needed unless you’re making a major career change and need to explain why your experience doesn’t match the position you’re seeking. Use the summary statement at the beginning of your resume to pitch to potential employers.
2. Sentence fragments, as opposed to entire sentences, are fine to use in the summary section.
3. Write three lines that provide an overview of your work experience, two or three major skill sets you have, and your soft skills.
4. Use the terms “years of experience,” as used in the programmer resume template for Word, or “years’ experience.” “Years experience” is incorrect.

Skills Section

5. Highlight only the skills that are the most relevant to the position you’re applying for.
6. Use short phrases and bullet points, but do not use periods at the end of each.
7. Use keywords and phrases from your target industry. This section is ideal for loading your resume with these.

Work Experience Section

8. List your work history in reverse chronological order, meaning that you start with your most recent position and go backwards.
9. Do not list employment from more than 15-20 years ago unless you’ve been with the same company for your entire career or you wish to feature something very relevant to help you stand out.
10. Always list the dates of employment and the location of each position. Month and year or the year only are sufficient, as seen in the programmer resume template for Word.
11. Under each position, list duties, responsibilities, achievements, accomplishments, and contributions. Highlight what you did and your work using metrics, if possible.
12. Use five to eight bullet points for each position, starting each with a strong verb.

Education Section

13. Going to college or university implies that you have completed your high school diploma, so Don’t include your high school education or GED unless it is your only education.
14. As shown in the programmer resume template for Word, if you received Greek honors upon college graduation, such as summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude, mention this. Do not include your GPA unless you recently graduated.
15. Exclude the graduation date if it was many years ago or if including it will create a gap on your resume.


Create a strong resume to boost your chances of getting a recruiter or a hiring manager to notice you from the rest of the applicants and offer you an interview. Crafting the resume takes time, but it is worth the effort to get the right job. Use the programmer resume template for Word as an example to follow. You can tailor your resume for each job, particularly by using unique keywords and phrases. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be closer to achieving success in your job search.