QA Tester Resume Template for Word

you’re committed to quality in every aspect of your career, but have you thought about how quality impacts your resume and the impression it makes on hiring managers and recruiters? Your document should be as clearly structured as the test cases you run on a daily basis, with a well-written summary, skills section, work history, and education listing. With our QA tester resume template for Word, you can be sure your resume will hold up to the tests of time and scrutiny, and earn the highest marks as a quality jobseeker.
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Jenny Horton

E: jennh@mailprovider T: 555-555-0935

Professional Summary

Detailed, meticulous QA tester with over 10 years of experience ensuring quality software products by coordinating extensive testing, quality control, and bug reporting. Adept at swiftly recognizing design flaws and errors, including preparing comprehensive, accurate documentation for debugging teams. Highly analytical, with a talent for recognizing and resolving persistent software issues to improve overall software performance and the user experience.

  • •Quality assurance testing
    •Test case development and execution
    •Test-Driven Development (TDD)
    •Test documentation
    •User acceptance testing
    •Bug reporting
    •Debugging and issue resolution
    •Team collaboration
    •Software enhancement
    •Test platform management
    •Continuous Improvement
Work Experience
QA Tester

Bamboo Innovation Software

    •Facilitate launch of the company’s flagship cloud-based graphics tablet linkage application by coordinating all aspects of QA testing and bug reporting.
    •Review technical and functional specifications to determine test parameters.
    •Define extensive test plans spanning interface functionality, software functionality, API integration, and cloud service linkage.
    •Document bugs and failures extensively; submit test reports to debugging team.
    •Follow up with debugging team to ensure resolution of errors.
    •Repeat testing to confirm bug resolution prior to deployment to live server.
    •Audit the primary cloud database server to ensure data quality and cleanse bad data.
    •Improved application performance 72% in the test environment by discovering and reporting over 400 bugs.
    •Established a new error reporting process that cut time to resolution by an average of 4.5 days.
    •Created a process for non-test team members to report software errors while eliminating duplicate reporting.

Software QA Tester

In The Bottle Software Consulting

    •Key member of the engagement team for a number of client software development projects.
    •Handled all QA testing for custom-designed mobile, web, and desktop applications tailored to client needs.
    •Developed test cases encompassing both end user requirements and technical specifications.
    •Conducted extensive functionality testing to determine that applications performed as expected.
    •Submitted bug reports to engagement team members.
    •Liaised extensively in a customer-facing role to ensure deployment of bug fixes and new versions into the live client environment.
    •Rescued a failing engagement and restored customer trust by leading an emergency bug finding team to restore an application that crashed in the production environment.
    •Consistently bridged communications between technical teams and customer personnel by explaining complex concepts in a simple fashion.

Quality Assurance Test Certified

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Louisiana State University at Shreveport

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15 Tips to Write Your QA Tester Resume

Summary Statement

1. Use your summary statement to showcase soft skills mixed with hard skills, such as the ability to think quickly and work independently.
2. Keep your summary statement brief, as shown in the QA tester resume template for Word. Minimize it to no more than three bullet points or sentences.
3. Make the most of the space with strong, impactful language that makes a bold statement without exaggerating.
4. Avoid gimmicky buzzwords that just come across as fluff with no substance or meaning.

Skills Section

5. Use key phrases chosen directly from the job description to get a leg up on automated text scanners. Include them exactly as depicted in the job advertisement.
6. Keep your skills section brief, with no less than eight and no more than 15 key skills.
7. Show you speak the language of the industry by including key phrases such as test-driven development.

Work Experience Section

8. Open every sentence with an action verb that creates engagement and a sense of involvement, as demonstrated in the QA tester resume template for Word. You could say you fixed bugs, or say you eliminated them and make a much stronger impression.
9. Work in a good mix of soft skills and customer-facing capabilities. Those extras are what make you stand out from the crowd as a well-rounded candidate.
10. Show a solid mix of job duties and accomplishments. Accomplishments are those moments when you went above and beyond to deliver extraordinary results.
11. Spice up those accomplishments with some metrics. Numbers make your achievements jump out at the reader, with quantifiable results such as bugs fixed and performance improvements.
12. Double-check your details for accuracy. it’s okay to round numbers to say “approximately X%,” but if possible review your metrics to be certain you’re in the correct range and not misrepresenting your accomplishments.

Education Section

13. Keep your education short, only relevant to the target job, and college graduates should leave off the high school diploma.
14. Detail education in reverse chronological order. This may mean listing training before degrees, as in the QA tester resume template for Word.
15. Include education in progress only if it will be completed shortly.


Are you ready to revamp your resume and give it the quality seal of approval? it’s time to take a good, hard look at your existing documents, identify the bugs that are slowing your performance, and deploy swift corrective action. You wouldn’t tolerate bugs in your software, so Don’t tolerate them in your resume. With our QA tester resume template for Word, you’ll have the necessary tools to fix the errors slowing your job application down and ensure hiring managers select you as the cream of the crop.