Safety Advisor Resume Template for Word

Your resume is your first chance to create a great first impression, and without a standout resume, you might not get a second chance. Our writing guide and safety advisor resume template for Word can help you craft a compelling document that gets the attention of prospective employers right away. you’ll know what to include, how to format it, and how best to shape your summary statement and the sections for your skills, work experience, and education.
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Edgar Jenkins

E: P: 555-251-6593

Professional Summary

Extensive experience performing at top level even in challenging conditions and locations. Reliable and trustworthy safety advisor with 20 years’ combined experience in military, government, and private sectors. Proven record of owning responsibility for health and safety of colleagues, subordinates, and client organization members.

  • •Extensive background and training in airfield operations
    •Expert oral and written communication skills
    •Demonstrated ability to maintain and motivate high performance levels in team members
    •Skilled in implementation of security procedures
    •Highly adaptable to rapidly changing conditions and circumstances
    •Trained in defensive tactics
    •Expert marksman
    •Experience with Department of State, Department of Defense, and business sectors
Work Experience
Field Safety Advisor

Northstar Security Group

    •Evaluate unit performance and advise on any additional training deemed necessary.
    •Provide risk management services to corporate clients in a variety of settings.
    •Revise and implement training protocols, raising team efficiency ratings to “exceeds standards.”
    •Investigate field accidents to determine and remedy causative factors.
    •Suspend activities that threaten workers’ and clients’ safety in field.
    •Audit safety practices to ensure adherence to protocol.
    •Inspect security features and installations to verify adherence to standards.

Ramp Safety Advisor

Atlantic Logistics Group

    •Monitored daily safety of airfield operations for U.S. State Department Diplomatic Support Center.
    •Recorded logs of all events and radio communication with aircraft crew.
    •Observed all traffic and reported noncompliance with safety guidelines.
    •Ensured all aircraft and airfield activity was conducted to established standards.
    •Maintained State Department clearance level of Secret.
    •Kept a professional bearing and level head during times of high stress.

Aviation Operations Specialist/Safety Advisor

United States Army

    •Analyzed and reported flight path conditions.
    •Maintained flight records and flight logs.
    •Communicated clearly and effectively with pilots, crews, and commanding officers during time-sensitive operations.
    •Supervised, trained, and evaluated 15 subordinates.
    •Received and transferred sensitive and classified material.
    •Coordinated ongoing training programs in accordance with military and unit regulations.
    •Graduated in top 15% of leadership training course.

Bachelor of Science in Safety and Health Administration
in progress

Columbia Southern College
Associate of Science in Supervision and Management for Industry

City Colleges of Baltimore, Baumholder extension campus

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15 Tips to Write Your Safety Advisor Resume

Summary Statement

1. Keep it concise. Stick to three sentences or bullet points.
2. Don’t use third person, as if someone else were describing you. Even if you’ve removed pronouns, think of it as a first-person statement.
3. A separate objective statement is no longer recommended in most cases. Focus on summarizing your strengths and giving an overview of what you can bring to the job.
4. Try to include a mix of technical skills and people skills.

Skills Section

5. Customize every resume to include key phrases from the job description, writing them exactly as they appear in the ad.
6. Don’t include potentially controversial political or religious affiliations, and keep your skills relevant. If you’re a great cook, a safety advisor hiring manager probably isn’t going to care. However, if you have previous military or self-defense training, that could be very relevant for some safety advisor jobs. See our safety advisor resume template for Word for examples.
7. Use short phrases in bullet points instead of writing complete sentences.

Work Experience Section

8. Try to emphasize positions and duties of increasing responsibility through your work experience section.
9. Start each bullet with a dynamic action word to emphasize your accomplishments. Instead of writing that you were “responsible for training staff,” tell your reader that you “trained a staff of 12.”
10. Include quantifiable metrics, like numbers and percentages, whenever you can.
11. Use easy-to-skim bullet points instead of dense paragraphs. The safety advisor resume template for Word can show you how.
12. Use present tense for current positions and past tense for previous work experience.

Education Section

13. If you are currently pursuing a degree, you can either give the anticipated graduation date or write “in progress.”
14. You should list applicable internships and memberships in campus organizations, and feel free to include certifications and courses even if they aren’t part of a degree program.
15. As shown in the safety advisor resume template for Word, you Don’t need to include high school if you have a college degree. Keep it relevant.


A hiring manager has to sift through a lot of paper, so it really pays to invest the time into building a strong resume that will attract that manager’s attention. All that hard and even frustrating work will pay off when you get an interview. Our template and tips can help you break the task into easily manageable sections and show you what to focus on in each one. With this guide for tailoring your resume, you’ll be that much closer to your next safety advisor job.