Software Developer Resume Template for Word

Given how quickly the market for software applications changes, it is important when searching for a job in this field that you are able to show your skills are up to date with current trends. This can easily be done by developing and maintaining a strong resume. Included here is a software developer resume template for Word that can be updated and customized to any job opening. While it is vital to update a resume, yours should still adhere to the basic format shown here, with a summary statement followed by sections describing your skills, work experience, and education.
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Faith Franklin

Boise, ID 11111

E: T: 555-666-6666

Professional Summary

Professional software developer with extensive experience in application engineering. Understand how to take a client’s stated objectives and converting those wishes into functionality that its end users value. Detail-oriented individual who dedicates complete focus and attention during every stage of the design process, ensuring that issues are limited in initial beta versions and those that do arise are easily corrected.

  • • Expert-level understanding of all software development elements, from diagramming design processes to creating algorithms that drive functionality
    • Excellent listening and comprehension skills, which help in understanding what clients want out of their software applications
    • Work well in both fulfilling individual assigned roles and supporting others in completing team-level projects
    • Dedicated to researching the wants and needs of each individual client’s application end users
    • Outstanding communication skills that allow for effective communication with both clients and coworkers
    • Driven to meet deadlines and goals
Work Experience
App Developer
2011 – Current

Sincere Software Solutions

    • Serve as a member of application development team that handles all of the design aspects of front-end applications requested by clients.
    • Collaborate with clients to understand what functionality is needed in their apps to deliver the highest possible ROI.
    • Design and develop application infrastructure needed to support desired app functionality, and coordinate with programmers to incorporate the code that will executive it.
    • Test new applications while in the beta stage to identify issues that need to be corrected before final versions can be rolled out.
    • Work on team that has developed over 135 software programs for clients during tenure.
    • Maintain a less than 10 percent initial beta error rate.

Intern Developer
2010 – 2011

Digital Dream Makers

    • Participated in internship program working with development team for local software engineering firm as part of undergraduate study program.
    • Observed meetings between representatives and clients to better understand in the initial solution-identifying and planning processes.
    • Assisted software developers in creating logic to support applications designed for both desktop and mobile environments.
    • Reviewed quality assurance protocols employed during beta-version testing.
    • Contributed process improvement ideas through course capstone project that led to collective 15 percent increase in workflow efficiency.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Boise State University
Boise ID

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15 Tips to Write Your Software Developer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Keep this concise. It should not exceed three sentences or bullet points, the length of the statement in the software developer resume template for Word.
2. State your intention of seeking a supervisory or managerial role if that is what the purpose of your searching for a new job truly is. Otherwise, write your statement to simply be a summary of your skills.
3. There is no need to mention how many years of experience you have, as this will be covered in another area of your resume.
4. Feel free to include any personality traits that may be applicable to the position that you are seeking.

Skills Section

5. List those skills you possess that are mentioned on the job description, and use the same phrasing as from the posting.
6. Do not embellish any technical skills, as employers may ask for a demonstration when you are called in for an interview.
7. Include only those general skills that have applications across all industries, such as being a good communicator, valuing customer service, or being well-organized.

Work Experience Section

8. Do not exceed the space used by this section in the software developer resume template for Word in your own document, even if you have a more extensive work history.
9. Offer specific metrics such as the lines of code written daily or projects completed.
10. Account for gaps in your work experience. If there is a gap greater than three years between the jobs you have listed, try to account for that by showing that you went back to school in your “Education” section.
11. Strong action verbs should start every bullet point.
12. Try not to go back further than 15-20 years when listing past experience.

Education Section

13. Follow the format shown in the software developer resume template for Word when describing your education, stating your degree, the year you earned it, and the location of your school.
14. If you have any professional certifications, list those before your academic accomplishments.
15. Only list high school information if asked to by a job posting; usually it won’t be relevant.


Be careful of straying too far off the path shown in the software developer resume template for Word when creating your document. While you certainly do not want yours to be a carbon copy of the template, you also do not want to add irrelevant information that could lose a hiring manager’s interest. Stick to including the sections shown in the template, as well as taking to heart the tips provided, and you will end up with a resume that is sure to give you an advantage over other applicants.