Solution Architect Resume Template for Word

Solution architects offer a range of unique skills. Your ability to convey those skills to employers is often the determining factor as to whether you earn an interview for such a position. Having a well-written resume to submit alongside an application helps to do that. A strong resume shares all of the information hiring managers need to make an informed decision regarding your job candidacy. Following the format shown in the solution architect resume template for Word (e.g., grouping your information into a summary statement, followed by skills, work experience, and education sections) will ensure your resume accomplishes its purpose.
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Mark Morgan

Grand Rapids, MI 11111

E: T: 555-555-4444

Professional Summary

Experienced IT professional looking for opportunities to progress into the role of a solution architect. Strong understanding of operational applications is bolstered by leadership experience earned through spearheading several software implementation and process improvement projects for previous employers. Excellent communicator who is able to help all levels of project stakeholders identify and appreciate improved technological functionalities.

  • • Expert-level understanding of business network architecture and infrastructure as well as the function of the applications used to support it
    • Familiarity with business management principles that helps in demonstrating how technological improvements directly impact operations
    • Skilled at process mapping and using lean philosophies to identify areas where new applications can eliminate corporate waste and improve productivity
    • Excellent leader who understands how to motivate team members and help them see the impact their individual work can have an a project’s overall success
    • Recognized for excelling in helping technicians and non-technical project stakeholders understand each other’s needs when developing and implementing new applications
    • Adept at training end-users on the use of new technological tools
Work Experience
IT Team Lead
2014 – Current

Fast Fleet Management Services

    • Lead a team of IT technicians tasked with utilizing internal business network capabilities to improve operational performance.
    • Meet with executives and department managers on a quarterly basis to review workflow processes and identify areas where improved applications will increase productivity.
    • Coordinate with external software developers on the creation of new programs and tools.
    • Work with IT team to push new applications out to end-users.
    • Recognized by executive management team for having introduced five new workflow management applications that have contributed to a collective 35 percent decrease in corporate waste.

Network Technician
2009 – 2014

Monmouth Home Monitoring

    • Worked with internal network manager in monitoring application usage and performance.
    • Responded to service calls from application end-users as issues with functionality arose.
    • Solicited feedback from end-users as well as managers regarding the day-to-day reliability of business applications and what updates might be made to improve workflow.
    • Led research into the comparison of projected ROI for improving current applications as opposed to implementing new tools.
    • Managed the creation and implementation of an entirely new workflow tracking dashboard in 2013.

Cisco Certified Technician

Cisco Learning Center
Master of Business Administration

Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant MI

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15 Tips to Writing Your Solution Architect Resume

Summary Statement

1. Prior to writing your summary statement, take a moment to think about the skills and experience you want to include, to help keep it to a succinct three sentences or bullet points.
2. List only general details regarding your previous experience in this section, as you can see has been done in the solution architect resume template for Word. Remember there will be other opportunities to go further in depth later on.
3. Only mention an objective to your job search if you are seeking a leadership position or applying for an entry-level job.
4. List whatever skills you possess that have been previously identified as valued solutions in your industry.

Skills Section

5. List your skills in terms of relevance to the role that you are applying for, with the most relevant listed first.
6. Avoid being overly technical with your jargon, but be sure to list specific skills taken directly from the job description.
7. Avoid including skills that those familiar with your line of work would view as basic requirements (e.g., knowing how to use email).

Work Experience Section

8. Note that the solution architect resume template for Word provides limited space for this section, so choose which previous work experience to list wisely.
9. If past jobs are more relevant to the one you are applying for than your current position, list those instead. If you do this, remember to reference your current job in your summary statement.
10. List whatever previous work experience you choose to include in chronological order.
11. When describing your past accomplishments, mention as many details and metrics as possible so as to provide context to your achievements.
12. Start every bullet point with an effective action verb such as “coordinate” or “manage.”

Education Section

13. In keeping with the example provided in the solution architect resume template for Word, you should list your relevant professional certifications and training alongside your educational background in this section.
14. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program, describe the details of it while replacing the degree completion date with “Current.”
15. Do not list your high school education unless it is asked for.


Remember the general purpose of your resume is to show prospective employers you meet the qualifications for their positions. It is for this reason that you do not see space reserved in the solution architect resume template for Word to include any of your personal details. Most likely, whoever is reading your resume will not have time to thoroughly read through it. Thus, your focus should be on building up your professional profile in hopes of earning an interview. The sharing of personal details can be done when you meet hiring managers in person.