Technical Manager Resume Template for Word

Securing a managerial position is the dream of many aspiring professionals. However, the competition for the technical manager job you are after is likely to be tight. You can give yourself an advantage by creating a resume to support your cause. Included here is a technical manager resume template for Word that can serve as your guide to creating the ultimate employment reference document. Following the format of beginning with a summary statement and then grouping your information into skills, work experience, and education sections ensures that you’ll include all that is needed to make an effective document.
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Jeremy Jansen

E: T: 555-888-8888

Professional Summary

Professional software developer with experience in leading technical teams as part of corporate projects looking to progress into a full-time technical manager role. Over 10 years of experience in developing business software applications for a wide array of corporate clients. Managerial skills acquired through recent temporary project management serve as the perfect complement to technical expertise to help ensure success in a permanent leadership position.

  • •Demonstrated leadership skills witnessed in ability to focus team efforts toward a single objective, and to place individuals in the best positions to help guarantee their success
    •Expert understanding of current popular software development tools and strategies, including coding and querying languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and Oracle SQL
    •Extensive experience in process mapping and analysis both when developing software and leading projects
    •Strong appreciation for the role of managers, executives, stakeholders in regards to the success of an organization’s technical operations
    •Detail-oriented individual who uses deadlines to serve as motivation
    •Adept at taking technical details and communicating them to non-technical personnel in language that is easily understandable
Work Experience
Technical Project Manager
2012 – Present

SRT Consultants

    •Lead and direct all of the technical efforts for client projects under the direction of the project manager.
    •Identify early in the planning process what technical resources and tools will be needed to develop the applications required to support a project’s long-term success.
    •Create and implement a development strategy, assigning different roles to the various members of project technical team.
    •Test software beta versions and completed version before project manager and stakeholders prior to implementation.
    •Lead teams in the development of 115 client-specific applications.

Software Developer
2002 – 2012

Nero Computing Consultants

    •Served as a member of software development team tasked with updating and/or creating new business applications for clients.
    •Worked with team lead in coordinating with clients to understand needs and identify opportunities where new software tools would support their growth.
    •Created programs by matching development strategies with clients’ specified needs.
    •Collaborated with implementation analysts in rolling out beta programs and update to client servers.
    •Received recognition with other team members for contributing to 65 improvements in client productivity.

Masters of Science in Technical Development

University of Colorado
Boulder CA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

University of Denver
Denver CA

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15 Tips to Write Your Technical Manager Resume

Summary Statement

1.Your summary statement should be a succinct description of your professional profile not exceeding three sentences.
2.Follow the format shown in the technical manager resume template for Word by excluding specific details in this section.
3.Tailor your content to the audience that will be reading your resume, considering what bits of information hiring managers will want to see here that will convince them to keep reading.
4.State your skills and experience in a manner that presents them as solutions to issues you know employers in your industry are dealing with.

Skills Section

5.Include job specific skills as well as general attributes and traits that may support your success in the position you are seeking.
6.Avoid getting too technical when describing your skills as it will often be human resource personnel reading your resume rather than subject matter experts.
7.Match the words and phrases used to describe your skills to those seen in job listings in your industry.

Work Experience Section

8.Use action words (e.g. “supervised employees” or “directed operations”) in the bullet points describing your previous work responsibilities.
9.Utilize detailed metrics to provide added context when describing your past work-related achievements.
10.Do not go back further than 15-20 years when listing your work experience. If you have worked in various jobs within the same sector for a longer period of time than that, state that in your summary statement.
11.Avoid including any details about why you may have left a position.
12.As has been done in the technical manager resume template for Word, you should highlight any past leadership positions you have held.

Education Section

13.Note the example shown in the technical manager resume template for Word, and list your highest degree achieved first in this section.
14.List the details of any internships you may have completed if they are relevant to the job being sought.
15.Details about your high school education should only be included for jobs that do not require a degree.


Many people fall into the trap of including too much information in a resume. By doing so, they run the risk that those reading it will quickly lose interest and not complete it. Thus, the technical manager resume template for Word is formatted in such a way that only includes the most important details regarding a professional profile. By following this example, even if a hiring manager only skims over your document, he or she will see all of the information needed to determine if you deserve an interview.