Technical Support Manager Resume Template for Word

you’re known as the go-to person for anything technical. You’ve led helpdesk operations from local support to global technical service and support on an enterprise-wide scale. you’re the one everyone trusts to solve their technical problems. But who do you trust to solve your resume problems? The answer is easy: us, with our proven technical support manager resume template for Word and an expert portfolio of tips to help you troubleshoot your summary statement, skills, employment history, and education.
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Keith Langley

E: keith.langley@mailprovider T: 555-555-1093

Professional Summary

Forward-thinking technical support manager with 12 years of experience directing global helpdesk operations and technical support ticket management for international enterprises with thousands of users in complex networked environments. Proven and tested as a hybrid leader and technical expert applying both management skills and IT insight to establish helpdesk services and standards. Strong team leader guiding and mentoring groups of cross-functional, multi-skilled IT talent in meeting organizational needs.

  • •Helpdesk management
    •Service desk operations
    •Shared service center management
    •Team building and leadership
    •Trouble ticket resolution
    •Troubleshooting and diagnosis
    •Root causes analysis
    •Software and hardware support
    •New technology installation and replacement
    •Technology research
    •Helpdesk systems implementation
Work Experience
Technical Support Manager

Applied Business Sciences Worldwide

    •Lead helpdesk operations in a 24/7/365 environment for thousands of globally distributed end users both internally and in customer organizations.
    •Ensure skillful maintenance and troubleshooting of diverse components of a cloud enterprise services environment supporting banking, business, and trading services in global markets.
    •Prioritize and allocate trouble tickets to qualified personnel both remotely and on-site worldwide.
    •Monitor status of trouble tickets and follow up on resolution within time periods established by customer service level agreements (SLAs).
    •Coach, train, and mentor technical teams on support best practices.
    •Built the service desk from the ground up into a talented team of technicians capable of supporting over 16,000 users and more than 200 trouble tickets daily.
    •Reduced backlogged trouble tickets from 22,540 to 210 within 3 months of helpdesk launch.
    •Fostered a service-oriented culture that significantly improved both team and customer morale.

Technical Support Manager

Intentional Business Machines

    •Managed the trouble ticket pipeline for the local organization of 322 users.
    •Reviewed incoming trouble tickets and assign resolution time based on staff availability.
    •Identified hardware and software issues impacting business performance.
    •Developed and implemented corrective action plans to improve overall infrastructure and network performance.
    •Recruited and developed a top team of technical support talent with strong skills in problem-solving, implementation, and technical integration.
    •Acted as Tier III support specialist for difficult or high-priority issues.
    •Cut helpdesk ticket response turnaround time from 3 days to under 3 hours through deployment of ticket automation software.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Boston University

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15 Tips to Write Your Technical Support Manager Resume

Summary Statement

1. Always open with a distinctive statement of who you are as a professional.
2. Remember that you’re targeting a management role, so avoid focusing overly much on anything but the most significant technical skills. Concentrate on leadership capacity instead.
3. Use no more than three sentences or bullet points to get your point across.
4. Don’t be afraid of adjectives, but avoid those that could be deemed “fluffy” and instead make them unique and tailored to you, such as the phrase “forward-thinking technical support manager” in the technical support manager resume template for Word.

Skills Section

5. Integrate key phrases taken from your target job description into this skillset, phrased exactly as listed in the job posting.
6. Prime your resume for automatic text scanners by including a few variations on a theme, such as the phrases “helpdesk management” and “service desk operations” in the technical support manager resume template for Word.
7. Write not just for mechanical eyes but human ones, with easily scannable and searchable phrases.

Work Experience Section

8. Implement action-oriented writing to punch up the tone and impact of your writing; begin each sentence with an active verb.
9. Tailor your resume for a 10-second scan, using bullet points and swift statements for fast reading.
10. Integrate metrics into your accomplishments to make your contributions more real and more quickly hook the reader.
11. Ensure that information disclosed isn’t a matter of trade secrets or in potential violation of an NDA. Sometimes you can get around this by removing client names or only mentioning their industry.
12. Make note of special projects that had a significant impact on the company, such as the implementation of automated ticketing software mentioned in the technical support manager resume template for Word.

Education Section

13. Don’t include irrelevant training courses or degrees. An associate’s degree in craft pottery won’t do much in a technical support role.
14. When in doubt about your education, remember that experience trumps all.
15. That said, always include something in the education section, even if it’s a single certification with no degree. Employers notice the absence more than they notice its minimalism.


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