Test Manager Resume Template for Word

As you look to progress in your career, you will often find that others are looking to do the exact same thing, with several of them having their eyes on the very jobs that you covet. Knowing this, you need to have added resources supporting your candidacy. A resume is one such resource, allowing you to impress employers even before being asked to interview. Follow the format in the test manager resume template for Word shown here, beginning your document with a summary statement and then following that up with sections detailing your skills, education, and work experience.
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Kelly Kastle

E: kkastle45@email.com T: 555-999-9999

Professional Summary

Experienced implementation analyst with impressive performance record on several high-level corporate improvement projects. Focused on developing implementation strategies with clients and serving as a liaison between stakeholders and solution development teams. Past experience in software development offers unique insight into application rollout process that can contribute to improved product implementations.

  • •Expert-level knowledge of implementation strategies
    •Strong understanding of software development tools and processes derived from educational background
    •Excellent eye for detail to assist in planning for test cases and providing feedback
    •Outstanding communication skills to help stakeholders see the value in thoroughly trialing and testing new applications prior to implementation in order to optimize ROI
    •Adept at reformulating project strategies and initiatives following the rise of unforeseen obstacles
    •Diligent in following up and completing all designated tasks on time and within budget
Work Experience
Implementation Engineer
2013 – Present

Forteza Business Solutions

    •Serve on five-person strategic development team that works under the direction of project manager in helping clients plan and implement new corporate initiatives.
    •Attend all early planning and development meetings to ascertain the scope of initiatives in order to prepare implementation plans accordingly.
    •Review project objectives with clients and compare them to initial solution development estimates to set realistic expectations regarding project rollouts.
    •Prepare implementation strategies for project managers and stakeholders to review.
    •Oversee four separate corporate initiative implementations during tenure, generating $23 million in client revenue increases.

Technical Liaison
2009 – 2013

Strategic Software Inc.

    •Served as the liaison between client project managers and software development teams creating new applications as part of larger corporate initiatives.
    •Participated in planning meetings between developers and client representatives in which program functionality was determined and beta and final version rollout dates were set.
    •Monitored the progress of software developers toward the completion of applications while sharing updates with clients.
    •Worked with clients and developers to determine new release dates for final product versions after receiving user feedback from beta programs.
    •Received recognition for reducing program rollout windows by 30 percent compared to predecessor.

Master of Business Administration

University of Richmond
Richmond VA
Bachelor of Science in Software Development

Virginia Tech University
Blacksburg VA

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15 Tips to Write Your Test Manager Resume

Summary Statement

1.Consult the test manager resume template for Word to understand the true purpose of this section. Its goal is to offer a general overview of your professional profile rather than to directly state an objective to your job search.
2.Provide a brief synopsis of your relevant work history without going into too much detail (this will be done in your work experience section).
3.Identify those skills that you view as your greatest strengths and briefly mention them in this section.
4.Do not exceed three sentences or bullet points when writing your summary statement.

Skills Section

5.Notice how the test manager resume template for Word provides a mix of both technical details and general skills. Do not hesitate to include general skills provided that you can show how they may be applied to the job you are seeking.
6.Use the same language seen in job listings when writing this section.
7.Do not list basic job requirements (e.g. “I always show up to work on time”) as skills.

Work Experience Section

8.Start off each bullet point used in this section with an action word when describing your previous job responsibilities.
9.Rank your previous jobs in terms of their relevance to the one that you are applying for, and then only list the top two or three (remember that your space in this section is limited).
10.If one of your previous professional roles is applicable to the position being sought but is an internship, list that over other paid yet less-relevant positions.
11.Avoid telling employers why you left a previous job (unless you were on with a company for a brief amount of time).
12.Include as many detailed metrics as possible when describing your past professional achievements.

Education Section

13.Details regarding your high school education should not be listed for jobs requiring a degree, which is why you do not see them included in the test manager resume template for Word.
14.If you were unable to list any internships you completed as part of your schooling in the previous section, list them here.
15.Include any professional licenses you have earned in this section.


While you want to make your resume your own, it is important that you do not stray too far away from the format shown in the test manager resume template for Word. Remember that prospective employers will often only skim through your resume at first glance. Therefore, you want them to remember the most important details regarding your professional profile when it comes time to choose candidates to interview. Do not worry about not being able to detail your personality in your resume; it will be on full display when you meet employers in person.