Webmaster Resume Template for Word

Putting together a resume takes time and effort, but being contacted for an interview makes it all worthwhile. A good resume improves your job outlook and can make an interview more likely. Here is a webmaster resume template for Word and 15 tips to get you started on crafting a professional resume sure to impress any hiring manager. Use these tips to grab attention and then keep it with professional formatting in the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Benjamin Jay Tucker

E: bj.tucker@anymail P: 555-900-9000

Professional Summary

Passionate web administrator with experience in managing websites for schools, politicians, and private companies. Dedicated to using digital media to accurately represent people and companies. Well-versed in common technological tools to create and update websites.

  • •Extensive knowledge of SSL, HTTP, and SQL languages
    •Can quickly learn new software
    •Quality control analysis
    •Time management
    •Skilled written and oral communicator
    •Able to identify and solve complex problems
    •Creative thinking
    •Excellent troubleshooter
Work Experience
Corporate Webmaster
March 2014 – Present

Downtown on the River

    •Consult with department heads within the company to ensure their departments are accurately represented on the company website.
    •Perform quality checks of new pages and content to ensure they match company voice.
    •Manage team of three interns every summer.
    •Stay up-to-date on technology advances that speed up server requests and overall user experience of website.
    •Periodically update troubleshooting guide for use by non-technology divisions within company.

Web Designer
January 2010 – March 2014

Woodbridge Independent School District

    •Created interactive webpages for more than 30 teachers in a four-year period.
    •Maintained contact with teachers to provide updates and check that their website is performing as expected.
    •Wrote web guides for teachers who wanted to make their own websites and provided help as needed.
    •Attended conferences on cloud data storage and other web techniques to make network connections and learn new technologies.
    •Documented changes in an easy-to-read format that is still referenced.
    •Researched and chose backup system that functioned with 50% better efficiency than previous one.

Social Media Webmaster
August 2008 – January 2010

Campaign for a Brighter Tomorrow

    •Managed social media campaign for small, independent political chapter in Kansas.
    •Researched techniques for grabbing and holding attention in 40 characters or less.
    •Attended weekly status meetings to discuss future campaigns and breaking news.
    •Collected metrics to write monthly reports about retention and click-throughs.
    •Provided technical support for team of volunteers and local candidates.

Master of Business Administration

Belmont University
Bachelor in Computer Science

University of Tennessee

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15 Tips to Write Your Webmaster Resume

Summary Statement

1. Your summary statement should be a quick pitch of your ability to do the job you are applying for, not an objective statement.
2. When expressing a long period of time, use “years of experience” or “years’ experience.”
3. Do not use third person in your summary. For example, say “created” instead of “creates.”
4. Use only three bullet points or sentences to keep your summary statement short and to the point.

Skills Section

5. Hiring managers look for key phrases that are typically in the job description. Search the description and use these keywords in this section exactly as they appear on the posting.
6. As in the webmaster resume template for Word above, list your skills as short bullets with no periods.
7. Keep the skills you include relevant. Being a great chef has little to do with being a skilled webmaster.

Work Experience Section

8. Start each bullet point with a strong action verb. In the above webmaster resume template for Word, notice that words like “managed,” “created,” and “reported” start the bullets.
9. Be consistent across all jobs when listing your dates of employment. Don’t use months on some jobs and only years on others.
10. When you use abbreviations, make sure they are common. For uncommon ones, write the long version with the abbreviation directly after so you can use it later on and be understood.
11. Wherever you can, list specific metrics such as sizes of the teams you oversaw to provide support for your accomplishments.
12. Mix in special achievements with your specific duties and responsibilities.

Education Section

13. If you transferred credits from one or more schools, only list the school you received your degree from.
14. Do not list your GPA unless you are a recent graduate. However, do list any special status like laude, summa cum laude, etc.
15. Only list relevant education. Because the applicant creating the webmaster resume template for Word above has a master’s degree, there is no need to mention high school.


When your resume stands out among other applicants, a hiring manager is more likely to remember it and so you are more likely to receive an interview. While creating such a resume takes time, once done, you can feel confident in your improved job outlook. Take the time to reread your resume for errors and ask a trusted friend to do the same. With the above webmaster resume template for Word and the accompanying tips, you are well on your way to writing a professional and unique document.