Construction Resume Templates for Word

No matter where you end up working, your resume will always be the first connection between you and your company. Demonstrate your best skills and capabilities, and clean up any small errors in layout or grammar that may negatively impact your reputation. Using a resume template can give you an idea of what kind of experiences to include on your own resume, as well as how to improve your existing resume. Potential jobseekers in the construction field have industry specific skills that they must display on their CV. Construction employees must have familiarity with a variety of technical and software-based skills, as well as a basic knowledge of mechanical operations, safety procedures, and design concepts. Look at our construction resume templates for Word for assistance in showcasing your best skills and experience on your own resume.

Electrical Inspector Resume Template for Word

An electrical inspector needs to have skills in a multitude of areas to be successful—engineering knowledge, building, and structural procedures, awareness of laws and court procedures, and complex problem solving are all necessary. Look to MyPerfectResume’s templates to see how to integrate all of these skills seamlessly in your work experience section.

Industrial Electrician Resume Template for Word

Operations management, quality control, and general mechanical knowledge are crucial in the role of an industrial electrician. Outside of interactions with computers and machines, industrial electricians must also effectively communicate with their team members. Our resume templates demonstrate how to easily incorporate these different types of skills under one work experience entry.

Construction Site Supervisor Resume Template for Word

In the position of a construction site supervisor, problem sensitivity and clear communication are crucial for successful execution of projects. At times, it may be difficult to convey these skills amidst the more identifiable technical skills. Our templates outline how to make your softer skills stand out in your relevant work experiences section.

Safety Manager Resume Template for Word

In our increasingly technological day and age, safety managers must have mastery over a variety of scheduling and communication technologies. In addition to these programs, a safety manager must also have a working knowledge of administration and management, construction, and production and processing. Refer to our resume templates to receive guidance on how to easily integrate many of these abilities in both your skills and experiences section.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Construction Resumes

Summary statements may be optional, but, if written well, can change your employer’s initial perspective on you as a candidate. In your summary statement, you should provide an overview of your past experiences, specific technical and industry knowledge, as well as any certifications you’ve obtained. Be specific when describing your position—your summary statement should build your personal brand. Additionally, specify the amount of time you’ve spent at your job, giving your employer an idea of your experience depth. Below is an example of a construction summary statement. For additional industry examples, look at MyPerfectResume’s construction resume templates for Word.

“Detail-oriented industrial electrician with 12 years of experience working with new home construction and closed circuits. Proven track record with mastery over basic software including Microsoft Excel and computer-aided design software. Always looking for a new challenge to explore the limits of my design and creativity. Certified by the American Concrete Institute International”

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Construction Resume

Quantifying your skills and experience is one of the most important aspects of writing a resume. Resumes are typically qualitative documents that offer descriptions to tell a story. Once you add quantification, your capabilities and experiences become tangible and more relative to other candidates’ skills. A few areas in which you can focus on in the construction industry include the amount of projects (installations, modifications) completed, how quickly and efficiently a project is completed, and the number of processes that you repaired. A few examples of quantification are below. For more relevant examples, look to our construction resume templates for Word on this website.
• Mapped out and executed three new house blueprints in the past quarter, exceeding company set goals by 33%
• Completed two new software training programs (for Construction Master Pro and Smart Draw) in May
• Finished four installations in the Fall quarter of 2017

Notice how these points are specific and measurable, both by the amount of a project or training program done and by a time frame. When writing your resume, you should always keep in mind what your questions your employer may want to ask when reading your resume, and how those questions can be answered by quantifying your experiences.

Construction Resume Templates

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