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Crafting a smart and attractive resume is an important first step in any job search. This document is your first chance to show a recruiter how you meet the job requirements and what sort of benefits you could bring to the company as an employee. Look through the contract administrator resume template for Word below to get an idea of what a professional and concise format looks like. Then, finalize your own summary statement, education, skills, and work experience sections using the helpful writing tips.
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Mary Tallman

Boulder, CO 11111

E: mary.h.tallman@anymail T: 555-342-4843

Professional Summary

Successful contract administrator with proven record of developing, negotiating, and managing labor contracts to maximize cost-efficiency and quality of work. Strong communication and leadership skills to effectively work with labor representatives, internal managers, and contract personnel to resolve disputes and improve morale. Proficient with PeopleSoft and LaborForce applications with excellent attention to detail and resource allocation abilities.

    ? In-depth knowledge of labor contracts and legal codes
    ? Strong communication and negotiation skills
    ? Excellent resource allocation and organizational abilities
    ? Proficient with PeopleSoft, Microsoft Office, and LaborForce applications
    ? Attentive to details with excellent time management
    ? Effective leadership, including motivation and constructive feedback
Work Experience
Contract Administrator

Tebo Construction

    ? Communicate directly with internal managers and labor representatives to resolve disputes and improve collaboration.
    ? Negotiate contracts for annual retainers and short-term projects to improve cost-effectiveness and support internal objectives.
    ? Review current providers to determine benefits of renewing or renegotiating contracts.
    ? Inform managers and labor personnel of relevant legal information.
    ? Ensure personnel adhere to legal and safety requirements on the job and take necessary action to correct negligence.

Assistant Contract Specialist

Kearney and Sons LLC.

    ? Prepared contract requirements, budgetary information, and legal codes prior to negotiation meetings.
    ? Researched new labor providers to determine potential benefits of hiring them.
    ? Calculated overall efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and level of performance of each labor provider during annual contract reviews.
    ? Recommended changes to contracts and providers as necessary to improve project completion rates and reduce expenditures.
    ? Developed new rating system for labor contractors to quantify overall value and reduce negotiation preparation time by 40 percent.

Contract Documentation Technician

AXY Construction

    ? Organized labor contracts and entered details into internal database accurately.
    ? Reviewed contract documents for errors and verified parameters for internal and external managers.
    ? Logged errors in contract documents and resolved issues quickly.
    ? Prepared information and paperwork for contract negotiations.
    ? Reviewed contracts annually to determine overall effectiveness and recommended changes to contract negotiators, increasing cost-effectiveness by an average of 15 percent.

Certified Professional Contracts Manager

National Contract Management Association
Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Colorado, Colorado

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15 Tips to Write Your Contract Administrator Resume

Summary Statement

1. Think of this section as a quick marketing pitch covering your most relevant and impressive skills and professional experiences.
2. Keep details to a minimum so the reader can focus on your qualifications. Three sentences or bullet points are all you need.
3. You can use sentence fragments written in first person without the pronouns, as shown in the contract administrator resume template for Word.
4. With a standard font between 10pt and 12pt, this section should be between four and six lines long.

Skills Section

5. Use exact terminology, phrasing, and keywords from the job description to make sure the recruiter knows precisely how you fulfill the job requirements.
6. Bullet points with short phrases allow the reader to get the gist of the information with a quick glance.
7. You don’t need to list every skill you possess; rather, focus on the highest-level ones that relate strongly to contract administration.

Work Experience Section

8. Start by listing your current or most recent job and continue in reverse chronological order through the last 10 to 15 years of your career.
9. Follow the example in the contract administrator resume template for Word and give your writing impact by beginning each bullet point with a strong action verb.
10. Quantify your performance and achievements in previous jobs by using real data and metrics so the recruiter can see how hiring you would benefit the company.
11. You don’t need to list every single duty of your previous jobs; stick to between five and eight bullet points discussing your most important experiences.
12. Write about your current job using present tense and switch to past tense for all previous positions.

Education Section

13. You only need to cover relevant academic experiences such college degrees and professional certifications. However, be sure to list high school if it is your highest level of education.
14. As shown in the contract administrator resume template for Word, you may leave out the year of graduation.
15. Don’t list your GPA, but include academic achievements such as cum laude and honors.


When you’re ready to look for a new job, the first thing to do is create a strong resume the highlights your skills and qualifications. Using language from the job description to which you are applying and crafting a strong summary statement give your document an edge over other submissions. Keeping your work experience, skills, and education sections concise and easy to read helps the recruiter focus on the benefits you’d bring to the company. An excellent resume is just what you need to move up the career ladder.


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