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As a business leader, you need a strong resume that commands the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. One of the absolute best ways to achieve this is by referencing a COO resume template for Word, like the one below, to get familiar with formatting and content best practices. Continue reading to learn how to craft the most important sections of your COO resume, such as the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Julia Jones

Denver, CO 11111

E: P: 555-555-1111

Professional Summary

Visionary and business leader with 15 years of innovating and streamlining operations, programs, policies, and finances for national enterprises. Motivated team player and collaborator with unrivaled leadership prowess and finance management, recognized for developing profitable partnerships. Creative thinker and performance analyst identifying opportunity for growth in each iteration.

Skills and Areas of Expertise
    * Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle PeopleSoft, and HCSS HeavyBid
    * Verbal and written communication
    * Public and motivational speaking
    * Active listening
    * Relationship management
    * Critical problem-solving ability
Work Experience
Chief Operating Officer
February 2010 – Present

Rocky Mountain Resources

    * Direct national business operations, including 400 employees in a 100,000 square foot headquarter premises.
    * Plan company-wide finances and maximize an annual budget of $3.5 million.
    * Conduct quarterly evaluations of operations to ensure optimal performance and streamline efficiency.
    * Convene with department heads and regional managers to ensure business objectives are unified and met.
    * Identify opportunities to reduce overhead, successfully eliminating costs by 25 percent in a six-month period.
    * Meet directly with CEO to assess monthly gains and shortcomings.

Operations Manager
July 2005 – February 2010

Mile High Materials

    * Led statewide operations and managed a team of 10 senior employees.
    * Increased sales revenue from $750,000 to $1.2 million in a two-year time span.
    * Created and prepared budgets for review by CEO.
    * Cut operational losses by more than 30 percent.
    * Interviewed, vetted, hired, and trained 20 supervisors.

Assistant Operations Manager
June 2002 – July 2005

Mile High Materials

    * Reviewed performance reports and finance analyses to identify and eliminate obstacles to efficiency.
    * Negotiated contracts and controlled costs, saving more than $50,000.
    * Implemented safety policies and programs with a zero-percent injury rate over three years.
    * Reported to Operations Manager with full accountability for profits and losses.
    * Directly acquired five lucrative business partnerships, earning the company’s recognition as a top performer.

Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurs
June 2002

New York New York
Master of Business Administration
May 2002

University of California
Berkeley California

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15 Tips to Write Your COO Resume

Summary Statement

1. Make your summary statement count; try to capture your most impressive professional achievements, skills, and experience. Remember that this section will encourage the hiring manager to learn more or move onto the next candidate.
2. Fragment sentences are not only acceptable, but encouraged. Reference our COO resume template for Word for guidance.
3. Never write in third person. Instead, use first person and omit the “I” pronoun.
4. Above all, keep your summary statement short, sweet, and to the point. Try not to exceed three bullet points or sentences.

Skills Section

1. Format your skills section using bullet points and list six to eight strengths.
2. Reference the job description and identify recurring words and phrases. Write these exactly as worded by the employer in your skills section.
3. Only discuss strengths relevant to the job.

Work Experience Section

1. Use numbers, figures, and metrics whenever possible in your work experience section, as demonstrated in our COO resume template for Word. If you managed a specific number of people, boosted sales by an impressive margin, or cut unnecessary costs, let the recruiter know.
2. Always start with your current or most recent position and work backward, consistently listing dates of employment as either month and year or just year.
3. Include a balanced mix of responsibilities and accomplishments, including between five and eight bullet points for each position.
4. Begin each line with a powerful action verb. Instead of writing, “Responsible for developing business partnerships,” go with, “Developed business partnerships.”
5. Use the present tense when discussing your current job and past tense for former positions.

Education Section

1. It is acceptable not to list graduation dates if they would create gaps in your resume.
2. As shown in our COO resume template for Word, feel free to name honors such as Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude, but avoid listing your actual GPA.
3. Only include education relevant to the position. Because most, though not all, COOs have a college degree, there is no need to mention high school coursework.


Now that you know how to format and write a powerful professional portfolio, it is time to craft one as impressive as your business leadership experience. Reference our COO resume template for Word and writing tips as you begin to build your summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections. Once you have a winning resume and cross-check it with our content guidelines, you will be one step closer to seizing the opportunity of your dreams.


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