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There is one thing you can be certain of: if you do not have a strong resume, then there is no way you are going to land a job interview. The resume is basically your calling card, and you need to make sure it is correctly formatted and contains pertinent information so a job recruiter feels compelled to speak with you further. Provided here is a librarian resume template for Word. After reading it, you will know what needs to go into every section, including the summary statement, work experience section, and education section.
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Lisa Stallone

Albuquerque, New Mexico 11111

E: T: 555-555-8832

Professional Summary

Service-oriented librarian with knowledge of literary collection management and reference materials. Proficient in setting up and maintaining database systems to catalog all items that come into library’s procurement. Expert in conducting in-depth research to assist guests with finding precisely what they are looking for.

    * Excellent communication skills
    * Great customer service prowess
    * Knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures
    * Adept at using database software
    * Proficient in using office equipment, including photocopiers and multifunction printers
    * Expertise in public relations
    * High attention to detail
    * Truthful, ethical, and honest
Work Experience
2013 – Present

Albuquerque Community Library

    * Listen to patrons’ requests and assist them in finding the book, audiotape, or DVD they are looking for.
    * Conduct classes taught every week on a variety of topics, including how to use the Dewey decimal system and how to become a better writer.
    * Request books to be shipped to Albuquerque Community Library from other libraries within the state if there is a high demand.
    * Read stories to children every Sunday afternoon and ask questions to children regarding the story to help them become more active listeners.
    * Evaluate library’s collection once a quarter to determine which materials have become outdated and should be discarded.
    * Carry on public relations work on behalf of the library by providing interviews to local newspapers and promotion library events.
    * Notify patrons when books have become overdue by contacting them and asking for materials to be returned.

Library Assistant
2009 – 2013

South Valley Library

    * Assisted patrons in renting out library’s devices, including DVD players, cassette players, and additional AV equipment.
    * Took appropriate actions to deal with patrons who were too loud or rowdy and in a professional manner instructed them to leave the premises.
    * Registered patrons who wanted to obtain a new library card.
    * Wrote proposals to help the library system get government grants, and was successful in obtaining a grant worth $5,000 to make necessary renovations to the library.
    * Assembled displays to be shown toward the entrance of the library whenever new, popular materials came in.
    * Took books from the outside overnight drop-off receptacle and restocked them in the proper locations.

Master of Science: Library Science

New Mexico State University
Bachelor’s degree in English

New Mexico State University

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15 Tips to Write Your Librarian Resume

Summary Statement

1. These days, a summary statement is more important to include than an objective statement. A hiring manager will know what your objective is, so you just want to go over your most noteworthy qualifications.
2. Avoid writing in the third-person. Always write as though the sentence is beginning with “I.”
3. Always omit pronouns from the summary statement. The librarian resume template for Word above uses sentence fragments, and you want to do the same.
4. This portion only needs to be a few sentences long, and you do not want to have more than three lines.

Skills Section

5. Only include relevant skills. Use terms that are found in the job description to guide your thinking.
6. In the event you have won any relevant industry awards, you would want to include them in the skills section.
7. Avoid anything that could be viewed as controversial, such as volunteering for political organizations.

Work Experience Section

8. Only include your most recent work experiences. The librarian resume template for Word here shows the applicant’s most recent positions. Your resume should only be about a page, so there is no reason to include everything.
9. Include a list for each position between five and eight bullet points. If you did more at a place of employment, narrow them down to your most impressive responsibilities.
10. Incorporate facts and numbers that demonstrate what you actually achieved at a prior place of work.
11. Never begin a bullet point with “Accountable for.” Always start with a strong verb.
12. The verbs that start bullet points should be in the appropriate verb tense. Present tense should be used for your current job while past tense is best for past work.

Education Section

13. Make sure work experiences come before your education.
14. If you received any honors, you can include those. However, you can leave off your GPA.
15. While the above librarian resume template for Word includes dates of graduation, you can exclude them if you want.


It can be intimidating to write a resume since so much is riding on it. However, as long as you have a firm grasp on your previous accomplishments and good resume formatting, you should not worry too much. Catching the attention of hiring managers really comes down to good formatting and including relevant information, so all you need to do is make sure your resume follows that. Once you have a rough draft of your resume ready, compare it to this librarian resume template for Word to see how it measures up.


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