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Translator Resume Template for Word

Think of your resume as an advertisement. It highlights the benefits you bring to the “buyer” —the employer — and helps the hiring manager see how well you can work for the company. Like any ad, you’ve got to grab your reader’s interest and outline your advantages. We can help you craft a winning resume that gets attention from hiring managers. Use our translator resume template for Word to get started, and employ the writing tips that follow to help develop important resume sections, such as your summary statement, work experience, and skills.
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Jack McCall

Phoenix, AZ 11111

E: T: 555-555-1234

Professional Summary

Skilled translator of spoken and written Spanish language, with command of English and Spanish sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and composition. Able to read and translate a variety of written material, including news articles and legal documents. Expert interpreter, able to orally translate language simultaneously or consecutively with speakers.

  • • Skilled in translating oral languages simultaneously or consecutively with speaker
    • Uphold ethical codes to maintain confidentiality of information
    • Expert in use of Adapt It, Ace Translator, and CatsCradle foreign language software
    • Mastery of English and Spanish sentence structure, spelling, and grammar
    • Active listening, giving full attention to speakers to ensure understanding
    • Able to read and translate legal documents, news, and scientific reports
Work Experience
Senior Translator
2012 – Present

Global Translations

    • Translate Spanish speeches and conversations to English simultaneously or consecutively with speakers while ensuring message content, style, and context is correct. Achieve 99 percent accuracy rate.
    • Proofread other translators’ work to ensure proper grammar, correct spelling, and sentence structure.
    • Compile information and terminology for use in translations, such as medical or legal translations.
    • Employ Ace Translator, Adapt It, and CatsCradle foreign language software.
    • Work with news staff and graphic artists to translate news and advertising materials for Spanish-language newsletters.
    • Promoted to senior translator position after two years.

2008 – 2012

Foreign Language Specialists

    • Practiced active listening skills, giving undivided attention to speakers, and asking questions to clarify and ensure understanding.
    • Followed professional ethical guidelines to safeguard confidential information.
    • Worked with team of interpreters to complete client translation projects by deadline.
    • Interpreted Spanish-language marketing materials for translation into English and from English into Spanish; projects included signs, posters, and flyers.
    • Helped interpret Spanish-speaking customer interactions live at a variety of client trade shows.
    • Completed training in the use of foreign language software, including Ace Translator and CatsCradle, to expand professional skills.

Volunteer Translator
2007 – 2008

First Church

    • Traveled as part of mission outreach to Guatemalan villages and interpreted conversations.
    • Served as live translator for church services each week and at special events.
    • Accompanied work teams to interpret directions and questions for construction projects.
    • Translated English into Spanish for printed materials used in outreach.
    • Aided missionaries in building and maintaining interpersonal relationships with villagers.
    • Wrote and translated volunteer blogs on church website to keep church members updated on progress in the field.

Bachelor of Arts

Arizona State University

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15 Tips to Write Your Translator Resume

Summary Statement

1. Give a concise, three-line overview of your experience in career-related positions, highlighting two or more major skill sets.
2. Soft skills, such as building interpersonal relationships, communicating, or active listening, are important to include as well.
3. Write about your skills and experience in the first person, omitting the pronouns for easy reading.
4. Sentence fragments are acceptable here; there is no need to use complete sentences.

Skills Section

5. Be sure to use a wide variety of keywords and language from your target career field.
6. Write this section in short phrases, omitting periods at the end; review the translator resume template for Word for a model.
7. Include only those skills that are relevant to the job posting for which you are applying.

Work Experience Section

8. Start this section using your current job or the most recent one, and work in reverse chronological order.
9. There’s usually no need to include experience older than 15-20 years; an exception would be if you have relevant knowledge from an earlier time.
10. Begin each line using an expressive verb, such as those used in the translator resume template for Word above. Don’t use rote phrases such as “responsible for.”
11. Don’t abbreviate words in your resume unless they are very common. If you do abbreviate, spell out the word in its first use, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Then you can use the abbreviation at will.
12. Use metrics whenever possible to quantify some of your contributions to past employers.

Education Section

13. List any ongoing coursework, training, seminars, or professional development.
14. You can mention relevant internships, coursework, and even volunteer work, as we’ve done in the translator resume template for Word.
15. Do not include information about your high school graduation or GED unless that is the extent of your education. it’s understood that you have completed high school if you have a college degree or coursework.


A strong resume presented in an attractive format is your first chance to impress an employer. Take the time to tailor a resume for each specific job, and you will be much more likely to land interviews. The useful guidelines explained here give you a great start to developing your document; refer to the translator resume template for Word as needed. A polished resume brings you a step closer to the position to which you are applying.