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Part of working in education is knowing how to best disseminate information to others, which is what you should aim to do with your education resume. The education resume template for Word below shows you how to format your resume so it is easy to read and stands out among the rest. Pay special attention to what kind of information is included and in what order, specifically for the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Mary Sue Dupont

Valiant, OK 10101

E: msdupont@thismail P: 555-123-4567

Professional Summary

Energetic educator with more than 10 years of experience working with non-English-speaking students. Committed to helping scholars discover their potential through group and solo activities directed toward self-assessment and engaging research. Skilled with multiple teaching techniques and able to adapt to student needs.

    * Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
    * Skilled oral and written communicator
    * Experienced with MS Office suite
    * Classroom motivation and management skills
    * Organize short-term and long-term lesson plans
    * Active and engaged listener
    * Provide clear assessment
    * Flexible teaching methods
Work Experience
Teacher: English as a Second Language
July 2012 – Present

Walburton Middle School

    * Patiently allow students to try a translation task multiple times to teach resilience and self-reliance.
    * Plan lessons for three courses per semester and assist new teachers with using software and putting together class activities that comply with national standards.
    * Show students how to intelligently approach multiple-choice questions like those found on standardized exams.
    * Promote combining the use of library books and the internet to research advanced topics.
    * Increased student retention rate in 2013 by 15 percent and 2016 by 20 percent through engaging after school activities and weekend opportunities for disadvantaged students.

Teacher: Mathematics for Spanish Speakers
June 2007 – July 2012

Leonde Technical Academy

    * Created interactive math problems that required students with different fluency levels to work together to find the solution.
    * Solved classroom disputes and taught students conflict resolution and de-escalation skills.
    * Led after-school program that helped students teach each other mathematical concepts.
    * Researched computer programs that teach mathematics to provide school with recommendations.

Teaching Assistant: Spanish
August 2006 – May 2007

West Allen High School

    * Offered personal tutoring to struggling students.
    * Presented lesson plans with and without assistance.
    * Maintained student records in hardcopy and digital form.
    * Held student-teacher conferences to better understand home environments.

Master’s of Art in Education
May 2010

Dissertation: Promoting Self-Discovery in Non-English-Speaking Classrooms
University of Oklahoma

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15 Tips to Write Your Music Resume

Summary Statement

1. Do not exceed three bullets or three sentences. Your summary needs to be short and sweet.
2. These sentences can be fragments. This happens because you should avoid using personal pronouns, so most sentences won’t have a subject.
3. The proper ways to mention many years of experience are “years of experience” or “years’ experience.” Take a look at the above education resume template for Word to see this in use.
4. Do not include a long list of your skills, that can come later. Highlight two or three relevant skills so this section does not get too long.

Skills Section

5. Use the job description to influence your skills section. Keywords and required skills need to be included.
6. Split your skills section into multiple categories if you have a variety of relevant abilities.
7. Only include relevant job skills. If you play the tuba, this should only be included if you are applying for a musical job.

Work Experience Section

8. Start each bullet with a strong verb and avoid passive voice. Do not use “accountable for” or “responsible for,” as these are overused.
9. Use metrics to highlight the quantifiable difference you made within your company.
10. Avoid repeating yourself in your work experience. As in the education resume template for Word above, even very similar jobs can look different with proper word choice.
11. Include the past 10 to 15 years of experience, in reverse chronological order.
12. Leave out your salary information. If potential employers want to know this, they will request it.

Education Section

13. Your high school diploma should only be listed if you do not have a college degree and the job you are applying for does not require one.
14. If you have any, be sure to include awards or achievements during your schooling. For education, include extra certification, too.
15. Graduation dates are not required, so only include them if you are comfortable doing so.


The above tips and education resume template for Word show you how to best format your education resume. While this is focused toward a foreign-language teacher, the same tools can be used for other subjects and administration. With a little extra effort, you can tailor your resume to each job you are applying for. Once you take the time to polish and tailor your resume, you are more likely to earn an interview and increase your chances of landing your dream job.


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