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It is easy to get lost in a crowded candidate pool. Having a well-composed resume that is customized to the job you are applying for, however, can impress prospective employers by demonstrating your skill set to them prior to getting to know you through an interview. Included here is an electrical engineer resume template for Word that will get you started on creating your own. Grouping your information into a summary statement along with skills, worker experience, and education sections ensures that your resume will convey everything needed to support your job candidacy.
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Edward Eames

Reno, NV 11111

E: eeames21@email.com T: 555-555-5555

Professional Summary

Experienced electrical engineer specializing in power and utility applications, with previous experience encompassing eight years as a control engineer for regional energy provider that, along with many other job functions, included managing an outage response team. Expert understanding of electrical current transmission and flow, which can be an invaluable tool in guaranteeing energy delivery. Ability to perform well under pressure helps in delivering fast solutions that address underlying problems, as opposed to simply rectifying simple auxiliary failures.

    • Comprehensive knowledge of energy movement process, from source system management to delivery mechanism maintenance
    • Expert familiarity with all power supply system components and support equipment
    • Strong understanding of industrial electrical system safety protocols
    • Excellent leadership skills that help in managing technicians in the office as well as in the field
    • Extremely poised, with demonstrated ability to be decisive in tense moments
    • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
Work Experience
Control Engineer
2009 – Current

Silver State Power and Light

    • Assist in the maintenance and restoration of statewide energy delivery system.
    • Monitor system output performance across power grid to identify energy shortages and trace their origins back along the pathway from the source system.
    • Perform routine inspections and maintenance checks on all substation components.
    • Coordinate the response to outages across the power supply system at any time of the day or night.
    • Contribute to power supply provider that is routinely ranked among the top ten in the nation in terms of reliability.
    • Supervise team that has averaged the highest annual average customer satisfaction ratings in the last 20 years.

Power Engineer
2006 – 2009

Electrical Standard Providers

    • Participated in the design and development of component equipment for energy delivery systems.
    • Researched new technological advances in the fields of energy flow and management as well as electromagnetism to see how such technologies could be incorporated into products.
    • Assisted in developing prototypes by engineering and installing the electrical components.
    • Created design standards that were used in general production.
    • Collaborated with others in the development of products with a performance delivering clients a collective 55 percent improvement in energy efficiency.

Masters of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering

University of Nevada Las Vegas
Las Vegas NV
Bachelor of Science in Electronics

Nevada State College
Henderson NV

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15 Tips to Write Your Electrical Engineer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Craft your summary statement so as to show how your skills could address specific issues that are encountered within your industry. Consult the electrical engineer resume template for Word to see how to do this.
2. Keep it short and concise; there is no need to exceed three lines in your summary, if each is well-written.
3. Design your statement to be more of a summary of your skills rather than an expressed desire to change jobs. Doing so avoids the appearance that you may be desperate to get out a perceived bad situation.
4. Write in the first person, while eliminating pronouns. This may result in fragmented sentences, which is acceptable for this type of document.

Skills Section

5. Use the “Skills” section to pack keywords and phrases into your resume that will increase its visibility in applicant scanning software.
6. Keep the sentences stating your skills brief and precise so that one simply skimming the document will still pick up on them.
7. Do not include skills that have no application to your industry (e.g. saying that you are an accomplished swimmer when applying for a job in electrical engineering).

Work Experience Section

8. Follow a chronological order when detailing your work history. Start with your most recent work experience and then work backwards, only including those jobs that are related to the one you are currently seeking.
9. Include a mix of job responsibilities and professional accomplishments when detailing your work history, just as you see has been done in the electrical engineer resume template for Word.
10. Begin each line with an interesting and active verb, and describe your past achievements with detailed metrics when possible.
11. Avoid overly complicated technical jargon that someone who might not share your level of expertise may not understand.
12. Account for gaps in your work history. If, for example, you stopped working to go to school, highlight that fact by including dates with whatever education experience you list.

Education Section

13. Follow the format seen in the electrical engineer resume template for Word by listing your highest academic degree achieved first.
14. List relevant professional training and certifications before your scholastic history.
15. Do not include an institution or organization from which you may have taken courses yet received no degree or certification.


You may notice that the electrical engineer resume template for Word does not leave space for you to share personal details about yourself. That is because the purpose of this document is simply to draw the interest of prospective employers; you will get the chance to justify that interest by sharing your poise and personality when you come in for an interview. Follow the format provided in the template, and you may find it to be all that is needed to convince hiring managers you are worth taking a closer look at.


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