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Given the competition for jobs within the aviation industry you are sure to face, having a strong resume to submit alongside your application is vital. Shown here is an aviation resume template for Word that will show you how such a document should be structured and formatted. Also included are some writing guidelines to help you optimize whatever content you choose to include. By following the outline this template provides, (i.e., including a summary statement along with a skills, work experience, and education section) you are ensured to include all the information prospective employers hope to see.
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Adam Armstrong

Tacoma, WA 11111

E: aarmstrong11@email.com T: 555-111-1111

Professional Summary

Experienced pilot with over nine years of experience in the aviation industry. Previous five years have been spent flying for a regional commercial airline. Flew for national freight carrier for four years prior to that. Flight training acquired while in the military. Strong understanding of all aircraft components as well as their designated functions, which allows for confident performance in any situation or condition.

    * Certified to operate all standard commercial aircraft
    * Strong understanding of meteorology, including storm front tendencies and seasonal geographical weather patterns
    * Familiar with the design and intended function of all aircraft mechanical components
    * Demonstrated ability to remain calm and be decisive in tense situations
    * Excellent communicator with flight crew members, air traffic controllers, and passengers
    * Comfortable working in confined spaces
Work Experience
2012 – Current

Pacific Northwest Airlines

    * Operate a Boeing 757-300 for regional commercial airline transporting passengers to various locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and British Columbia.
    * Coordinate with flight plan management staff prior to every flight to review routes, determine fueling needs, and assess weather forecasts.
    * Work with mechanical and ground crews to perform standard pre-flight checks before every departure.
    * Assess route and destination conditions while in air to determine flight plan feasibility and make deviations as needed.
    * Have accumulated over 19,000 flight hours.
    * Received superior performance ratings from all three operational assessments conducted by company auditors during tenure.

Freight Pilot
2008 – 2012

Overnight Courier Services

    * Flew a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 following national freight routes for private courier provider.
    * Met with courier management team every week to receive delivery assignments along with other flight crews.
    * Assisted flight operations team in reviewing the operational status of aircraft and running routine maintenance checks on all mechanical performance to ensure safety and reliability.
    * Signed off an all freight inventory lists with dock manager prior to each departure.
    * Logged over 16,600 flight hours during tenure.
    * Recognized for having flown over 750,000 individual parcels over a collective 16 million miles.

Specialized undergraduate pilot training

Laughlin Air Force Base
Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences

Washington State University
Pullman WA

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15 Tips to Write Your Aviation Resume

Summary Statement

1. Do not include an objective in your resume summary statement unless you are making a drastic career change and feel the need to apply your seemingly unrelated skill set to the job you are applying for.
2. Only list the skills and knowledge that are most valued in your industry in your summary statement; you will have the chance to highlight others later on.
3. Identify critical challenges facing workers in your field, and then state in your summary how your expertise allows you to overcome them.
4. Keep your summary statement brief and concise — up to three lines. Consult the aviation resume template for Word to get an idea of the ideal length.

Skills Section

1. Be as detailed as possible when listing whatever applicable technical skills you may have. Use key vocabulary from the job description.
2. Don’t be afraid to include general skills that have applications in almost any industry, such as being committed to providing good customer service.
3. Do not exceed more than eight bullet points in your Skills section.

Work Experience Section

1. List your work experience chronologically, and be sure to use present tense when describing your current job responsibilities.
2. Do not go back more than 15-20 years with your work experience unless you have spent all that time with the same company.
3. Utilize industry specific keywords and terms in this section, yet do not be so technical with your jargon that an average reader would not understand what you are saying.
4. Begin every bullet point with a strong action verb.
5. Include your professional accomplishments, along with detailed metrics just as you see has been done in the aviation resume template for Word.

Education Section

1. Only list your educational background as far back as your collegiate or post-secondary education. Do not include details about your high school education unless a job listing specifically asks for it.
2. As you can see in the aviation resume template for Word, any professional training or certifications you have earned should be listed prior to highlighting your educational background.
3. When detailing your educational history, list the highest degree or academic level you have achieved first. If you are currently pursuing a degree, list “Current” in lieu of a course completion date.


The aviation resume template for Word gives you a good foundation on which you can build an excellent employment reference document. By following the same basic format as shown here, you will be able to include all your vital information and not waste space on unnecessary details. Do not worry so much about including personal information like your hobbies and interests; you will have plenty of opportunities to express your personality during your interview. Remember, your resume is ultimately designed to hook a reader’s interest; it is your job to justify it by delivering a powerful interview.


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