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Embedded Software Engineer Resume Template for Word

When you are looking for a new position, you know you need to bring your best game. that’s because the job market is competitive at every turn, so finding the right leads and following up with a sharp resume can be difficult. Luckily, there are a few ways you can get ahead. One is by following along with this embedded software engineer resume template for Word as you write and revise your own education, summary statement, skills, and work experience sections, so you can see how to make yours concise and powerful.
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Lynn Monday

E: T: (921) 615-8877

Professional Summary

Veteran embedded software engineer with 5 years’ experience working on systems designed to integrate touchscreen device control with everyday living. Project experience includes wireless thermostat controls, app development for cable television providers, and programming companion apps for smart electric meters. Team leadership experience includes running the MyMeter companion app development team.

  • •Proficient with development environment software from Adobe, Apache, Microsoft, and Verilog
    •Expert at designing software environments to work with efficiency-oriented hardware limitations
    •Written problem-solving skills
    •Oral communication and active listening skills
    •Troubleshooting and problem tracking software experience
    •Varied operating system experience, including working with custom OS interfaces
Work Experience
Embedded Software Engineer
2014 – 2017


    •Delivered a mobile device app experience that integrated with embedded software in power meters and thermostats.
    •Led a team of 10 developmental software engineers and security professionals to create and troubleshoot a secure remote app.
    •Documented daily and weekly progress toward milestones.
    •Supervised the day-to-day work, including overseeing all system tests and security patch updates.
    •Delegated assignments to team programmers as necessary.

Embedded Software Developer
2012 – 2014

Cablevision ReInc.

    •Delivered code to contribute to the cable provider’s universal remote app for its digital cable boxes and subscriber packages.
    •Integrated efforts with the box-side code team to ensure full compatibility and feature support for all of the set-top box’s features.
    •Documented daily progress in process reports to accompany code uploads.
    •Coordinated with other developers assigned to the remote application team to ensure compatibility across operating systems.
    •Provided security research and code updates on a rotating basis after launch.

Machine System Software Developer
2010 – 2011

Stryker Medical

    •Provided custom code solutions for a variety of integrated software needs, including programming robotic test equipment.
    •Developed instructional code based on individualized operating systems based on open Linux plans.
    •Documented all operating system and application revisions for further use in future tests.
    •Communicated procedural changes to test engineers as dictated by programming necessities.
    •Provided on-the-ground program troubleshooting throughout test cycles.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Southern California
Santa Clara

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15 Tips to Write Your Embedded Software Engineer Resume

Summary Statement

1.Keep it concise. This section is called a summary for a reason. The embedded software engineer resume template for Word demonstrates how to cover a broad range of accomplishments in a short space.
2.Make sure your most relevant and impressive accomplishments make it into your three points.
3.Understand the company’s culture before applying to help you tailor this section to their priorities.
4.Avoid making this section into an objective because employers already understand that your goal is to get the job.

Skills Section

5.Choose quantifiable skills you can demonstrate as needed, similar to the strategy demonstrated in the embedded software engineer resume template for Word here.
6.Make sure to match keywords in the job description so that your skills are recognizable right away as relevant.
7.Vary up your wording to make sure you are original. Use a thesaurus if necessary.

Work Experience Section

8.Remember to keep your accomplishments in reverse chronological order to keep them clear, as in the embedded software engineer resume template for Word.
9.Use metrics where you can to help ensure the take-away is clear in each accomplishment.
10.Start each bullet point with a clear action verb, and avoid verbs like “helped” that do not convey a specific message. “Oversaw” or “coordinated” work better.
11.List dates consistently. It doesn’t really matter if you stick to just the year or you include the month and year, but you need to have one format for the whole resume.
12.Similarly, keep the number of bullet points for accomplishments consistent from job to job.

Education Section

13.List only the credentials that matter. If you need a college degree to get the job, Don’t bother listing your high school diploma.
14.Skip the exact dates for graduation, and list the year the diploma, degree, or certification was completed instead.
15.Remember that you only need to include relevant credentials, so you can leave off degrees or certifications that do not apply to the job at hand.


When you add together all the tips for success here and you compare them to the embedded software engineer resume template for Word, it is easy to see how following them leads to a great result. At the same time, it’s easy to miss details when writing out new projects, so you will want to make sure you come back to review things before sending your resume in. Each revision brings you one step closer to landing that dream job, so make good use of these resources.