Software Engineer Resume Template for Word

A large part of attaining the IT position that you want is being very specific about your knowledge, experience, and skills on your resume. If the hiring manager is not clear about your categories of IT expertise, you may have wasted time interviewing for a position that you are not well suited for. Take a look at this software engineer resume template for word and the following tips to get ideas on how to best showcase your professional background. Resume sections that will be covered include the summary statement and the skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Patrick Lo

Minneapolis, MN

E: plo@anymail P: 555-555-2947

Professional Summary

Highly motivated and experienced software engineer with life cycle experience in network and database software. Resourceful with time management and able to engage teams of professionals to accomplish goals. Focused on quality and functionality at every step of the software engineering process.

  • Experienced in writing software in C, Linux, Unix, and SQL
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator
  • Can design for cloud and mobile functionality
  • Familiar with deployment best practices on both the front and back end
  • Trained in Python and Ruby on Rails
  • Knowledge and experience in team building to provide quality in a timely manner
Work Experience
Software Engineer Team Lead
2013 – Present

Concept Technology

  • Consult with clients on data storage, report needs, and collaborate with engineering staff to plan the client’s hardware and software.
  • Coordinate projects from design to deployment, estimating staff and resource needs to complete the project per client expectations.
  • Serve as the C and SQL programming expert and serve as the staff resource person for these languages.
  • Write software code per design plan, test code, and document results. Adjust software to integrate into the other parts of the system as a whole.
  • Assign coding, testing, and documentation work to other team members, coordinating efforts for timely results.
  • Supervise installation of code, ensuring that existing data is seamlessly integrated into the new environment.

Software Engineer
2009 – 2013

Data Trend Associates

  • Conducted system testing and validation of code patches, updates, and function revisions to keep systems running optimally.
  • Wrote software code under the direction of the team lead and upper management for both front and back end functions.
  • Prepared reports on system status and functionality for both management and clients to facilitate optimal team communication.
  • Trained front-end users on new software operation and functionalities.
  • Monitored clients’ system hardware and software function to make sure that its operation was up to expectations.

Certificate in Professional Agile Team Development

Normandale Community College
Bloomington MN
Ruby on Rails Developer Certification

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Software Engineer Resume Questions

1. How do you write an objective statement for a software engineer resume?

If you have an objective statement at the top of your professional document, it’s time to update your tactics. Choose three impactful sentences to make up your summary statement, either creating a strong branding statement or grouping together transferable skills from a variety of past work experiences. You have the option of using a paragraph format or putting statements in bullets.

Whichever format you choose, be sure the statement includes your professional title and convincing statements about your value to employers. Finally, keep it short. You only have about six seconds to convince hiring managers to keep reading, so draw attention to your best accomplishments. Refer to our step-by-step resume builder for help creating a customized document for each interview you hope to get.

2. How do you describe computer skills on your software engineer resume?

Software engineers are in high demand these days, and this means your professional document must be competitive if you want to vie for the top jobs. Include a variety of computer skills, such as your expertise in different programming languages, software packages, and mobile app development, and your technical skills.

Present computer skills throughout each section of your resume, listing your most impressive qualifications in the skills section and combining technical achievements with specific numbers in your work experience section. Read through our software engineer resume sample for more help.

3. How do you optimize your software engineer resume for an ATS?

Make sure your resume passes applicant tracking systems (software that filters applications based on keyword phrases, word count, and other factors) with some straightforward tips. Always proofread your document, fixing mistakes and assuring accuracy. Center your document on the page, and cut out borders, shading, and unnecessary font changes. Use keywords in the exact format they had in the job description. Make a unique resume for each job interview you hope to get.

4. How long should a software engineer resume be?

Your resume should be one to two pages long. If you have fewer than 10 years of experience, stick to a single page. If you have 30 years of experience, you may want to stick to two pages to avoid age discrimination. When you present your work history, limit yourself to six bullet points for your most recent jobs and fewer for older jobs, especially if they aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying to. If your document is getting too long, consider cutting out extra spaces and design details. Our software engineer resume sample shows this simplicity clearly.

5. What can you do to make your software engineer resume stand out?

Some of the best steps you can take to make your resume stand out are reviewing the document and correcting all mistakes, packing it full of keywords from the job description, and combining achievements with specific numbers and measurable results. Be sure to begin bullet points with strong verbs, and stick to job duties relevant to the new position. Keep the document concise and balance your use of paragraphs and bullets. Align your page down the center and put your best qualities in the top third of the resume. Refer to our software engineer resume sample and other tools for more tips.

15 Tips to Write Your Software Engineer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Make the maximum impact with your summary statement by putting the most impressive information first like the software engineer resume template for Word does.
2. Write your information statement in the first person, and make sure that active and descriptive words come first in your sentences.
3. You do not need to include an objective statement as part of your summary section. Use the space to market your skills and abilities.
4. Your summary statement must be compelling but brief. It can be formatted in three bullet points or three sentences.

Skills Section

5. If you have clusters of applicable skills for a position, such as a number of computer languages that you develop in, organize them into separate sections to keep the information easy to read.
6. List your most notable skills at the top of the list and include both hard and soft on your list like the software engineer resume template for word does.
7. Use key phrases in the job description that apply to your experience in the skills section, writing them exactly how they appear in the job description.

Work Experience Section

8. Start each bullet point in your work experience section with a strong action verb.
9. List your work experience in reverse chronological order.
10. Customize the skills and experience in the resume you send out so it is optimally relevant to the job that you are applying for.
11. Use a limited amount of technical jargon wisely in your resume.
12. Use metrics whenever you can, such as how many people you manage or how much money you have saved the company. This shows some results for your work efforts.

Education Section

13. Only include education that is relevant to the job you are applying for. If you earned a major in computer science, you do not need to include your high school education. The computer-related degree is the only one that should be on your resume.
14. Feel free to include extra education that applies to your performance in the professional world like this software engineer resume template for Word does.
15. List your education with the most recent experience first, even if it is a professional certificate.


Now that you have studied the software engineer resume template for Word and the associated tips, you are ready to write a standout resume on your own. Applying for a job may seem like a job in itself, but the time spent in preparation and development of your introductory document will show positively in your finished resume. It is just as important to edit the information that you put on your resume as it is to highlight your standout qualities that are relevant to the position you desire.