Fitness Sports and Recreation Resume Templates for Word

You have a passion for sports, coaching, training or athletics-related entrepreneurship, and you’re ready to put everything you have into the job search. You give your all on the field when you play—or when you encourage others—and you intend to the do the same when it comes to shaping your own career growth. But to launch a successful search, you’ll need to create a versatile resume that can impress a broad range of employers. Start with a template resume that covers all the bases (so to speak) and that you can adapt to the specific needs of each position you pursue.
The tips on this page can help you create a document of your own, and so can a review of our fitness, sports and recreation industry resume templates in Word. Use these templates to build up your portfolio and attract employer attention.

Zumba Instructor Resume Template for Word

Zumba is a hot new fitness trend inspired by Afro-Caribbean-dance moves, and it’s taking the fitness-for-fun world by storm. Participants can’t get enough, which means facilities are scheduling more programs and seeking out qualified instructors. If you have what it takes, your resume will need to make this clear. Open a template and start adding your own details.

Basketball Coach Resume Template for Word

Basketball coaches are in demand at all levels, from children’s leagues to college programs to both institutional and intramural organizations. Schools, recreational centers and training facilities need strong coaching skills and experts who can teach the fundamentals to both amateur and experienced players. While salaries and hours may vary, the skills employers seek are nearly universal: patience, a strong knowledge base, and a tireless positive attitude.

Yoga Instructor Resume Template for Word

Yoga instructors don’t just need a devoted practice and a strong core; they also need a strong resume. Since yoga schools stake their reputations on the quality of their teachers, most schools only want the best and the most dedicated, and in order to prove that you fit these qualifications, you’ll need to present your most intangible credentials in a written, readable format. Use these fitness, sports and recreation resume templates in Word to guide you through the process.

Tennis Coach Resume Template for Word

Coaches for most sports are in demand (including baseball and soccer), but tennis coaches do more than just encourage their teams. They also provide one-on-one tutoring and training, and they sometimes travel to meet with their clients, who may be either children or adults. To land a position in this field, you may need to hustle constantly and stay on the lookout for new employers while you take care of the ones you already have. An updated resume can keep you in motion.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Fitness Sports and Recreation Resumes

Since employers in the sports and recreation field often deal with large applicant pools and limited time for the resume review process, you’ll need to begin your resume with a strong summary. A few lines at the beginning of your document can grab reader attention and keep reviewers engaged, which means you’ll be more likely to stand out and land an interview. Your summary should be short—no longer than about four lines— and it should feature your most important credentials. For guidance, use our fitness sports and recreation resume templates for Word, and check out the example below:

Passionate, qualified coach with a winning record and a talent for one-one-one training. Led varsity high school team to two state championships within five years, and worked together with parents, administrators and board members to launch successful teams for non-varsity level players.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Fitness Sports and Recreation Resume

To grab attention and give a boost to your job search, your resume should be descriptive and accurate, and to make this happen, you’ll want to quantify your professional accomplishments and claims. For example, if you improved team performance or helped your facility employers add new paying members, don’t just say this; state the number of new members who signed up as a result of your class. Or share the exact metrics you use to measure “performance.” Employers appreciate context, and if you use timelines, increases, dollars, percentages, or other quantities to highlight your claims, you’ll be more likely to move to the next round of the selection process. Try statements like these:
• Increased class enrollment by 30% in 2017
• Generated average of four-second improvements for 100m sprinters in two months
• Implemented four new training techniques during two-year tenure as program director

Just a few numbers can help employers and reviewers understand and remember your claims, which can set you apart from the crowd. Take a look at MPR’s fitness sports and recreation resume templates for Word, and you’ll find more detailed guidance and information that can help you create a winning profile.

Fitness, Sports, and Recreation Resume Templates

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