Food and Beverage Resume Templates for Word

To gain a foothold and launch a winning career in the food and beverage industry, you’ll need determination, patience, and a strong resume. Food and beverage jobs are on the rise across the field and are expected to grow by a margin of two to twelve percent over the next ten years, and positions in restaurants, production facilities, inspection and distribution fields are all available. But competition in these areas can be tight, especially for jobs in urban regions with large applicant pools. Give yourself an edge by taking a look at MPR’s food and beverage resume templates for Word and using them as your guide. These templates can help you format and polish your profile, which you can then attach to your cover letter and send out into the world. Take advantage of every opportunity to grab employer attention and land an interview in this demanding industry sector.

Coffee Shop Manager Resume Template for Word

To land a role as a coffee shop manager (or a management position in any restaurant or bar), you’ll need to demonstrate two key skill sets: The ability to manage a business, and capacity to manage and work with people. Use your resume to highlight your scheduling and budgeting savvy, and make sure you also emphasize your training, coaching and leadership skills.

Chef Resume Template for Word

When restaurant managers or company owners hire a chef, they typically examine the applicant’s resume for specific details, which usually include a track record of happy customers and business growth. Some look for educational credentials, so a degree from a great culinary institution won’t hurt your chances and should feature strongly in your profile, but above all, make sure your resume is well formatted, clear, and memorable.

Sushi Chef Resume Template for Word

Sushi chefs rely on a strong knowledge base that can be difficult to demonstrate in the form of a written document. But since job seekers can’t just serve a sushi meal to their employers to land a position, you’ll need to organize and highlight the most important elements of your background in a way that sets you apart. Review these food and beverage resume templates for Word for examples and guidance.

Barback Resume Template for Word

Restaurants and bars with high traffic often hire barbacks to support and assist busy bartenders. To land a job as a barback, you’ll need to show that you can handle high pressure, move quickly, pick up on communication cues and quickly adapt to challenges. Experience helps, but a stand-out resume can put this experience into words and grab the attention of staffing managers.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Food and Beverage Resumes

Just like applicants in any other industry, you’ll stand a better chance of landing an interview if you begin your food and beverage resume with a short, clear, memorable summary of the accomplishments and credentials that will appear in greater detail below. Keep your summary limited to three or four lines of text at a maximum, and use this opportunity to highlight the credentials that your readers are likely to value the most. For guidance, turn to MPR’s food and beverage resume templates for Word. You can also take a close look at the phrasing and language in this example:

Quick thinking, fast moving, highly supportive barback who knows how to show initiative and step in when needed. Thrives under pressure and takes direction well. Four years of experience in trendy Brooklyn establishments with very high customer turnover. Can lead as well as follow and can generate strong customer rapport and repeat business. Highly reliable, never late, excellent attitude.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Food and Beverage Resume

As you draft your resume and highlight each of your skills and accomplishments in a way that can leverage them to your advantage, try to add numbers to your claims. Instead of stating that you “increased customers” or “developed new menu items” or “rotated product daily,” quantify each of those accomplishments by sharing how much, for how long, or by what percentage. Try “doubled customer traffic within one year,” or “developed four successful new menu items” or “rotated eight metric tons of product per shift and exceeded quotas weekly.” Here are a few more examples:
• Organized and managed four catered events per month for three continuous years
• Managed over $9,000.00 in sales receipts nightly
• Hired, trained, and managed a staff of seven employees

If you place your accomplishments and skill sets in a context, you’ll help your reviewers better understand your claims, and you’ll also allow a point of comparison that can help you stand out in a crowded field of talented applicants. For more examples, take a close look at MPR’s food and beverage resume templates for Word. These templates can steer you down the right path and help you grab and hold the attention of potential employers.

Food and Beverage Resume Templates

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