Marine Officer Resume Template for Word

In today’s competitive job market, it is almost impossible to find a job you love without a good resume. Referencing a guideline can take the pressure off applying for positions. This Marine officer resume template for Word is a complete sample of an ideal resume for military careers. Included writing tips can help you craft each of the important sections: the summary statement, work history, education, and skills sections. With enough time and effort, your resume can shine and wow recruiters.
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Joe Smith

San Diego, California 11111 P: 555-101-2121

Professional Summary

Disciplined and devoted Marine officer with a passion for leadership and team-building. Master at planning and directing tactical offensive and defensive maneuvers, reconnaissance, fire support, and operational logistics of a unit of newly initiated Marines. Extensive scouting and combat experience in the field.

  • • Solid leadership and motivational skills
    • Active listening skills
    • Top physical condition
    • Awarded Silver Star for exceptional gallantry in combat
    • Technical knowledge of a variety of assault rifles, specializing in M27 automatics, M4 carbines, and M16s
    • Expert reconnaissance, scouting, and defense tactics
Work Experience
Marine Officer
June 2012 – Present

Marine Corps Recruit Depot

    • Initiate new recruits in teams ranging from 15 to 30 through strength and endurance training, motivating each soldier according to his physical capabilities.
    • Encourage discipline and a team spirit through mental and physical exhaustion, demanding recruits find an inner drive to conquer tasks.
    • Guide recruits through weapon training, teaching them to locate, close in, and destroy the enemy as well as defense tactics.
    • Instill proper coordination, communication, and versatility skills so unit members can masterfully respond to a wartime environment.
    • Act as a mentor, guiding recruits through physical and personal challenges so they can succeed.

May 2008- May 2012

United States Marine Corps 2nd Battalion 10th Marines

    • Served a full term as part of an honorable unit deployed to Iraq.
    • Engaged in ground operations, fighting front-line, back-up, and offensive combat missions as directed by commanding officer in order to defeat the enemy.
    • Utilized military training to valiantly fight in the field.
    • Won prestigious Silver Star for stepping in line of fire to defend a wounded comrade, taking a hit in the leg in the process.
    • Fought 20 total ground operations, 16 being successful in driving back enemy forces or preventing undue terror attacks on civilians.

Marine Recruit
January 2008 – April 2008

Marine Corps Recruit Depot

    • Completed basic training with honors, honing physical, critical thinking, and artillery capabilities.
    • Learned how to employ defensive and offensive tactics with team members while operating vehicles and a wide variety of artillery, including rifles, carbines, handguns, machine guns, grenades, mortars, and missile launchers.
    • Encouraged and stepped in for team members low on morale, setting an example with leadership.
    • Listened to constructive feedback of officers for fighting mastery.

University of Tennessee, Nashville

Marine Corp ROTC Program

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15 Tips to Write Your Marine Officer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Think of this section as a blurb highlighting your skills and experiences. Choose a few winning attributes to frame in a positive way.
2. Limit your statement to three sentences or three bullet points, nothing longer.
3. Complete sentences aren’t necessary, but include strong adjectives and nouns. Notice the Marine officer resume template for Word uses powerful descriptions such as “disciplined,” “devoted,” and “master.”
4. Try to keep your language clear and succinct; first person pronouns aren’t necessary.

Skills Section

5. Read the job description closely to identify skills that recruiters are looking for, and include them in this section exactly as they’re written.
6. Uses words and phrases to identify essential hard and soft skills you feel you possess; avoid full sentences.
7. Be careful how you list your skills; the most important skills should come first. If you’re applying for a leadership position, for example, communication and interpersonal skills are essential, and thus should be at the forefront.

Work Experience Section

8. Details matter. Include specific metrics, names of tools, and promotions or accolades to make each point as specific as possible.
9. For clarity, start with an action verb. Consider grabbing a thesaurus to spice up your language, avoid repetition, and promote yourself in the best way. In the Marine officer resume template for Word, choices such as “guide” and “encourage” are effective replacements for “lead” or “manage.”
10. This is your time to shine. There’s no such thing as over- bragging, as long as you remain honest about your skills and history.
11. Hiring managers care most about your current or most recent position, so start with that and work your way backwards.
12. Each bullet point should end with a period.

Education Section

13. While it is important to show you pursued training, recruiters are more concerned about what you can do. List your most recent degrees and relevant certifications. Don’t mention your high school.
14. Notice the Marine officer resume template for Word doesn’t include graduation dates. It isn’t required, but If you wish, you can add yours.
15. Don’t bullet-point the information in this section.


Taking the time to tackle each section individually can result in a carefully crafted resume rife with impressive details. Recruiters often choose candidates who they feel take the time to highlight their attributes in an appealing way. Remember to include professional and intelligent language free from grammatical errors, and to streamline your strongest skills and experiences in each section. Reference the pro tips in this Marine officer resume template for Word, and you’re well on your way to securing the job of your dreams.