Healthcare Resume Templates for Word

A job search in the healthcare field can feel like a steep uphill climb, but with a strong resume, you’ll cover the distance faster and increase your rate of interview invitations. A well-formatted, well-written resume can grab employer attention and draw attention to the credentials that matter most to healthcare hiring managers, like detail orientation, reliability, specialized knowledge, patience, and empathy. If you have these qualities but aren’t sure how to present them, we can help! Take a look at these healthcare resume templates for Word and use them to guide you through the process. Target each section of your document to the specific needs of your reader, and you’ll meet expectations while also setting yourself apart from the crowd. Follow the tips and resume guidelines presented here and you’ll give yourself a distinct advantage in a competitive industry.

Neonatal Nurse Resume Template for Word

Neonatal nursing managers and hospital administrators review countless resumes in search of the precise qualifications required by their particular institutions at a specific point in time. To maintain a high level of overall skill on a team, they look for strengths that balance out existing weaknesses or gaps in areas of need. As you complete your resume, you need to bring these definitive advantages to center stage, and MyPerfectResume’s templates can help.

Optometrist Resume Template for Word

Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 27% growth rate in optometry jobs from now through 2017, recognize the perils as well. Optometry is a competitive area of the healthcare industry, but with the help of our templates, you’ll create a resume that hiring managers will notice immediately. Distinguish yourself and shine a light on your experience and qualifications to grab the attention of the employers and institutions that interest you most.

Surgeon Resume Template for Word

As a surgeon, you’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you can’t let a weak or poorly written resume stand between you and the position you want. Use our templates to highlight the credentials and accomplishments that matter most to your target employers.

Pharmacist Resume Template for Word

Pharmacists should focus their resumes and applications to small companies, retail pharmacies, or large institutions like hospitals and residential facilities. Each requires editing and purpose. But no matter where you want your pharmacy career to take you, you’ll need a strong resume to help you get there. These templates and guidelines can provide you with solid footing for the road ahead.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Healthcare Resumes

Research suggests that some healthcare employers and busy administrators glance over a resume for less than 30 seconds before making an initial decision to push the candidate to the side or advance them to the next level. So to make it past the first—and steepest—barrier, you need to open your document with a clear and memorable summary of your most relevant credentials. You can add more detail and specifics in your other sections, but your summary should be the strongest and most compelling section of your document. Condense a substantive, targeted message into about three lines of text, like the example below. For guidance, rely on our healthcare resume templates for Word.

Experienced registered neonatal nurse with strong leadership skills, ECMO proficiency, and documentation training experience. Design and deliver regular training programs for both junior and senior staff on documentation and records management, while maintaining full patient responsibilities.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Healthcare Resume

Once you’ve completed your summary section and drawn the attention of your reader, divide the rest of your resume into sections that showcase your education, special skills, and specific accomplishments. Show off each of these selling points using language that your reviewers will find both understandable and memorable. Instead of only claiming that you “trained junior staff,” add numbers to your statement. How many staff members? For how long? At what level of experience? Quantify each one of your accomplishments and put each of your achievements in perspective using timelines, amounts, quantities, frequencies, and rates. For guidance, rely on these healthcare industry templates for Word. Here are a few examples:
• Managed critical care in a 20-bed NICU for three years
• Served as preceptor for an average of seven recent graduates per year since 2012
• Used Problem-Oriented System to maintain medical records and trained 10 staff members on the system on a monthly basis

Keep your claims concrete, accurate, and quantify each statement as far as possible. Nurse managers and healthcare administrators will compare your accomplishments and experience to those of your competitors, and if you simplify and streamline the process, you’ll be more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Healthcare Resume Templates