Counselor Resume Template for Word

When applying for jobs, the most important factor is catching the attention of the hiring manager. This can be tricky to do when there are many competing candidates. Stand out from the crowd by using this counselor resume template for Word to improve your document as much as possible. A strong resume will have a summary, education section, skills section, and experience section. Learn the best way to tackle each of these sections with this guide.
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Jude Degree

Sacramento, California 11111

E: P: 555-482-4660

Professional Summary

Versatile, professional, and compassionate counseling expert with more than a decade of experience working in the counseling field. Highly skilled in facilitation, communication, and psychology, and holds organizational and administrative skills to enable success. Highly analytical mind, strong critical thinking abilities, and excellent perception skills to analyze a situation and provide grounded and beneficial guidance.

  • • Social work
    • Excellent facilitation
    • Negotiation and interaction skills
    • Interpersonal and professional communication
    • Critical thinking, evaluation, and analysis
    • Active listening
    • Perception and attention to small details
    • Behavioral management systems
Work Experience
2013 to present

Lakeview Center

    • Collect information about clients through conversations, questions, and in-depth interviews.
    • Assess clients’ mental health, making observations and simple diagnoses in order to provide help and guidance.
    • Document gathered information about patients to create a comprehensive record of their state and progress, as well as recommendations for improvement.
    • Evaluate the results of counseling and track progress, making adjustments to help patients improve as much as possible.
    • Consult with other professionals to improve treatment and gain better insight into patients’ mental states.
    • Refer clients to specialists for more in-depth assistance that cannot be provided by a counselor.
    • Consult in every aspect of a client’s life, including educational, professional, romantic, and emotional, providing a general approach to each area.
    • Perform psychological tests to gain better insight into patients’ minds, priorities, and ways of thinking.
    • Analyze interview notes and gather data to create a detailed report.

High School Counselor
2008 to 2013

Golden State High

    • Reviewed students’ grades and performances with them, discussing potential obstacles, ways to improve, and areas of difficulty.
    • Contacted parents to discuss potential issues students were facing and recommended ways to improve or ease student stress.
    • Discussed students’ futures with them, inquiring about their plans and providing advice for how they could achieve them.
    • Improved student success rate by more than 10 percent over five years.

Counselor Secretary
2006 to 2008

Canyon Ridge Center

    • Scheduled appointments and created a schedule for the counselor.
    • Greeted guests as they arrived and provided information about counseling practices.
    • Answered inquiries and resolved conflicts guests had.
    • Organized the workstation and ensured all materials were easily accessible.

Education and Training
Master of Science in Social Work

University of Sacramento
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

University of Sacramento, California

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15 Tips to Write Your Counselor Resume

Summary Statement

1. As you see in this counselor resume template for Word, your summary statement should be a short paragraph that encourages employers to read the rest of your resume.
2. Write in first person in your summary, although you should not include any pronouns. It is acceptable to include sentence fragments.
3. For your summary to be effective, it should be no more than lines long.
4. Include information from throughout the rest of your resume. Remember that it should be summarizing your resume as a whole.

Skills Section

5. Your skills section should include between four and eight bullet points. It is fine for this section to be quite short.
6. Each bullet point should be a single word or a short phrase. Do not use periods. Review the counselor resume template for Word for an example of what this may look like.
7. If a skill is not directly related to the work you will be doing if you are hired, it is best not to include it in your resume. Use the job description as a guide to what terms you should include.

Work Experience Section

8. Employers are most interested in the experience section, which is why it should be the longest section of your resume. Include the strongest information in this section.
9. Always begin each bullet point in this section with a strong action verb. Employers will be expecting this formatting, which gives a good impression of what actions you took while working.
10. Describe your current position first and list the rest in reverse order, going backwards.
11. Include between five and eight bullet points for each job. Try to include any measurable data to make each experience look more impressive.
12. Only your current job should be in present tense. All others can be described in past tense. Review the counselor resume template for Word to understand this.

Education Section

13. The education section may be the shortest part of your resume. Do not make it longer than just a few lines.
14. Be sure to include the name of your school, the field of study, and the date of graduation. These are the only pieces of information required.
15. If applicable, it is wise to mention any internships or certifications you have in this section.


After you have finished writing your resume, be sure to take the time to proofread it and polish it as much as possible. You should always go back over it several times, both to find and eliminate typographical errors, as well as to identify areas that can be improved or made more effective. Because you will be competing with many other candidates, you will want your resume to be as well written as possible to improve your chances of being hired.