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Medical Residency Resume Template for Word

Impressing hiring managers is a necessity when you are trying to get a new job. Crafting a standout resume that clearly highlights your biggest accomplishments, skills, and experiences is one of the best ways you can achieve this goal. Because there are so many nuances involved with resume writing, it is best to learn what sort of content to include and format to use by reviewing a medical residency resume template for Word, like the one below. Get helpful tips for every section you should include in your document, such as the summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Jefferson Montgomery

Rochester, Minnesota 11111

E: jefferson.montgomery@anymail P: 555-437-1289

Professional Summary

Passionate medical professional excited to join a residency program at a reputable hospital to aid in providing top-quality care to all patients who come through the doors. Able to assess emergency situations quickly, and choose the best medical procedures based on the patient’s injuries and symptoms. Strong interpersonal communication helps connect with patients and coworkers.

  • • Strong decision-making in high-pressure situations
    • Complex problem solving
    • Strong communication through written and oral word
    • Compassionate patient care
    • Efficient care evaluation and patient assessment
    • Good time management
    • Detail oriented
    • Good leader and team member
Work Experience
Internal Medicine Internship
August 2016 – Present

Mayo Clinic

    • Assess patients who come into the hospital to prepare initial findings for residents and fellows to review.
    • Assist in the diagnostic and therapeutic planning for each patient’s treatment plan.
    • Explain medical procedures to family members to provide reassurances and make everyone comfortable with the medical plan.
    • Review medical procedures, initial assessments, and medical histories with residents and attending faculty members.
    • Write orders for medications, procedures, and transfers for each patient at the request of more senior medical staff.
    • Use patient-interaction method learned as EMT to increase the comfort of patients and their families by 22 percent.

Emergency Medical Technician
June 2013 – Present

Olmsted County Ambulance Services

    • Provide high-quality patient care both before and during transportation services to emergency rooms and other medical centers.
    • Conduct emergency assessments of patients at accident sites to figure out best care procedures for individuals.
    • Triage accident sites when there are multiple injured patients to assess which patients have the most severe injuries and need to be seen first.
    • Communicate effectively with hospital staff to explain the injuries of incoming patients and describe the medical treatment that has been administered so far.
    • Participate in special projects that incorporated new medical software into company program, which helped to increase EMT efficiency by 12 percent.
    • Document medical care given to patients both digitally and on a hard copy to ensure an accurate representation of care is available.
    • Replace medical supplies at the start of each shift to ensure access to appropriate inventory.

Doctor of Medicine

University of Minnesota
Rochester Minnesota
Bachelor of Science in Biology

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis Minnesota

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15 Tips to Write Your Medical Residency Resume

Summary Statement

1. Make your summary a sales pitch by discussing experiences and skills. Objective statements are only appropriate for entry-level positions.
2. Use first person. However, you can remove pronouns, like the medical residency resume template for Word shows.
3. Don’t be afraid to use fragmented sentences. This can help keep your summary concise.
4. Keep your summary statement short and sweet. Three sentences or bullet points should be enough to catch the attention of hiring managers.

Skills Section

5. Use short phrases to describe your most important skills. Anything too long can make your resume seem bogged down.
6. Review the job description to find key phrases. Write these keywords exactly as they appear in the job description in your resume to increase your chances of getting caught by applicant tracking systems.
7. Consider including your most important skills at the top of the list. Your list should not include any skills that are not necessary for the job, which is why the medical residency resume template for Word does not discuss an affinity for cooking.

Work Experience Section

8. Use a reverse-chronological order to ensure your most recent experiences are near the top. Employers may lose interest in your resume if you start with older, less relevant work.
9. Include quantifiable data when possible. Discuss the number of benchmarks you reached or the percentage by which you increased efficiency.
10. Avoid using too much medical language. It could confuse hiring managers who Don’t have a medical background.
11. Try to include five to eight bullet points per position. This ensures you are sharing enough information without getting too wordy.
12. Incorporate strong action verbs at the start of each line. Words like document, review, and replace are more engaging than phrases like “responsible for.”

Education Section

13. Include education relevant to the medical residency. In other words, you do not need to discuss your high school education.
14. Don’t include the date of graduation if it was a long time ago. On the medical residency resume template for Word, the applicant did include dates because he is a recent graduate.
15. List the school you graduated from even if you started working toward the degree at a different school.


Now that you have a better understanding of what should be included in your resume, you are ready to start building your own document. Using the medical residency resume template for Word can help you craft an easy-to-read and engaging professional document. While it may seem like there is a lot of rules to follow, it’s important to know how to write each section of the resume. With the example and writing tips in hand, you are now one step closer to finding a job.