Pharmacy Manager Resume Template for Word

A resume is important in that it is often the primary way to impress upon a hiring manager why you would be a good fit for the job. An effective professional document highlights the skills and accomplishments that show you are a qualified candidate. The following pharmacy manager resume template for Word gives writing tips and demonstrates how to create a resume that will get noticed. Check it out to see how to write your summary statement and skills, experience, and education sections.
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Ben Williams

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Professional Summary

Dedicated professional with over ten years of experience in the pharmacy industry. Strong leader with ability to motivate and inspire. Effective communicator, detail-oriented, and organized manager, familiar with maintaining finances and records.

  • •Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    •Effective managerial skills with the ability to oversee staff and manage inventory
    •Current state pharmacy license
    •Self-motivated and driven
    •Very personable, with ability to build trusting patient relationships
    •Good decision-maker and attention to detail
    •Immunization certification
Work Experience
Pharmacy Manager
May 2012 – Present

ABC Drug Store

    •Design procedures and policies in order to organize workflow for technicians and pharmacists, and apply pharmacy information system software to the operations of the pharmacy and dispensing of prescriptions.
    •Recruit, hire, train, and supervise pharmacy team; evaluate employee performance and provide constructive feedback for improvement; outline schedule and evaluate workload needs to determine calendar for weekend and holiday work.
    •Monitor accounts receivable and pursue overdue accounts; review past-due accounts with pharmacy director; assure proper documentation of insurance claims and respond to all audits; provide daily, monthly, and quarterly reports for inventory purchases, pharmacy receipts, employee time sheets, and accounts receivable.
    •Work with pharmacy director to develop and implement initiatives to increase profitability of the pharmacy.
    •Ensure pharmacy is in compliance with federal and state laws and that HIPAA regulations are being correctly followed.

April 2007- May 2012

ABC Drug Store

    •Dispensed medication and narcotics as prescribed by physicians; calculated accurate preparation and doses of pharmaceutics.
    •Educated patients about prescriptions in regard to when and how to take them and potential side effects; recognized chemical, therapeutic, and physical drug interactions and incompatibilities and reported to manager for review.
    •Prepared reports and maintained accurate records; followed laws and regulations in regard to the dispensing of controlled substances as well as patient privacy.
    •Counted inventory and made recommendations to manager for the restocking of supplies and drugs.

Advanced Leadership and Communication Development Seminar

Doctor of Pharmacy

University of South Dakota

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15 Tips to Write Your Pharmacy Manager Resume

Summary Statement

1. This section will start out your document. It should highlight your major skills sets and some valuable soft skills that would be relevant to the job.
2. As the pharmacy manager resume template for Word demonstrates, this section should be limited to three sentences or bullet points to make it easy to read.
3. Feel free to use sentence fragments here and use first person statements.
4. If you are including the number of years you have worked in the industry, appropriate phrases would be “years’ experience” or “years of experience.”

Skills Section

5. Your skills should match up with what your target industry is looking for. Use specific phrases and words from the job description to show you are a good fit.
6. Include a minimum of three skills but no more than eight.
7. Do not use complete sentences in this section. Use short phrases and leave off the periods. This is shown in the pharmacy manager resume template for Word.

Work Experience Section

8. Use reverse chronological order when listing your current and past jobs. Only go back 10-15 years unless an older position is highly relevant to the one you are applying for.
9. Use bullet points to list your accomplishments and responsibilities.
10. Use the correct tense. If you are currently working, use present tense for that position, but use past tense for your previous jobs.
11. When possible, use quantifiable metrics. Percentages and numbers demonstrate specifically how you made a difference as an employee.
12. Begin points with action verbs to describe your duties, achievements, and contributions. Your resume should highlight what responsibilities you had, how you performed them, and your results.

Education Section

13. List your education degrees starting with the most recent and going backwards. Do not include your high school diploma unless it is the only schooling you’ve had.
14. If you graduated with honors, such as summa or magna cum laude, feel free to list them, but do not include GPA.
15. Licenses and certifications can be listed in this section. The pharmacy manager resume template for Word also demonstrates how to describe relevant training, seminars, and development courses.


In a competitive job market, it is imperative that you create a resume that helps you stand out from the other candidates. Along with including relevant skills and accomplishments, it is essential that you use phrases and keywords from the job description. The pharmacy manager resume template for Word demonstrates writing principles that will help you write a compelling and professional document. Taking the time to do so will bring you one step closer to being asked to come in for an interview.