Psychiatrist Resume Template for Word

Many accomplished professionals feel stymied by the prospect of presenting their qualifications in resume format. Our psychiatrist resume template for Word helps you make sense of the various conventions that govern resume formatting and organization. The template shows you how to divide your resume into a summary statement and sections for skills, work experience, and education. Review our writing tips to get advice about techniques to make your resume more effective. Understanding the rules can help you take your resume to the next level.
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CJ Marcus

Cleveland, OH 11111

E: T: 555-231-1292

Professional Summary

Board certified psychiatrist with extensive experience treating a diverse range of patients for problems that include major disorders. Experienced in providing emergency and crisis psychiatric care. Sensitive to patients’ diverse cultures and backgrounds. Excellent communicator who is able to build rapport with patients and develop effective, individualized modes of treatment, involving other healthcare providers as appropriate. Thorough knowledge of psychopharmacology. Committed to continuous professional development with the goal of delivering optimal treatments.

  • * Treatment plans
    * Collaborative treatment
    * Suicide risk assessment
    * PTSD specialist
    * Behavioral disorders
    * Reports and documentation
    * Crisis intervention
Work Experience
Staff Psychiatrist
2013- present

Ocean Health Center

    * Assess patients and perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluation.
    * Develop appropriate treatment plans based on comprehensive assessment.
    * Gauge risks for patients with suicidal ideations, substance addictions, and severe disorders.
    * Provide psychotherapy to treat disorders, including PTSD, major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and others.
    * Coordinate with other specialists such as therapists and primary care physicians to ensure full range of necessary care is provided.
    * Prescribe psychiatric medications when appropriate and evaluate effectiveness; adjust dosage or type of medication when needed.
    * Refer patients to outside specialists or agencies as necessary.
    * Participate in healthcare center’s community outreach by preparing and delivering presentations on mental health services.

Attending Psychiatrist

St. Helena Hospital

    * Managed patient care from admission to discharge.
    * Conducted psychiatric assessments and developed treatment plans.
    * Collaborated with staff psychologists, addiction specialists, psychiatric nurses, and social workers to ensure patients received full range of necessary services.
    * Carried out crisis intervention and risk assessments.
    * Consulted specialists as needed.
    * Evaluated response to medication and adjusted as needed.
    * Provided psychiatric consultation to medical units.
    * Offered emergency psychiatric care.

Resident in Psychiatry

St. Helena Hospital

    * Evaluated patients upon admission.
    * Developed treatment plans.
    * Provided psychiatric consultations and assessments for emergency room patients.
    * Worked with other healthcare providers to ensure continuity of care.
    * Entered notes, documentation, and reports in a timely manner.
    * Assisted attending psychiatrists in evaluations, assessments, and reports.

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Certification

Doctor of Medicine

State Medical College, State

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15 Tips to Write Your Psychiatrist Resume

Summary Statement

1. A dynamic summary statement should grab an employer’s attention right away. Showcase your most important attributes and achievements first.
2. As you can see in our psychiatrist resume template for Word, an effective summary should be concise; aim for no more than three lines of text.
3. Medicine tends to be a fairly conservative field, so use conventional fonts and formatting, unless you know for a fact your prospective employer is looking for quirky creativity.
4. Use strong adjectives to sell your skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Skills Section

5. Carefully read the job description and identify the key phrases that tell you what this employer really wants to see and include those phrases in your skills list.
6. List relevant skills that improve your performance as a psychiatrist.
7. As in our psychiatrist resume template for Word, you can use this section to include specialized skills or training.

Work Experience Section

8. While you do not need to list every minor detail of your previous employment, make sure to cover the major areas. Remember that a practicing psychiatrist often has non-clinical duties such as documentation and community education; employers often want to know you are aware of the importance of these parts of your job.
9. You may include your residency training in your work experience section, following the example of the fictional applicant in our psychiatrist resume template for Word.
10. While a healthcare provider may not always be able to measure success in metrics, do use dynamic verbs at the beginning of each line to communicate your commitment to providing excellent care.
11. Generally, you should avoid including non-medical employment, including side jobs during school or residency moonlighting.
12. The first person to review your resume may not be a medical professional, so ensure you did not include any highly technical language most people outside your field may not understand.

Education Section

13. Include your board certification, if any.
14. Also, include any specialized internships or programs you have completed that are relevant to the position.
15. You may add academic honors you achieved in college or medical school, but leave out specific grades and other details.


After reviewing our psychiatrist resume template for Word and our writing tips, you hopefully have a good idea of how to format your own resume for maximum impact. Now you can get to work on drafting a strong summary statement and arranging your information into skills, work experience, and education sections. Creating a standout resume that makes it easy for employers to understand your qualifications and experience can be a major step in achieving the career trajectory you want.