Registered Nurse Resume Template for Word

Crafting a standout resume is the first step in catching the attention of hiring managers, landing interviews, and getting hired. An engaging and well-written document can effectively highlight your relevant skills, qualities, and education to prospective employers, helping you to separate yourself from the crowd of job applicants. Refer to our registered nurse resume template for Word for guidance in how to develop and format your own appealing resume, including the vital summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Evie Lee Evans

E: EvieEvans@anymail T: 555-331-7444

Professional Summary

Registered nurse with 12 years of experience providing compassionate care for patients through the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and neonatal stages of labor and delivery. Flexible and quick-thinking in high-tension and fast-paced environments. Skilled communicator dedicated to supporting and educating all patients and their families regardless of background, circumstance, or family dynamics.

  • • Exceptional critical-thinking and decision-making skills in unpredictable situations
    • High level of sensitivity to patients’ needs and feelings
    • Extensive experience assessing patient needs and implementing plans of care
    • Proficient in computerized documentation systems
    • Fluent in Spanish
    • Practiced in successfully collaborating and coordinating with full healthcare team
Work Experience
Labor and Delivery Nurse

Round Stone Hospital

    • Educate patients and family members on labor, newborn care, and maternal well-being for 15-bed unit.
    • Assist physicians in delivery and operating rooms, and evaluate patient condition and consistently monitor vital signs.
    • Administer medication and implement care plans.
    • Provide quality care for women experiencing complications ranging from minor to serious, including preterm labor, induction of labor, magnesium sulfate drips, and emergency caesarian sections.
    • Delegate patient care objectives when necessary.
    • Coordinate patient discharge, admissions, and transfers, and oversee nurse schedules as charge nurse.
    • Received the Helen Henry Award for Excellent of Care.

Labor and Delivery Nurse

North Star Hospital

    • Promoted to charge nurse.
    • Assisted in antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and newborn care for 18-bed unit.
    • Monitored strength and timing of contractions and implemented birthing plans.
    • Utilized relaxation and breathing techniques during active labor.
    • Determined progression of labor and communicated updates with care team.
    • Observed and examined high-risk patients.
    • Supported new moms in breastfeeding and postpartum self-care.
    • Adhered to policies and regulations to ensure patient safety and quality of care.

Perianesthesia Nurse

Jackson Lake Hospital

    • Watched patients for health changes and reported significant fluctuations.
    • Measured vital signs, including heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure.
    • Followed detailed documentation protocols.
    • Checked surgical sites for healing progress and signs of infection.
    • Cleaned and cared for wounds as needed, including the application of new bandages.
    • Administered intravenous medication and fluids, and guided patients in discharge instructions for care.
    • Won Nurse of the Year in 2005.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Texas A&M University
College Station TX
Registered Nurse

State of Texas

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15 Tips to Write Your Registered Nurse Resume

Summary Statement

1. Unless you are applying for an entry-level job, highlight your skills and experiences with a concise summary statement rather than declaring an objective.
2. As demonstrated in the registered nurse resume template for Word, limit the summary statement to three bullet points or three sentences.
3. Fragments are acceptable in this section. For example, you can write, “Experience in labor/delivery.”
4. Write the summary statement in first person, and always avoid third person pronouns.

Skills Section

5. For easy skimming, list your skills as short phrases in a bulleted format. No periods are necessary in this section.
6. Tailor your list to reflect the needs of the position for which you’re applying. Do not include irrelevant skills or qualities you do not actually possess.
7. Apply key phrases from the job description in your skills section. Take care to incorporate them exactly how they appear.

Work Experience Section

8. List your most recent experience first and move backwards chronologically from there.
9. When possible, include measurable numbers and quantifiable metrics. If you cared for a specific number of patients or know how many women you assisted in delivery, include those details.
10. Punctuate each sentence with a period.
11. Use a strong action verb to begin each line, such as “achieved,” “directed,” or “established.” For additional examples, refer to the registered nurse resume template for Word.
12. Avoid repetition in your list, especially among the action verbs. If necessary, use a thesaurus.

Education Section

13. List any education relevant to the job opportunity, including certifications, professional development courses, trainings, and seminars.
14. If you earned a bachelor’s degree, it is assumed that you received your high school diploma. Follow the example of the registered nurse resume template for Word and exclude information regarding high school graduation.
15. It is only appropriate to include your GPA if you are a recent graduate. Otherwise, include only relevant distinctions, such as summa cum laude, magna cum laude, other honors, and pertinent affiliations.


Building on the foundation of the registered nurse resume template for Word, you can now compose an impressive resume that maximizes your marketability to potential employers. Though developing a powerful summary statement and comprehensive skills, experience, and education sections may require a significant amount of time, these components are essential to communicating your value to hiring managers. By following the guidelines and suggestions included above, you will be one step closer to your dream job.